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Hi, I’m sky, the product manager for yahoo axis, a new kind of browser.
Axis connects the experiences on your iPhone, iPad, and computer, and completely redefines what it means to explore the web.
Let’s check it out.
It all starts here where you enter a search or a website and keeps you up to date by incidently showing you what’s trending like the maverick surf contest.
Axis provides visual previews of the sites you need and get to there with just a tap.
So, you want to check out mavericks in directions on weather forecast.
For some searches like weather axis provides the answer before even finish typing.
For others, it gives you visual search results instantly as you type.
The site looks like it has what I need.
And one of the many great things about axis is that connects online experiences.
This means that as you move from iPad and iPhone, you can easily continue from where you left off.
In this case all you need to do is select continue from iPad on axis homepage to seamlessly continue on the site you find early.
Axis also connects your experiences through homepage you customize with your favorite sites and articles.
One personal homepage on all your devices means easy access to what you want wherever you go.
On your computer axis is a plugin that easily works with your favorite browser.
As you can see axis is at the bottom of your screen and stays with as you brows the web.
As you begin to type it predicts you search and allows you to interact with results to find what you’re looking for.
Since axis is always with you, it’s easy to go deeper into any topic.
In this case you may want to learn more about Honolay? Bay.
With axis you’re able to discover, learn about even see more great photos all without ever leaving the page.
So that’s axis. A new browser from yohoo that completely redefines what it means to search and browse the web.
Axis is available now. So check it out app store and go to to learn more.








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