もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

I don’t even know where to start with this one…数量限定の明太チーズもんじゃのじゃかりこです。
Now I’m sure at this point you have quite a few questions.
What’s じゃがりこ? What’s 明太? What’s もんじゃ? Why do you live in Japan?
And so for the foreigner audience I’m going to try to answer these questions to best of my ability.
Let’s start with もんじゃやき!
もんじゃやき is like a vegetable pancake except that more than a pancake, the batter is quite runny, so you throw down?? a bunch of vegetable mostly cabbage and mix it up on a frying pan.
It’s called もんじゃやき.
So that’s why I assume the base flavor of the 明太チーズもんじゃじゃがりこ is.
Then there’s 明太 and 明太 is fish eggs except it is not fish eggs like you would see in sushi. It’s not like a little circular egg. It’s like the whole ovary.
That’s the flavor of these じゃがりこ and じゃがりこ are incidently my favorite snack.
These are じゃがりこ.
They are potato based like kind of chips but more like hard French fries but more delicious.
It actually it doesn’t it doesn’t smell that bad. I might end up liking them as a weird twist of events.
You can probably hear how crunchy they are ... Very crunchy.
They do have kind of like a fishy after taste.
But it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I have to admit.
The thing that gets me is that I can’t help but wonder like…1 Do they decide the taste first? And sit around in a circle and say like “What is this taste like to you?
Taste like pancakes with vegetables and then cheese on top and then fish eggs or maybe they have some sort of evil boss who like picks three words out of a hat?
I don’t even know.
I’m really curious.
What do you think?
In more important news this happened they finally started selling Reese’s in Japan and this is like the first time ever.
And I’m so excited. A lot of Japanese people have been asking me like “What are they? Are they good?”
Yes they are good. They are amazing.
So I just want to take this quick opportunity to eat Reese’s in front of you.
Milk chocolate peanut butter cups made in USA.
They are limited release, so I don’t know how long they’re going to be around for anyway and umm..they are kind interesting, so I want to take this opportunity to show them to you and introduce my favorite snack.
I think I’m going to save the rest for 竜平 because I’m really nice.
?? give them to 竜平. Who’s 竜平?

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