もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

Hey guys!
How’s it going?
My name is Micaela and I’m blogging straight out of my own bedroom here in Fukuoka Japan and let me tell you I’ve had a hard day.
After a hard day’s work there is nothing more rewarding than drinking alone in your own apartment.
Luckily living in Japan drinking has never been easier unlike other countries where you are expected to go to a liquor store produced 2 pieces of ID.
Japanese alcohol can be purchased in convenience stores and in supermarkets sometimes right next to the frozen goods.
Not only that but the prices are insanely reasonable, but what makes Japan unique especially in comparison to my own country Canada is a vast array of cocktails and 酎ハイ.
So you might be thinking "What’s a 酎ハイ?".
酎ハイ is an abbreviated form of 焼酎ハイボール which is obviously a 焼酎ハイボール.
So it’s Japanese liquor mixed with carbonated water or carbonated beverages and then flavored.
So it isn’t unusual to see 酎ハイ (has/to) come in flavors such as 梅or lime, lemon or orange grapefruit.
Compared to cocktails they are quite sour but they are pretty strong and it’s very common to find 酎ハイ in Japanese Izakayas and bars.
And then we have the cocktails.
Asahi makes a brand called cocktail partner and it comes in 2 can designs.
I’m not sure what the difference is.
We’ve got melon and vanilla.
You take the popular Japanese melon soda and make it alcoholic.
There is nothing more delicious than this, I swear to god.
This is also a very popular cocktail that you’ll find in Japan and it is called cassis orange and cassis is kind of like a black currant blackberry.
I don’t know we don’t have cassis in Canada so I don’t really know how to explain it but this is really good especially if you can get it like non-carbonated like when you’re at a bar if you ask for カシスオレンジ chances are they have it.
Try it.
It’s amazing.
This is a violet fizz which is lemon and violet liqueur.
Asahi sells a wide variety of cocktails at a very decent price but Suntory is not to be outdone.
We have lychee and aloe.
This one’s actually really good.
I love it because it’s so Asian.
I was raised thinking aloe was something you put on your skin when you have a bad sunburn.
But in Japan you drink it.
so like passion fruit garden, which sounds really summerful and summerful isn’t even a word.
This one’s actually quite low.
It’s only 3% alcohol and 77 calories so you can drink and not get drunk and not get fat.
But Suntory isn’t the only company to have low-calorie cocktails.
Asahi jumps in that market with their own line of cocktails (??named)Slat.
Now I’m sure I know what you thinking and actually I’ve made a video about it already.
It’s not uncommon to see カルピス flavored cocktails as well.
If there is a China town near you chances are you’ve tried カルピス before.
It’s kind of like a milky beverage so this one is like a milky カルピス flavored…ah what lemon?...lemon drink.
You know that’s all the alcohol I have for tonight.
As for me tonight I think I’m going to drink the melon one because I do what I want and you’re not the boss of me.
This is huge!
What've I done?
The drinks that are usually sold tend to change based on a season but if you have a favorite cocktail or the one that you have tried that I didn’t introduce in a video, please let me know in the comments.
Also I started a second channel and you don’t have to subscribe if you don’t want to but I’m going to post a bunch of random stuff on there like stuff like isn’t like quality that I still want to share.
If you’re interested you can check out my second channel and subscribe there and that’s it and I’m going to make another video in a week.
It is so loud.
I’m competing with the motorcycles.
This is my life.
So this is what I have to do with all the time all the motorcycles making noises by my house.


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