Hey guys!
How’s it going?
My name is Micaela and I’ve just gotten back from very hectic week in Tokyo.
I made time to visit the YouTube Creator Studio in 六本木, had a casual photo shoot with one of my favorite Tokyo photographers and I even made time to go shopping in 原宿, which is something I really wanted to do because as you know I’m heading to Canada actually in 2 hours…to some work again for the Canadian Tourism Commission.
I’m heading from Vancouver to Toronto and I wanted to have some good clothes and I kind of want to stand out a little to be honest.
It’s kind…it’s always weird going to Canada representing Japan as a white person and so I figured that like if I wore 原宿 clothes then somehow I would… it would make sense that I came from Japan or something.
Anyway so I pick some items that are kind of representing the current fashion trends here in Japan among young women like myself and I thought that maybe you would be interested in that…maybe I don’t know.

The first thing that I knew that I wanted was flower pants.
I’ve always wanted (pear?) flower pants but like I feel like they’re so out-there that I’m not sure if I can rock them.
I don’t know if they’re ever going to look on me but I wanted them so bad.
They were 2000 yen so 20 bucks.
I’m not really sure about the length.
I think Japanese people have shorter legs than me and smaller butts than me.
I have multiple butts.
Flower pants!

Another super cool trend in Japan right now is everything Galaxy and space themed.
Last time I was in 原宿 I bought this crazy spacy jacket thing.
I never wear it.

It’s kind of too heavy for spring so I don’t wear it now.
So this time I got something different.
Are these beautiful?
Are these the most beautiful space shorts you’ve ever seen?
Look at these.
They’re like shiny and silky.
These were like 25 bucks, I think.
And I love them.
They’re so insane.
I’m going to put them on right now.
These are like super cute.
Oh my god..
Now I feel like some weird Japanese gravure idol.
Another super big trend in 原宿 right now is Bart Simpson.
Bart Simpson.
I think this is just so ridiculously terrible-looking but this is one of those things that I think that you just have to buy because it looks terrible.
This is like the kind of (your?) shirt you buy to purposefully represent yourself as someone who has no idea what they’re doing but their life…
Basically like I love it and I hate it at the same time.
And this was also about I think $30 ...2500…2900 yen…I can’t remember.

This isn’t necessarily trending but I love one pieces.
I love one pieces so I got this comic book…comic strip themed one piece which actually… it’s really cute.
I’m going to show you…I’m going to show you right now.

Sad woman.
Crying woman.
Weird patterns.
This is also kind of gaudy 派手.
Everything is 派手.
Today’s Japanese word of the day is 派手.
This is 派手 as well.
One of the things I also really love about pieces like this is that it’s a great conversation starter because a lot of people just love reading English that doesn’t make any sense.
I think this was about $20 as well.
So finally I knew that I wanted an accessory but I’m the type of person that loses jewelry almost instantly.
I..I decided not to get a necklace.
But these (Gian??) headphones instead.
And these were super cheap, too.
These were about 3000 yen.
For that price they’re basically an accessory.
They do work as headphones.
They function as headphones but the thing is that they’re quite loud.
I mean you can’t listen to music on a high volume but not when other people are around because they will get very frustrated with you.

I aim to spend about 100 bucks and I think that it’s pretty close to that but now I’m really excited because you see after this in 1 hour I’m going to ride a plane to Canada and travel across the country working for Canadian tourism.
I love some advice from you about what you would like to see in the videos.
Aside from that I’m going to try to make another Japan related video, too while I’m in there so those of you who like Japan will not feel so alienated and the Nestle videos will be up every Friday.

I hope you guys doing well and I will talk to you soon.








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