Hi,I’m Rob.And I’m Jon. We’re software engineers at Google.
We’re here in New York City today to tell you about an exciting new product called Google Wallet.
A couple years ago we got to thinking.
My Andoroid phone had already replaced this…and this..and even this.
So why the heck was I still carrying this monstrosity?
We went off and did some research,and and we think we’ve come up with a better, safer way.
Introducing Google Wallet.
The app that makes your phone your wallet.
Google Wallet holds offers, loyalty cards, credit cards just like you have today in your regular wallet.
And eventually also transit cards, boarding passes, tickets, and much more.
We’ve worked with Citibank and MasterCard on the first credit cards.
So, if you have a Citi MasterCard, you can add a virtual version of that card to Google Wallet.
If you don’t have a City MasterCard, you can set up a Google Prepaid Card and fund it with any of existing your credit cards.
You can tap to pay using Google Wallet at hundreds of thousands of places across the U.S. anywhere MasterCard Pay Pass is accepted.
During the tap, Google Wallet securely transmits your information using a technology called near field communication, or NFC for short.
Google Wallet also makes saving simple.
When you save or buy a Google Offer, it’s automatically synced to your wallet and you can redeem the offer by tapping or showing the barcode to the cashier as you check out.
And in case you’re wondering―you “lock” Google Wallet with a PIN, so it7s more secure than a physical wallet.
And that’s just the beginning.
We’re constantly working to improve the wallet.
Google Wallet:tap, pay and save.


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