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Hi, there.
This is the brief demo of TWEETBOT for the iPhone.
Let’s take a look at some of the core features.
Tap on a tweet to review the actions draw.
Pull down on the top of your timeline to refresh.
How about composing a tweet.
You can have your location or specific points of interest attached to your tweet.
Add media or access your drafts from the action panel.
TWEETBOT shows your media upload progress by default.
But you can set tweets to post in the background.
Everything you’d expect from a twitter client is here: mentions, direct messages, favorites and search.
But what about lists and re-tweet you can access them via the customizable tab bar.
TWEETBOT finally brings lists to the forefront by allow you to use your list as your timeline.
Create list for friends, family and co-workers.
Never miss important tweet again.
TWEETBOT has powerful gestures.
Swipe to the right to view a conversation
Swipe to the left to view a reply
Double tapping on the links or tweet itself will take you to datails.
In this case, double tapping on an avatar will take you to his or her profile.
Holding down on the links will give you options.
You can double tap or tap and hold for quick access to parts of the tweet.
There’s a whole lot more to TWEETBOT.
So, download it from App Store and experience it for yourself.








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