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Hi, everyone!
Now wait wait wait wait…
I know what you’re thinking.
Something is not quite right.
Something is not the same as it was before.
Yes my camera is a little bit better than it used to be, but I assure you that nothing else has changed.
So now that I have a beautiful new camera.
I am more motivated than ever to create videos for you guys.
I wanted to answer a question I get from time to time in my emails.
Many women have sent me messages wondering if Japan in generally is a safe place to be as a foreign woman.
Japan is one of the safer countries in the world.
Personally I have dropped a wallet on the street with 300$ in it and it had returned to me money intact.
That’s how safe it is.
However there is no doubt that the amount of like sexual deviants in Japan is a lot higher, stealing their underwear for example stuff like that.
To be honest I actually have a story of my own and it goes back to this video I made, how to get a Japanese boyfriend.
You recall I said something along the lines of like…
I’m Micaela and I know a lot about boys.
And the first person that’s interested in you probably isn’t going to be the type of person that you’re looking for because there’s lots of GAIJIN fetish freaks.
When I was 17 back in 2005, I was an exchange student in Japan and my family they couldn’t really speak English and I couldn’t really speak Japanese, so the whole high school experience was really lonely for me.
I was on a family trip to Osaka.
We were taking the fairy from Miyazaki prefecture to Osaka and it was an overnight ferry.
There was a guy, a young man and he talked to me.
He could speak a little English and he was very patient and he was very interested in talking to me.
But here’s where he gets scary.
We were standing out on a deck and I was looking out over the ocean and I suddenly felt something very warm in between my legs and I know what you’re thinking and what you’re thinking is exactly what I thought, too.
Oh God that better not to be #$% $%&!
I was wearing a skirt that day and the thing I felt between my legs…
(2:32) fact was his cell phone.
Most cell phones these day have an internal camera and mine is right here as you can see.
So He had his phone open like this and put it under my skirt, so he could see my underwear and I was shocked and I had no idea how to handle it.
I had very limited Japanese and in high school they only really teach you how to say things politely and when I really should have been like 何やってんの、おまえ? or something....,
...I ended up being like 何をしていますか? which is not threatening at all.
He was like "No no it’s OK.
Don’t be mad.
Don’t be mad. I just wanted to have a look and I’ll delete it now." and he deleted the picture in front of me…
In retrospect of it probably I should have told someone.
But I didn’t know how…
First of all I had no idea how to say in Japanese.
Yo some guy try to take a picture in my skirt.
Just forget about it.
It’s OK.
You know there are people who take advantage of people who can’t speak Japanese who people who are young and foreign and don’t have any family or any people you know immediate ties to the country.
It’s a really dangerous situation if you are not careful.
That’s basically what my answer would be if anyone would ask me (if) Japan is dangerous for women.
Always use your… trust your intuition, follow generally the same rules that you would in your own country like
Don’t talk to strangers.
Don’t do what I did.
I was stupid.
I shouldn’t have talked to that guy in the first place.
There are many people who want to be your friend but you need to be careful who you kind of let in
If you’re a single woman in Japan and you’re living alone, you should always hang a pair of men’s boxes and(??) with your laundry because…if anyone like takes notice of you and they kind of stalking you and they kind of thinking about breaking into your house, having them think that there’s a male that lives with you kind of differs that.
It tends to scare them off or something.
That’s what I’ve heard.
But on the other hand Japan is a lot safer in other respects compared to other countries.
And the chance of anything happening to you is very very slim because crimes against foreign women do not happen very often.
...That’s all I have to say today and I’m sorry.
I hope I’ll make another video soon.
Thank you for watching.









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