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If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

Today, Ryuhei and I have come to ナガタパン which is our favorite bread shop and if you have ever been to Japan, I’m sure you already know, but Japan has some of the best bakeries, some of the most delicious bread in the entire world. I’m pretty sure.
So rather than talk about just how amazing Japanese bread is, today we’re going to show you a few of our favorite choices.
I think this is one of like these standard things you have to try when you come to Japan, カレーパン.
It’s like a curry doughnut.
So inside we have curry.
Ryuhei already started eating this one.
So, this is what’s left of メロンパン.
And メロンパン is another really popular bread in Japan because…
It does taste like a melon.
It does taste like melon.
How come ?? green sometimes
It tastes like melon.
You’re crazy.
I hate you!
Because the shape like a melon.
Not because it taste like a melon.
Don’t make the same mistake I made.
And these kinds of breads are also very popular in Japan.
The kinds with the…it’s like a dome with cheese on top of it and inside…(has??)…filling like… sometimes tuna, sometimes potato.
This one has more of a Mexican taste.
It’s bean taste and spices… top… with cheese …on top…
So good!
And then we also have a variety of dessert breads and I don’t think I can eat all of them.
This one’s like a milk bread with like a milky flavored…cream filling.
This one’s like a raisin and a cream cheese.
Caramel French toast.
I want to eat it.
The outside is crunchy like French toast and the inside is super soft
(Check out the back)
I ate a lot.
So my question to you is if you live in Japan, what’s your favorite kind of bread? Also if there’s any other food you’d like us to try, leave a comment below because I love eating.
See you next time!


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