Hey guys!
My name is Micaela and it is freaking cold in this closet!
“But Micaela, you’re Canadian. You shouldn’t be cold….”


But in my defense these walls are like…these walls are like paper-thin and there’s no insulation in here.
Since I’m in Japan, I guess I’m going to have to stay warm the same way Japanese people do…with おでん!
おでん is a Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, 大根 radish, こんにゃく and processed fish cake stewed in a light soy-flavored だし broth.
Most Japanese convenience stores have simmering おでん pots in the winter.
Many different kinds of おでん are sold, with single ingredient varieties as chap as 100 yen according to Wikipedia.
I have a confession to make.
I’ve actually been terrified of おでん for years.
I guess part of the reason was because I never quite knew what it was.
It just looks like soggy food in fish water.
And it doesn’t smell that great, either.
I know it looks scary but if we go through the ingredients together maybe you will learn to like it as much as I do.
So this is ウィンナー巻 or in English WEINERMAKI and this is a !”#$%& !”#$%.
As you can see it’s a sausage wrapped in fish cake.
Next we have 牛すじ so it’s kind of like faddy? meat.
Some of the most popular おでん ingredients are 豆腐.
This is がんも.
It’s mostly just the fried 豆腐.
This is きんちゃく and probably one of my favorites.
The outside is the fried 豆腐 but in the middle is Japanese rice cake or もち.
This one’s also really interesting, 餃子巻.
This is literally 餃子 wrapped in deep fried fish cake.
Inside fillings really don’t differ from that of a regular 餃子.

And finally we have 大根, Japanese radish.
Not only is it huge but it’s also low calorie which is good when you’re watching your weight.
A good 大根 literally melts in your mouth.
It’s awesome!
So there you have it!
It cost about 620 yen for 6 things.
Don’t forget おでん ingredients can change depending on what part of Japan you are in, which like really really really makes me want to ask.
Have you ever tried おでん?
What your favorite ingredients?
And where in Japan are you located?
So that’s it!
I’m working really hard to get videos up every Monday.
Every Friday is the「いつも仲間と!」series and for those of you who don’t like that please watch my Monday videos instead.
All right…
So I have to go like clean up this closet because there’s like おでん happening(??) and there’s garbage happening(??)










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