I’m Micaela.
I’m Canadian but I live in Japan.
I’m a video blogger.
I usually make YouTube videos about my daily life here.
But this time I’m on a new mission.
To go back to my country, Canada and introduce it to both Japan and the world, for 2 weeks I’ll be traveling across Canada by train, enjoying tons of experiences, eating delicious local foods and making new friends and I’ll be reporting all my adventures back to you, sponsored by the Canadian Tourism Commission and VLA.
This is Made In Canada…

Coming from Asia Vancouver is the most easily accessible Canadian city.
One direct flight from Tokyo will land you here about 8 hours.
It’s partially (??) thanks to this easy access that Vancouver has been able to develop as a very multi-cultural city.

One interesting thing about greater Vancouver is that it’s actually a little bit larger in area than Tokyo.
But it only has one 6th of the population so… for example while this is Vancouver…this same street in Japan might look like this.

Vancouver, a modest metropolitan city with easy access to the great outdoors.
Just a quick drive from Stanley Park is Capilano Suspension Bridge, a nice little slope for those afraid of heights but aside from that the nature walks in the area are highly recommended.

Grouse Mountain is also a quick stop away.
Many Vancouver (??) challenge the Grouse Grind, a steep and growing hike up the mountain but for the less physically in climb like myself there’s a tram also available to reach the top, where you’ll find a containment food and in the winter even a ski hill.
And with instance access to both the mountains and sea Vancouver offers a wide selection of fresh and delicious food.

It is this city of Vancouver that is a first stop (on?/of?) a longer cross-country trip and since I just happened to be born here, I decided that for my video I’d like to tag along with one of my friends as they go shopping downtown and show you where girls my age like to shop.

(Jazlin?), how did we meet?

J: Oh cheese…
M & J: LoL
J: My first time we met was in grade 3 as I recall…
M: and ah…

J Micaela invited me into the Sailor Moon club which I ….
M: Not...
M: It didn’t happen.
M: where are we right now?
M ジューゴジュース

After grabbing some juice, (Jazlin?) and I headed down to historic Gastown which was Vancouver’s original downtown core.
Now it’s a popular place for tourists but also a home to a lot of fashion boutiques and select shops.

M: So (??) have a dress like that and then you have some …
J: You have this over top.
M: Oh my gosh…
J: and you wear with what? …Anything you want to.
M: Anything you want because (??) Lady Gaga with it.
J: Yeah!

M: So where are we now?
J: we’re going to….which is a nice select shop.
M: Nice

I wish I could have spent a little more time in Vancouver but it was time to catch the train and head to Jasper.
My first time on VIA and I was really excited because I found out that the train will stop for 30 minutes in my hometown.
I haven’t seen my parents (for??) a really long time and it would be really nice if I can see them there.


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