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Hey, I’m Anie.
I’m here to show you great things you can do with nike+.
Nike+ helps you track your distance pace time and calories burned while you run.
After you work out you can send your run stats to Nike+ online.
We can set goals join challenges and connect with friends to Nike+ community.
It’s super easy to use, so let’s get started.
There’re a lot of ways to run with Nike+.
If you run with music, you can use Nike+ iPod enabled device.
If you run without music Nike+ sport band captures the same run data and sends to Nike+ online.
To get started all you need to do is place a Nike+ sensor under sock liner of Nike+ ready shoes.

Here’s how it works.
When you’re on the run, the sensor talks to your Nike+ device which records your distance, pace, time and calories burned.
The sport band is super easy to use.
One button starts stops and poses your work out.
The other one toggles through all your recorded information during and after you run.

It’s that simple.
After you run, if you’re using a sport band, just popped up Nike+ link and connected directly into the USB port of your computer.
If you’re running with a Nike+ iPod enabled device.
You can hear your running information at the touch of the button “400M to go” along with all your favorite music.
You can also set custom run programs on the fly right on your screen and check this out.
If you feel your energy starting to dip, just press and hold your player center button to fire of your pre-selected power son?? to give you a run of turbo of boost.

For Nike+ and iPod enabled device.
Just sync through your iTunes as you normally would.
This automatically sends your rundata to Nike+ online where everything comes together.
All your workouts from your Nike+ enabled device all sport band or store here.
With Nike+ you remember world’s largest running club where you can connect with friends and use amazing tools to help improve your running.
It’s easy to review your workouts in the run section.
You can look at the details of any run of your run curve to see your progress over time.
I personally like taking my runs to keep track of thing like the weather enterrain??.

At the top of the Nike+ homepage I can see my current running overall.
The more you run, the higher you level.
Nike+ also lets you set goals and track your progress with personalized schedule.

One of my favorite parts about Nike+ is the challenge section.
Join our competition that’s already going on or create your own challenge. There’s even a place to talk a little trash with your friends.
Nike+ coaches is great feature that helps you train, for set distance or events.

Pick out training schedule created by your professional coaches ease into your fist 5K or train for personal best marathon.
A many is your customizable Nike+ ?? ego watch it take on a life with it every mile you run.
Share with your friends to show off all your hard work.

Map it lets you draw your running routes and find other great runs created by Nike+ community around the world.
Now, it’s time to get social.
Friend’s info shows updates from your friends and lets you post running activity to other social sites.
Notification is where you get messages, news and invitations to new challenges.
As you can see, Nike+ is a great way to get more out of your run.
If you wanna learn more, check out the other videos in the support section and
Hope to see you running and Nike+ soon.

【送料無料】Nike+ SportWatch GPS(GPS機能付きスポーツウォッチ)

【GPS内蔵スポーツウォッチ】Nike+ SportWatch GPS [直輸入品]








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