もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

I’m trying to make a video but I can’t now because (out of shower ??)
I want you to listen to me talk.

I thought about it.
I thought about it.
I thought about what…
I thought about what I could do to help, what I could do to make a difference and I came up with the idea of doing what we do best here on YouTube, making contents and YouTube was gracious enough to grant us a partner’s channel.
That partner channel is youtube .com/partners4japan.
And the idea for this channel is that you with(??) the viewer can help Japan simply by creating traffic for our channel.
What I mean is…
We have built this channel and there are so many wonderful people who are willing to help out(??) and create contents, so what I’m asking some of you, all of you… I’m asking all of you but I know some of you might not be interested.
Please check out the link, subscribe to the channel, watch the videos, watch the ones that are interesting to you and if you like a video, send it around because all of that traffic is going to benefit us.
It’s going to benefit our cause.
All the money generated, all the revenue generated for that YouTube channel will go to charity.
At the moment the account is set up to be sent to me and I know it’s a big leap of faith to ask people to trust me with this money but I promise that I will make sure that that information is accessible to you, the viewers and we are hoping that in the next few months we can help with the recovery.
As people begin to lose interest in and tire of earthquake news we can continue generating funds and revenue to support those people in northern Japan who are trying to rebuild their lives, so…
I’ve already uploaded (??) our video on the partners4Japan channel so if you’re interested, please check it out.
And that’s all I wanted to say, want to spread the word and all the other content creators at the moment who are working to help me with this project.
It’s the least we can do so we’re going to make content for that channel so subscribe, stay tuned and ?+# sure &%$ help us.
I believe that this project can be successful because it doesn’t cost you any money, it doesn’t cost us any money.
We just got to make the content and you have to enjoy it so I hope you enjoy it and spread the word please.
That’s it.
I’m rambling. I can’t.









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