Hey guys!
How’s it going?
My name is Micaela and has this ever happened to you?

Train ride’s so much fun.
It smells like fish in here…
It’s no secret that Japan is big on seafood but you can find squid everywhere.

In Canada you might see the occasional Calamari but in Japan squid can be served raw in Sushi and Sashimi, battered and fried in 天ぷら or even stuffed with rice (???).
But the most common place I’ve seen squid is at a convenience store.
All of these squid snacks are available at…えっと…あっ!..Seven Eleven.
I think it goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway, where I’m from in Canada, we definitely do not have varieties of squid snacks at our Seven Eleven.
Personally I’ve always been really amazed that how many different varieties of squid you can find at a convenience store.
Preserved squid legs.
Don’t eat if you’re allergic to squid.

My personal favorite…さきイカ which is just shredded dried squid.
I like this one because it’s really sweet and really chewy.
スルメ! This is the entire squid not even cut up.

チャチャーン チャンチャンチャチャーン
トゥルルルル〜 ル〜ル〜ル
I can’t even…
I think the only way to eat this is to chew it constantly.
Here we have スルメ足 which is just the legs.
You can see this still have the little suction cups on them.
Another one of my personal favorites is あたりめ.
This one’s cut into little thin slices so it’s 割りと食べやすい

But I like eating these because it makes me move my mouth a lot…my jaw and then maybe my face will get smaller I don’t know..I don’t know.

It’ a dream I have.


Actually you might even be surprised to know eating squid has a ton of health benefits.
First of all squid has full of copper which helps the body absorb and utilize iron so it’s good for your blood.
It’s also a great source of protein, which means as great for your hair, your nails and your skin.
Just like fish and shrimp and other types of seafood, squid is also rich in phosphorus, which helps build your bone and your teeth.
Basically what I’m saying is that squid is actually really really healthy and maybe you should be eating it.
So the next time you’re on a train and the person in front of you or the person behind you is eating squid and you like oh man you smell like fish, just remember he may smell like fish but maybe he has great hair and great skin and great teeth and great nails and good blood of absorption.
Maybe he is just smarter than all of us.
So that’s it for this week.
I’ve been really busy.
I have to go.
I have to get on a plane to Tokyo in 30 minutes so I’d better get out of my pajamas.
I’ll see you next Monday guys.








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