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3 smart people, 1 group paper assignment
What’s the best way for them to work together and create something extraordinary?
Their first thought is to use Google Docs, so they can work together on the same document no matter where they are.
But that’s where the good times end.
Google Docs just isn’t as powerful as Microsoft office.
You can’t create great looking charts, slick? headings or eye-catching image layouts for example and forget about tracking changes.
In fact these 3 know they’ll spend a lot of time coping their work between Google Docs and Microsoft word and fixing the formatting just to get it ready to turn in
What a hassle!
That’s why they’re going to use Microsoft SkyDrive and Office instead.
They’re designed for each other.
So the three of them can work together online and still get the features and formatting they want.
At the library Alissa logs into creates a new document using the word web app, gives it a name and shares it with the team. Alissa ??thesis statement and make some suggestions for Jamal who’s in his dorm room creating a great looking chart using Office on his Mac.
Meanwhile Max is designing a nifty graphic in word on his PC.
Back at the library, Alissa checks in and the paper is looking beautiful and she adds a conclusion.
When they’re done, it looks like this.
Try making a paper look this good in Google Docs.
Thanks to SkyDrive and Office.
These guys had more time to do the important things like well..creating an awesome paper.
For your next project make this switch SkyDrive.
It’s the better to share and work together.
So, sign up and get started today.








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