もし間違っているところに気づきましたらこちらの掲示板に書き込みお願いしますm(_ _)m

If you find any mistakes, please let me know them.

I’ve lived in Japan for 5 years 5 and a half years I suppose now.
During that time I learned to eat 納豆.
I’ve learned to eat whale.
I’ve even eaten live squid.
But one thing in Japan that I absolutely just cannot get used to is the 和式トイレ.
(?? felt better.??)
I can say the first 2 years that I lived in Japan I avoided them completely because I did not know what they were or how to use them properly.
When I was a high school exchange student, the 和式トイレ was the only kind of toilet we had in our school and we were my class… my group was in charge of cleaning the bathroom we never did(??).
What’s worse is that in the summer bugs like cockroaches and stuff are attracted to the water and they come out and it’s happened too often to me that I ended up in one of these bathrooms public bathrooms in the summer and there’s cockroaches just crawling around everywhere and spiders and it’s really gross.
I feel like every time I say I don’t want to use one, people blame it on my 外人.
Perhaps it’s true.
Perhaps it is because I’m 外人 that I don’t want to squat down on the ground close to all the bugs and dirt… but I’ve met people… I’ve met Japanese people who don’t eat 納豆.
I’ve met Japanese people who don’t eat shellfish.
I’ve met all kinds of 意外な人.
So I’m curious.
What is the one thing in Japan that you just can’t get used to if you are 外人.
For the more(??) if you are Japanese, what is one thing in Japan that you can’t get used to.
では Talk to you soon.
Bye bye.
Now that so many people are following me, I have to wear eye makeup now.
Pressures of social networking, social media have taken a toll.









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