Welcome to the Google+ project.
The first thing you want to do is create circles.
They’re what Google+ revolves around. Check it out.
Go to circles, and you’ll see we’ve already created a few for you. Up a the top, you’ll see people you know. You can also add and invite friends from your email.
Now all you have to do is decide what circles they belong in.
And don’t worry, no one can see what circle you have them in.
Now make some of your own. Take your college buddies for instance. Make a circle for them.
Someone might be in your “college” circle and your “friends” circle – that’s cool too.
Circles make it super easy to control who you share stuff with – be it photos, videos, or where you’re at. You simply add the circles you want to share it with.
Here’s where it gets really awesome. In your stream, you can either see what everyone you know is saying, or you can keep it to just the circles you want to hear from. Now you only need to know what you’re cousin’s eating for breakfast if you want to.
We all know mom doesn’t need to see the photos from the weekend. And the boss doesn’t need to know you’re at the beach on Tuesday.
Once you’ve created circles, there’s a whole bunch of fun stuff that you can do.
So how about making some circles now?
Enjoy the Google+ project.








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