Onward Freeform

Dan Scanlon / rating: 51105 Vote / Writed by: Dan Scanlon / genre: Animation / tomatometer: 7,8 of 10 / star: Tom Holland
perfekte steder svt

So it's a movie about the steriotipical dad in cartoons that show only the legs? Okie dokie. My favourite quote has to be AH, FEET. “Just had to invite him to stay, didnt we? Serve him tea. Sit in the Masters chair. Pet the pooch!”.
0:49 Tom:Stop it! Tom: You know what? ACTIVATE INSTANT KILL. You know you're the best in the business when everyone knows your name. Not when you're a spy though, that means you're the worst.
All I can picture is Spider-Man and Star Lord trying to bring back Tony. When it comes to magic, nobody believes. Just pull it out your belt and stick me... ?. Just imagine if the dad was played by Josh Brolin. Jack-“I got a jar of dirt I got a jar of dirt and guess whats inside it”. Will Elizabeth & Gibbs “captains finally snapped” ?. http://rakukoshii.duckdns.org/ Why is the baby driver theme here.
Me: sees trailer Also me: “So how does this connect to the Pixar Theory again?”. Cow and Chicken's Dad ?. 2:12 I think you might've worded that spell wrong. It's just called two brothers! muffled laughing. Is no one going to mention the d20 embroidered on Chris Pratts characters arm. Peter and Peter in the same movie again.









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