Installing Phpmyadmin On Solaris 10 Top


If problems arise during the installation process that are not discussed in this guide, refer to the Solaris 10 OS Installation Guide: Basic Installations for more information.. Prstat provides options to examine only processes matching specified PIDs, UIDs, zone IDs, CPU IDs, and processor set IDs.. How to Quickly Install the Solaris 10 OS on x86 Systems How to Quickly Install the Solaris 10 OS on x86 Systems This How-to Guide instructs users unfamiliar with Solaris 10 Operating System installation on how to install the Solaris 10 OS on a Sun-supported x86 system (including the family of 32-bit x86 systems as well as 64-bit AMD64 and Intel 64 systems).. This step-by-step guide, complete with screen shots, takes users through the installation process in 22 simple steps.. Reverse dependencies ( 0 ) Reverse dependencies are Solaris packages that depends on phpmyadmin.. If you do not specify an option, prstat examines all processes and reports statistics sorted by CPU usage.. The -j, -k, -C, -p, -P, -u, -U, and -z options accept lists as arguments Items in a list can be either separated by commas or enclosed in quotes and separated by commas or spaces.. In this mode prstat displays separate reports about processes and users at the same time.. Installation Assumptions The system is an x86 system The system is compatible with the Solaris 10 5/09 OS and is listed on the Solaris Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) The system has a graphical interface While this guide is most appropriate for a stand-alone system that doesn't connect to a network or connects to a network with automatic configuration, it can be used to install a system with a fixed IP address if the network configuration information is available.. Novice users should be able to complete a Solaris 5/09 Operating System installation on a standalone x86 system using the instructions in this guide.. Prstat -aZ Review prstat Name prstat report active process statistics Synopsis prstat [-acHJLmRrtTv] [-d u| d] [-C psrsetlist] [-h lgrplist] [-j projlist] [-k tasklist] [-n ntop[,nbottom]] [-p pidlist] [-P cpulist] [-s key| -S key ] [-u euidlist] [-U uidlist] [-z zoneidlist] [-Z] [interval [count]] Description The prstat utility iteratively examines all active processes on the system and reports statistics based on the selected output mode and sort order.. Options The following options are supported: -a Report information about processes and users.. It is assumed that you are installing Solaris 10 5/09; all features described in this guide may not be available in earlier updates.. What is the command to do it in Solaris Note: I cannot install any commands, so please tell me with the basic available commands that ship with OS installation.. Looking for a very simple thing to do in Solaris I have a solaris box which has lot of zones ( so not only the host box, also the total available including zones ), i would want to see What is the total memory available, used and free.. What is the total swap available, used, and free Am a linux guy, top gives me everything in Linux. cea114251b Yx Xtp V3 5,cd帥ゃ潟若traktoriso mk2









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