#Aaja Nachle is a 2007 Indian musical drama film, directed by Shyam Benegal. The film was screened in the "Un Certain Regard" section at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. It was also India's submission for the 80th Academy Awards consideration in the Foreign Language category.

The word "Aaja Nachle" or "Aajanaazim" (meaning "come, see") is an Urdu phrase often used as a song title in Hindustani classical music to depict joy and happiness similar to Al dol dol dar dar dal dala or O meri jaan kya tere pyaare tere sang tere. The song is not found in the 1982 film "Aaja Nachle" by Iqbal Bano, which is about an Urdu love story.

The film revolves around two characters, 32-year-old Punam (Neerja Bhanot) and her son Arjun (Vivek Sharma), who are living in the shadow of a family tragedy. Punam was a school teacher and a widow with a son Arjun. She falls in love with her boss Rajdeep (Pankaj Kapur) and they marry. A few months later, they have a baby girl, Sara. Sara develops leukaemia and dies after battling the disease for four years. Her parents move to Dehradun to be with their daughter towards the end. The other two characters are Rajdeep's father-in-law, Mansoor (Manoj Joshi), and his wife, Maya (Mumtaz Sorcar). Rajdeep secretly wants to marry Maya but Mansoor forbids him this due to his son Pankaj, who has feelings for Punam. Meanwhile, Arjun falls in love with a girl named Gitti (Anjana Sukhani). Through getting her pregnant by different means, Arjun is forced by Rajdeep to marry Gitti.
Sara's brother, Ashutosh Prasad, also falls in love with Punam. He visits her when she is working at a bank in Mussoorie, and she accepts his proposal. When they finally marry after a brief courtship, Punam goes to Dublin to work with her father-in-law. She stays in a hotel room alone for six months and then decides to return home with Arjun.

Arjun's grandfather dies but Arjun doesn't want to stay in Dehradun after the funeral due to the memories of Sara and his desire for freedom from his father-in-law's plans. He travels to Kashmir and for a while, they don't hear from him. Then they receive a phone call that Arjun has decided to go to college in Dehradun.

The movie then takes a radical turn after this, with the realisation of Rajdeep's love for Maya. He leaves her and moves in with Punam. Anjana also moves in after she gets pregnant with Arjun's child, and Arjun visits them in Dehradun during the school holidays. 928eeb4e9f3228
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