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  1. Author: John Lynn Fernandez
  2. Bio: Film critic in West Palm Beach & Greater Miami; contributor for @icsfilm

duration=1Hour, 19Minute. Directed by=Xiaoshuai Wang. Genre=Documentary. average Rating=6,8 / 10. scores=33 Vote. Watch chinese portrait images. Watch Chinese portraits. Watch chinese portrait painting. Please make another video of him painting with a better is world class. Chinese Portrait a film by Wang Xiaoshuai 2019, 79 minutes Poster Synopsis From acclaimed director Wang Xiaoshuai ( Beijing Bicycle; So Long, My Son) comes a personal snapshot of contemporary China in all its diversity. Shot over the course of ten years on both film and video, the film consists of a series of carefully composed tableaus of people and environments, each one more extraordinary than the last. Pedestrians shuffle across a bustling Beijing street, steelworkers linger outside a deserted factory, tourists laugh and scamper across a crowded beach, worshippers kneel to pray in a remote village. With a painterly eye for composition, Wang captures China as he sees it, calling to a temporary halt a land in a constant state of change. Reviews "A stunning trip through modern China, a vast country with a diverse population and landscapes. " -Alissa Wilkinson, VOX "A spellbinding snapshot of a time and place, both of which are rapidly disappearing. " -Patrick Gamble, Kinoscope "More than just chronicling a country in transformation, Chinese Portrait signals seismic shifts in cinema as well. " -Clarence Tsui, The Hollywood Reporter Press Materials High-Res Stills and Poster Press Kit Press Release Where to watch Opens Dec 13 Playdates Festivals & Awards Official Selection ? Doc Fortnight, MoMA, 2019 Official Selection ? True/False Film Festival 2019 Official Selection ? Busan International Film Festival, 2018 Official Selection ? International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, 2018 Official Selection ? Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, 2018 Trailer.


The Adjustment Bureau ordered a falcon punch on Snow Swan. Watch Chinese portraitiste. Watch chinese portraits. Watch chinese portrait easy. Watch chinese portrait for beginners. To do anything remotely close to this requires me doing al lot of erasing. this is insane. i don't know how to get to this level. Watch chinese portrait. Watch chinese portrait series. Say what you will about communism, but they have some damn fine music. Moi aussi j'adore le fromage. ???.

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Missed a great opportunity to call it ' Made In China. The true master of art painting. He made the portrait with soul touch?????????. Excelent Work. Watch Chinese portrait de ce compagnon. This trailer made me cry. It takes a lot of strength to stand up for what you believe is right even if it will cost you your life. Akala ko ba magaling ang mga ito, kung makapgsalita ang gagaling... Kauna unahan ang PILIINAS na namatayan ng pasyenteng may coronavirus sa labas ng China sa buong mundo. Wow kakahiya! Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan seems they got better skills to handle their patients. PROUD TO BE PINOY more.

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Watch chinese portrait full. Vengo por Luisillo el chidolingo :D. Watch chinese portrait mode. Greta movie.
Watch chinese portrait online free. Trop focalisé sur sa crotte de nez, j'ai pas pu écouter ce qu'elle disait. Oye Brow que papel utilizastes y los lápices ayúdame xfa toma un like. Watch chinese portrait 2. 4:45 sounded like “15” and not to long later they showed the remains of a 15 year old boy. Watch chinese portrait 2016. Its owsome.

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Watch chinese portrait women. Let’s go ahead and state the obvious: China is a huge country. With such a diversity of places, ecosystems, industries, and people, China seems to render irrelevant any attempt to depict it in miniature. Director Wang Xiaoshuai takes an unconventional approach to this problem in his stunning documentary Chinese Portrait, suggesting that the best way to offset information overload is to slow down and let images speak. Trying to describe Chinese Portrait is simultaneously too easy and too difficult. Over the film’s 80 minutes, we see a variety of long-take scenes of everyday life. There is no narration and no obvious progression between images. Wang Xiaoshuai’s camera catches every imaginable environment, from the bustling big city to verdant meadows to run down, post-industrial wasteland. He captures people on trains, in the street, at meals and prayer ? living life. Crucially, he captures people from different classes, walks of life, and backgrounds, including an incredible sequence of Chinese Muslims engaging in prayer. The word “portrait” in the title proves just as important as the word “Chinese. ” These are static frame long takes ? much like “Now Something Is Slowly Changing” ? so the eye roams around the image freely. In many shots, a single figure or small group will stand in the foreground, not moving at all, while in the background life continues apace. In this way the film really does feel like a series of portraits, an unnerving but fascinating effect. Wang Xiaoshuai himself becomes the subject of a number of these portraits throughout the film, standing in front of the various locations he chronicles, making this a participatory documentary of a very strange type. In most participatory docs, the filmmaker interacts with the audience, leading them along and bantering with them. Here the director has an almost ghostly presence, silent but unmissable. The film has another level, too, one that in my mind moves it from very good to great. Chinese Portrait, shot over the course of ten years, utilizes both print film and digital, and plays up the differences between the two media, using a more widescreen aspect ratio for the digital sections (meaning that the image occupies more of the horizontal space of the screen). This means that, even if you are not used to spotting the qualitative differences between the two, your brain should register a dissonance as the film jumps back and forth. To accentuate this, the print film shots often end with a few seconds of blank sepia film, accompanied by a crackle as the sound cuts out, creating ellipses in the film, temporary breathing points that underscore the material nature of print film. Without saying a word, Wang Xiaoshuai documents the uncertain transition from print to digital, not drawing explicit conclusions but letting the images tell their own tale of the advantages and disadvantages of each. As film pushes into the future, so does China ? but at what cost? The film remains silent on this question, but it lingers through each exquisite frame.
May pa ncov free pa kayo nalalaman tapos sa ating bansa dn pla my mamatay outside china dahil sa ncov. Watch chinese portrait 3. Watch Chinese portrait. This looks beautiful. I loved the line about free will. Irene I love seeing how you work! I think there's a smudge on the lens of the camera you use for the BTS footage. I've noticed it in your last few BTS videos. Can't wait to see what you do next girl.
Watch chinese portrait video. Je me retrouve énormément dans tout ce qu'elle dit ! j'aime cette femme. Watch Chinese portrait de ce compagnon de la libération. Synopsis Shot over the course of ten years on both film and video, the film consists of a series of carefully composed tableaux of people and environments. Pedestrians shuffle across a bustling Beijing street, steelworkers linger outside a deserted factory, tourists laugh and scamper across a crowded beach, worshippers kneel to pray in a remote village. With a painterly eye for composition, Wang captures China as he sees it, calling to a temporary halt a land in a constant state of change. Crew Details Genre Director Producers Editor Cinematography Production Design Sound Studios Countries Language Alternative Titles My China, ??? ??? Popular reviews More [8] It seems like only a few weeks ago (and in fact it was) that I was commenting on Wang Xiaoshuai's Shanghai Dreams in this very spot. And my overall assessment of the filmmaker was not very positive. I found him to be a lackluster social realist whose work, while certainly competent, was almost deliberately averse to surprise. Well, it's always nice to have to eat those kinds of words. Wang is having a real moment right now, just having dazzled the Berlinale with his newest and purportedly most accomplished film, the three-hour So Long, My Son. And True/False is featuring his previous film, an 80-minute documentary that premiered last year at Busan. I can't speak (yet) to So Long, … My True/False interview with Wang Xiaoshuai: As he puts it, the film plays like "taking a bunch of postcards and throwing them down on the bed to take a look at them. " One of my favorites of the year. I Love Asians 2019 People in statis against cities in motion. Wang Xiaoshuai's painterly ode to the social realist oil paintings of Liu Xiaodong, is a beautifully composed snapshot of China, from all corners traced throughout recent history. What starts as a delibrate study of juxtaposing inanimate objects in motion backgrounded to people frozen in composed poses reminiscient of the Liu's painting switches switches gears to become more of a historical document, recalling key events of China's journey into modernity. There might also be something political that can be said, of Wang's inclusion of China's outsiders (on the edge of deserts) as a part of his Chinese Portrait. On an aesthetic level it is wonderful, edited in such a way… ???? ??????? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?????????? ???. ?????? ?????? ???????? ?? ?? ??????? ????? ? ????? ? ??? ????? ????? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ????? ???????. ???????? ?? ???? ????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ? ????? ?????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?????????? ?? ??????? ??? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ???. ???? ?? ???? ???? ?? ???????? ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ???????? ???? ???? ?? ????????? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ??????? ???????? ?? ?? ???? ??????? ???? ?????. ?????? (?? ?? ?? ?? ?????) ??? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ? ???????? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ????? ?? ??????? ?? ???????? ?????… 170/200 The best of his films I’ve yet watched. Letting the country speak for itself turned out to be a wise decision because he’s as much a part of it as anyone. Wonderful stuff. "An experimental documentary that consists of nothing but dozens of single shots of people (mostly) in China. The shots last for only a few minutes each, and mostly are of people in their work environments. Usually they have a person or two staring directly at the camera not moving, while other things move in other parts of the frame (the wind, other people, molten steel, sheep). But some of the shots have no people at all, but are instead of the land, the water, the sky, or buildings in various states of newness or collapse. Some shots are of individuals, some of large groups. Some have the feel of a slice of life, as of a bustling open-air café at night, made unnerving by the fact that two of the patrons are staring directly at us while normal life goes on all around them.... " More in my look at the 2019 Austin Asian American Film Festival. Recent reviews Art. ?And nearly perfect Cinema of the Dilettante. Reminds me of Abbas Kiarostami's 24 Frames or Tsai Ming-liang's Your Face. The perfect merging of film and still photography. A great work that would benefit greatly on the biggest screen you could find. I would love to see this showcased in an exhibit as well. I think it's a work that my appreciation towards will grow and blossom over time. Really thankful that a picture like this even gets to see the light of day in the U. S. I know it will only appeal to a certain type of cinema goer, but to those interested even in the slightest, I say give it a watch. The images are sure to stick with you. China, as understood by someone who is truly from China. Most films are primarily concerned with action and movement - how characters get from "Point A" to "Point B. " Figures moving through space and time, in and out of frame, conducting the business of moving along the plot. By contrast, Wang Xiaoshuai's documentary, CHINESE PORTRAIT, is a movie about waiting, focusing on the seemingly mundane moments between actions that most movies cut around. The film consists of a series of static tableaus set in textile mills, homes, mines, trains, and other everyday locations of Chinese life. By posing the subjects in a kind of cinematic still life, Wang creates a kind of non-reality reality, a snapshot in time that could almost be a still photograph if it weren't for the… Interesting film but I think it only held my attention due to my facination with China. I felt the film was very safe, it was an interesting style which i think could have been pushed further, especially in terms of story. I don't think the film would hold up if it was ones own culture. I'd be interested in the chinese perspective. One other note, it felt a little anthropological in nature, painting the chinese as a kind of other, very minor exploitative vibes. Some lovely moments, but I think it could have been structured better Занятная документальная зарисовка китайского общества от Ван Сяошуая: ни единого слова, зато отсутствие коммуникации между китайцами вдоволь компенсируется звуковым и композиционным наполнением. Popular Lists More The Chinese Cinema A ranked list of the Chinese-language movies I've seen since November of 2013. This began as an open-ended project about….
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