First Cow mkv

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rating 7,3 / 10
directed by Kelly Reichardt
synopsis First Cow is a movie starring John Magaro, Orion Lee, and Rene Auberjonois. An skilled cook has traveled west and joined a group of fur trappers in Oregon, though he only finds true connection with a Chinese immigrant also seeking
Country USA
Actor Toby Jones
Free First. Did you like a quiet place, to wait for the part 2 ? I didnt like the first one, so lm in no rush. Free first cowgirl. I love Kelly Reichardt's work. Certain Women, Wendy and Lucy and Meek's Cutoff are also worth checking out for newcomers. What if your already an animal. Free First cowcotland. Thought I was watching a trailer for a Tarsem Singh film for a minute there. that's no insult.
You got this Crystal! This is one of my first times seeing a foal being born! And Crystals foal will probably be the second horse I've seen foal! its so exciting to see a little western horse to grow so big! and well, start a family of her own! its just amazing to see you and her come all this way and for her to hopefully give birth to a healthy foal. I think it will be born on either Thursday night or Friday morning, and I think it will be a Colt! lots of love to you and Crystal... Hope the birth goes well. Too much Joe Show. Free first communion labels. In Zootopia, this would have been made by Kelly Reicow. Although I wonder how this will translate to Zootopia.
Free first cowboys. Ok so there’s going to be a lot here, so I'm sorry, but I’ll leave a link to my complete document at the bottom, and that's 23 pages instead of this 7. I decided that I wanted to see what I could discover by “datamining” the update (saving a copy of 2. 5. 5 and then updating to 2. 6 and using WinMerge to compare and see what changed). Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of juicy stuff in here that’s previously undiscovered, forgotten, or not in the changelog. I’m going to try to compile a highlights list here but if you want to see all the nitty gritty stuff check out the full document (it’s not very pretty or particularly organized). Just to be clear, I went through everything I thought would be relevant, so I didn’t bother with a lot of the deep core engine stuff. I wouldn’t understand that anyway, and I didn’t completely understand everything I saw here. If I’m not sure that something is what I think it is, I’ll put a question mark after it, and I didn’t note down stuff I didn’t feel was relevant so I definitely missed a lot of stuff. The stuff I did put in I didn’t have enough time to test all of it, so feel free to correct me or do your own research into what a lot of this stuff does. Especially a lot of the aircraft-specific stuff I’m just making guesses based on context and variable names so don’t take this stuff for granted. It’s also possible that some of these changes are local only to me- I didn’t start with a fresh install before I did this, so don’t take my word for it. So let’s start with some easy stuff: New 3D models and textures added (Not implemented means the model and/or textures are there but there is no code supporting adding it into the game itself): AAQ-28LEFT (Litening pod with vent on left for hornet cheek station) AB250 and AB500 (German cluster bombs for WWII stuff) SC250 and SC500 (German standard bombs) Schloss 500XIIC (Mounting rack for German WWII armaments? ) CATM-120C (AIM-120C training variant) - not implemented CBU-78 with BLU-91 and -92 (Cluster bomb carrying antipersonnel and anti-tank land mines) - not implemented Mk_77 (Mk-77 firebomb for hornet, from hornet planned weapons list) - not implemented RIM-116 (Rolling Airframe Missile, ship based anti-missile missile deployed on Nimitz and Ford class carriers, with cool multi-mode SARH/IR seeker) - possibly implemented, there is flight model code etc in the game but I don’t think it’s been added to a ship yet RIM-156 and booster - not implemented as far as I could tell SD-10A (Export variant of PL-12) I think this was moved from the Chinese Asset Pack into the common 3d model folder, as it was already on the JF-17 Lots of textures and models got changed but I have not spent the time to compare all of them. Check the doc for a full list. They removed the unimplemented S-200 models and textures Some other interesting findings while poking around in there: There is an unimplemented model for the AIM-120A There is an unimplemented model for the Ka-52 (although very poor quality) There is an unimplemented model with no textures for the Tu-143, an unmanned reconnaissance drone There are a couple different (probably) unimplemented Russian cruise missiles There are 5 variants of AGM-84, all with varying levels of quality: AGM-84, AGM-84D, AGM-84E, AGM-84H, and AGM-84S There’s an untextured AGM-123 model There’s a very high quality AGM-130 model with excellent textures and PBR There’s a very nice AH-1G model with PBR and everything to go alongside the AH-1W but it’s not implemented There’s a high quality AN/ASQ-228 ATFLIR pod, presumably waiting for ED to code the interface with the hornet There are, of varying quality, GBU-22, 27, 28, and 32 that as far as I know aren’t implemented, and if they are, only on AI planes like the F-15E The current Kuznetsov collision model is incredibly full of holes; if you fly it perfectly, I bet you could fly between the deck and the hull There’s an extremely high quality PT-76 model that I’m pretty sure is not used in-game For some reason an extremely high-quality beautifully textured PBR rendered PZGR 39 tank shell is in there There’s an untextured low-quality “Rastrub” looks like some kind of anti-ship or cruise missile There’s a file for a static Tu-154 Tri-jet airliner that has no texture and I’ve never seen in-game Not sure if this is already implemented or not, but there’s an ER version model of the UH-60A that has the “wings” with external fuel tanks There’s a very low quality untextured missile called “v-611” For some reason, an alive version and destroyed version of this… thing inhabits your game files, it's called Suidae if you’re interested: Now in no really useful order, a bunch of other interesting changes: Obviously a ton of shader changes, nearly every file to do with the PG map changed, several files on Caucasus changed In the particle system, several files were modified, including adding a new lua called “energyShield” that I have no clue what it does For some reason they changed the chaff texture name to chaff2 including in several places where the texture was referenced There was already a, but it was heavily modified and new folders were added elsewhere to support it (most likely for the new WWII spotlights) New files were added as well: turbulancedExhaustTrail, vehicleTrail, wheelTrail, and steamExplosion, all to do with the particle system apparently The default mission date in the editor was changed to June 21 2016 (From June 1 2011) There’s a new option defined for almost every single unit in the game, country of origin, which was added. On Caucasus, the ocean opacity was increased from 2 to 3, and the river opacity went from 8 to 45 There are a few new scripts in the scripts database involving the nimitz and GroundCrewFSM which are most likely from the supercarrier and the decision making scripts for the animated AI ground crew There were several livery changes, the season-based ones all had their first letter capitalized, some liveries were removed from Ukraine, many were added to a country with the code SUN, which I believe is Soviet Union, although there is also USSR as a country code. The MiG-29A’s afterburner texture was changed Chinese asset pack introduced YJ83 and YJ62 missiles, also defined new custom warheads for C-701 and C-802 (were using AGM-65G warheads) CAP also introduced new submarine The AI taxi for takeoff routes to cat 3 and 4 on the Stennis were changed There were a bunch of changes to the WWII stuff that you can check out in the doc (X-Ray models, some engine tweaks, etc) New Magnetic Variation data was added for 2020 (previously most recent was 2016) A new file was added to the UI folder, called rtsicons, possible new Real Time Strategy icons for the upcoming dynamic campaign Japan as a country got medals, units, etc to let the player select them in the logbook Cow introduced (but no texture)! SSLR option was added (warning, tanks fps) We got a new customer support rep in the credits, Anatoly Zhavoronkov There is a new section in one of the mission editor files mentioning if the game is MAC, load the MAC GUI instead of the DCS one Submarines can now submerge The A-10A had its training missiles removed (CATM-9M, TGM-65s), BDUs stay Some cargo planes such as A-26B, C-17A, IL-76MD got a new tasking “Airborne” Almost every plane that had the setting “singleInFlight” enabled had it disabled, possible meaning you can now have more than one AWACS, cargo plane, or bomber in a flight Several units had a new field “drop weight” added, and that combined with new definitions in the planes that got “Airborne” leads me to strongly suspect that ED is working on and/or close to introducing paradropping both certain tanks (LAV-25 and BMD-1) and infantry There is a section in a lua file that only adds the “Airborne” task to the game’s tasking list if the game is not the public branch Looooots of adjustments to which countries get which vehicles, TF-51 added to a bunch of countries alongside F-4, E-3 removed from several, a couple countries got their own perry/molniya/kilo ships A new formation type was added, “Modern bomber element” In the SFM flight models for AI, for some reason every turboprop (C-130, AN-26, etc) in the game had its engines set to be turbojets, and that was fixed As for individual module stuff, I don’t own any WWII or Korean war modules (incl. MiG-19), nor the two prop planes, or the trainers (C101 and L39). The only modern one I don’t own is the JF-17, so I can’t talk about internal changes to those modules. However, I can see the changes to the model and texture and basic loadout stuff since everyone gets those files to allow multiplayer to work. For all the modules, if their were (I’m assuming that means they were encrypted), they are all now plain, also the modules that still had their own DRM systems had that removed. Also all the ED aircraft had a new system implemented where all of the VR config stuff was taken out of all other files and put into a single file per aircraft called Ka-50: The default positioning of the HMD view was adjusted Definitions for a new ABRIS page labeled BAKE was added, possibly just for reflections or something? There were several new sound files added, all new switch click sounds The mirrors were messed with A new and were introduced (which most likely caused the awesome external sounds change, if you haven’t heard the new sounds, check them out) A-10C: Some significant changes to the HUD vertex system (not sure if it has any effect) There were a lot of edits to campaign and single missions AJS-37 The full Red Flag campaign was added The cockpit model was changed Low, medium, and high rpm internal engine sounds were changed Significant update to RB-75 variants, full flight model with seeker definitions, proportional navigation autopilot, and several other changes A/V-8B N/A The maximum number of target points was increased from 5 to 10
I really miss when trailers weren't the whole movie. A24, dear, the cinematography is simply gorgeous. Free First cowboy. Ive been waiting so long for this video ? please say hi to the foal and crystal for me. Im Felicity by the way, love u Valentina and your horses. ???. Free first cowboy hat. A wholesome A24 release? Count me in. I know. There are already thousands of tavern lists. BUT- most of those are just names for Taverns. Let’s give our taverns something to remember them by. This tavern has a map of the world painted on the wall around the fireplace. Visiting travelers leave notes stuck in the cracks near various places with a bit of information about that area. A taxidermy Beholder hangs from the ceiling in the center of this tavern. It’s not a real Beholder. It was made out of leather and paint, but it’s up high enough that no one can get a close look. The Bartender and serving girls all wear bright green and gold floral sashes over their left shoulders, draped across and tied at the right hip. A few patrons wearing similar sashes drink for free. Dozens of floating orbs of light, the size of goose eggs, drift lazily around the tavern, giving off plenty of illumination - to avoid dark corners and sinister plotting. Benches mounted to the walls assure that every patron has a protected back. There are no stools or seats at the bar. No one will be getting backstabbed at this establishment. Knee high platforms crisscross the tavern floor so that the Halfling servers can easily fill mugs and clear tables. It does make for a tripping hazard for tall folk, so watch yer step. Anyone involved in a bar brawl will have disadvantage on attack rolls. This tavern reeks of pickled fish. The owner cures them himself and sells them to travelers in sealed clay pots. The pots do little to mask the odor. An elaborate tapestry hangs behind the bar. Rumor has it that there are secret symbols and writings embroidered into the pattern. Some say it’s a treasure map. Others say it’s magical incantations for powerful spells. And others claim it hides the password for a secret society. The barkeep says she just thought it was pretty. A life sized statue behind the bar of a human man covering his eyes is supposedly the original owner of the tavern. Legend has it he fell in love with a Medusa and she accidentally turned him to stone. Many spellcasters over the years have tried to reverse the condition, yet failed. The owner is a Firbolg. Tables are ten feet high. The chairs have ladders attached so shorter patrons can reach their drinks. The smallest mug holds a gallon of ale. A bowl of soup can feed a family of six humans. The proprietor of the tavern is a shifty old dwarf, always looking over his shoulder and scanning the room. Occasionally he is spotted speaking to the bar itself as he wipes down the counter top. Whenever the fire in the hearth is dying, he runs his hand over the mantle, whispers to it in a comforting manner before the entire building shudders, creaks, strains, before letting out a groaning exhale and the fire is revitalized. Some believe the tavern itself is living. A weird contraption occupies an arcade that appears to be a slanted table, enchanted with fairy?and perhaps mechanical?lights. A spring propells a ball that is hastened and bounces around interacting with a tableux of pixies, live pixies, darting around doing pointless tasks under a glass surface. The tavernkeep calls it a "pinball machine". The current highscore is held by a person with the acronym BBEG. An enchanted lute provides a musical accompaniment to the tavern. It has a respectable repertoire, but one string is out of tune, making concentration checks difficult. The tavern owner despises bards, having his paramour swept off by one. So anyone offering to retune the lute might be met with violence. A dog. A friendly one. The unusual thing is that everyone sees the dog differently. A highlander Barbarian sees the dog as a longhaired red highland setter, but a woodelf might see the dog as a black wolfhound, and a mountain Dwarf might see it as a small rat-terrier. This difference is unlikely to be noticed at the time, and only comes up during conversation later, after leaving the tavern. There are 5 doors around the bar each opens up to a different city and destroying an outside building does nothing but move the portal to a different building in said city. the doors might be locked or otherwise require permission (a fee perchance? ) to use. A saloon style tavern with a modest stage up front where all the patrons can see. On Friday nights the astral diva sings her prophecies. the bar is associated with a local mages guild, and has magical brews on tap. Upon downing a pint, roll on wild magic table The bar is known for its strong drinks, occasionally a drunken reveller will come in demanding 'hammerbrew', which will invariably knock them out for 1d4 hours (on a DC 25 con check) Hammerbrew is incredibly expensive and the barmaid demands to be paid in advance, including tip! The tavern has had enough of twitchy adventurers. All wood fittings have been burned to a blackened tone, and a large sign suggests any magic usage will lead to a ban from all establishments in the area. People are often thrown out for appearing to use magic, even if they aren’t. The tavern is that gun-shy. The bar is staffed with retired 'adventurers'. All are significantly mauled, scarred and most missing fingers, eyes, or limbs. Similarly battered adventurers will drink for free, in return for a tale to the general audience. the wall is covered with hundreds of mounted heads- some unsurprising, such as a troll or a small dragon- others more so, such as a blinking, it blinked, I swear, didn’t you see it? half orc or... is that a baby? While normal appearing from the outside, inside the bar and tables are all moulded from one tree, which is rooted in the bar and has carefully been bent and flattened over hundreds of years to serve as a bar and tables. the tree is still alive and growing, with a leaf sprouting here and there The entire tavern is curiously dusty, despite being well attended, some areas look like they have a decade of dust upon them. If dust is swept off an empty table, all regulars will groan, and a large number of days written in chalk on the bar will be wiped off. The mugs are enchanted to refill themselves when you snap your fingers. You still get charged for the refills though. The tavern is a renovated monastery. The grounds were hallowed such that the entire area is magically silent. Patrons come from near and far for the extraordinary peace and quiet it offers. Ordering food and drink can be a bit of a hassle though, having to pantomime eating or drinking, and being brought whatever is being served that day. A halfing sitting on a table playing a medium violin like cello. the Halfling is the owner, and not a very talented musician The bar is situated on a pier, and has a lower level where patrons can fish and let their feet sit in the water, where small fish nibble on the skin harmlessly. The cook will fry up anything you catch for free! A lonely, windswept tavern on the coast is situated a little closer to the sea than the rest of the village. Behind the bar there's a thin-toothed comb made out of a shell, and the bartender tends to become gloomy if asked about it. A tavern made by a master dwarven stonemason, each table and stool is a fully piece of stonework, which slides glassily across the floor on clever grooves hidden in the floor. Given a few minutes, you can arrange every table in the place into one long feast table, with the tables making a sort of zig-zag line. Strict No Adventurers policy - time for some Charisma checks A friendly mastiff hound wanders around the tavern begging at tables for snuggles and scritches. Any adventurer that feeds it a piece of meat will find that the dog will make its way outside toward a treasure chest hidden in the dirt outside. A tavern tucked away in one of the hottest regions of Avernus. It’s name is the Icebox, and it is owned by a devil who has bound an ice elemental into eternal servitude. This tavern has a fireplace containing a magical blue flame that radiates cold, rather than heat. This same blue flame is also behind the bar, beneath an iron grate upon which several mugs sit. This keeps them frosty cold, and makes this tavern an area favorite. Devils like to visit here for a change of scenery. A coastal tavern built from a kraken’s skull. It’s name is The Little Fish. This tavern is frequented by wild storytellers, who tell the truth about 25% of the time. A 2-story tavern with a strange reputation, where patrons must pay a steep fee up front before entering. Once inside, players will see a strange black liquid dripping from several holes in the ceiling, which is being collected in large barrels beneath them. Patrons dip their mugs into these barrels and drink the liquid, which is delicious and quite intoxicating. Rumor has it that this liquid is the blood of a demon who is imprisoned upstairs. No one is allowed upstairs to find out. A tavern called The View built right next to a beautiful but very loud waterfall. The tavern owner thought it was a smart business move to build next to the waterfall, but you can barely hear anything inside over the roar of the waterfall only meters away from the front door. All patrons must check their weapons at the door of this tavern, much like a coat check. You are given a numbered ticket and the weapon is stored away in a back room behind a curtain. Unbeknownst to the players, this tavern is notorious for “accidentally” replacing high quality or magical weapons that have been checked with inferior duplicates. All the food and drink have a slightly off taste. Not to the point of inedibility, but enough to notice something's off about it. When asked the
Free first cowboy boots. Free First com autour. These vids r so good. Free first contact. Free first coffee. I am so tried of this always forgiven and nothing changes.
' I'm too beautifull too die' really got me. Such an underrated film. Should've been nominated for best picture. See I think I'd Really like this. Thanks. Directed by Kelly Reichardt Written by Kelly Reichardt and Jon Raymond Starring John Magaro, Orion Lee, Toby Jones, and Ewen Bremner Synopsis Kelly Reichardt once again trains her perceptive and patient eye on the Pacific Northwest, this time evoking an authentically hardscrabble early nineteenth century way of life. A taciturn loner and skilled cook (John Magaro) has traveled west and joined a group of fur trappers in Oregon Territory, though he only finds true connection with a Chinese immigrant (Orion Lee) also seeking his fortune; soon the two collaborate on a successful business, although its longevity is reliant upon the clandestine participation of a nearby wealthy landowner’s prized milking cow. From this simple premise Reichardt constructs an interrogation of foundational Americana that recalls her earlier triumph Old Joy in its sensitive depiction of male friendship, yet is driven by a mounting suspense all its own. Reichardt again shows her distinct talent for depicting the peculiar rhythms of daily living and ability to capture the immense, unsettling quietude of rural America.
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