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Genres - Musical / 8,4 of 10 / 19103 vote / &ref(,0,182,268_AL_.jpg) / directors - Vincente Minnelli / Synopsis - In the year leading up to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York. Movie musicals don't get any better than this! In "The Wizard of Oz" Judy Garland's character, Dorothy, opines, there's no place like home." In "Meet Me in St. Louis" we are treated to a depiction of exactly what an ideal home, a home to cherish and nostalgically remember, is.
The Smith family lives in a sprawling and lovely house in the nicer part of St. Louis. Three generations of the family live together: Grandpa Smith, Lon (a prosperous attorney. Anna Smith and their five children: Lon Jr. (off to Princeton) Rose (smitten with Warren Sheffield) Esther (getting to know "the boy next door" and the two youngest girls, Agnes and irrepressible "Tootie" always up to mischief. Family drama unfolds! The brilliantly talented Vincente Minneli has created in this film an irresistible homage to home and family circa 1903/04 with the added piece de resistance of Judy Garland singing some of her most well-known and beloved songs: The Boy Next Door. The Trolley Song, and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Beautiful! Garland is the supreme entertainer of her generation and possibly for all time. She can relate a song to her audience and make them feel what is in her heart. Nowhere in St. Louis is this more clear than in her rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - a carol with obvious tear-jerking sadness and poignancy. However, the film's most exuberant display of joyous passion remains 'The Trolley Song. At any rate, enjoy! This is one film that never gets old and Judy Garland was never more beautiful than she was right here.
Meet me in st. louise. Synopsis MGM's glorious love story with music! In the year before the 1904 St Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York. Cast Crew Details Genres Director Producers Writers Editor Cinematography Production Design Composer Sound Costumes Make-Up Studios Country Language Alternative Titles - , Agora Seremos Felizes, Le chant du Missouri, Die große Liebe nebenan, Die törichten Jungfrauen, Cita en San Luis, ??? ????? ??? Popular reviews More judy garland herself said “make the yuletide gay” so we have no choice but to do just that This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth. Any movie which celebrates major holidays by a climactic act of cathartic violence, like being bit by Judy Garland or the mass decapitation of a snow family is a movie I can get down with. Speaking of Judy, she wore many lovely outfits but none I wanted to wear myself more than the lace-collared black top. blue/green/pink pleated skirt w/ powder-blue? gloves ensemble! I too could picture myself serenading a whole trolley car about my crush in that get-up! PS - I also found her performance of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' quite affecting. PPS - I had no idea that at the turn of the XXth Century in St. Louis, Halloween was celebrated by children in disguise who make bonfires of smashed furniture and attack their neighbors with flour before retiring to cake and ice-cream! This review may contain spoilers. 92/100 A bit swamped with work and errands in the days before I leave for Cannes, so let me direct you to my friend Theo's capsule review, with which I concur 100% apart from the hilariously measured phrase "pretty wonderful" as allotted to a film he rates higher than 99. 9% of everything else he's ever seen. It is in fact intensely wonderful, pure delight from beginning to end; people think of it primarily as a Judy Garland vehicle (and she's magnificent) but it's really one of Hollywood's greatest ensemble pieces, so enraptured with everybody onscreen that its essential plotlessness barely registers. The only bum note, as Theo observes, is Dad's climactic decision to remain in St. Louis, which is cheaply… Certainly the only story whose happy ending is predicated on staying in Missouri. Im at the stage of love for this movie where the anticipation of my favorite moments is as pleasurable as the moments themselves. And all the while finding more tiny little details that reveal the genius of Minnelli, Garland and - less showy, but equally brilliant - Mary Astor. This family does not know theyre in a musical. Really one of the saddest films you can think of. Minnelli's colors, his trinket-ization of bourgeois interiors, and Judy Garland's Cake Walk dances are manic attempts by the Smith family to keep their depression at bay, to delay the growing up of the Smith sisters. As soon as the fun parts of the day end (John Truitt turning off his warm winter orange lights after asking Esther to marry him) darkness creeps in (Esther and Tootie cloaked in deep-dark blues ? the shade of sorrow ? they will be moving to a foreign place where they know nobody and won't be able to talk with anybody "like we do in St. Louis. Judy Garland only infrequently smiles; in the ostensibly… Recent reviews MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (U) D: Vincente Minnelli MGM (Arthur Freed) US 1944 113 mins ? Musical ? W: Irving Brescher & Fred Finklehoffe [based on the novel by Sally Benson] DP: George Folsey Ed: Albert Akst Mus: Georgie Stoll ? Judy Garland (Esther Smith) Margaret O'Brien (Tootie Smith) Tom Drake (John Truett) Mary Astor (Anne Smith) Lucille Bremer (Rose Smith) June Lockhart (Lucille Ballard) ? Classic Judy Garland musical about an affectionate family at the turn of the 20th century. Like the majority of the musicals of Hollywood's Golden Age there'll be those who enjoy this more than others, but many people will recognise the timeless songs, especially "The Trolley Song" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" 8/10 Itll take me at least a week to dig up all my dolls from the cemetery... Classic. Funny. Sweet. Musical. Judy. And a heathen halloween. The kids steal every scene they are in. Good family movie, ideal for Christmas holidays. I kinda get it now why everyone adores Judy Garland 64% It's nice. I disapprove of pretty much everything the characters do but it was set literally a century ago. A fun holiday movie that hasn't aged very well. PS: Jesus, Halloween those days must have been scary af. Really dug this one. On the surface its your average Judy Garland musical, but theres some wild shit in here. For reals, the youngest kids are fucking nuts and I love it. The rest of the film is charming melodrama that I couldnt help but fall for, and the music is delightful HEY! I live here and love to go to the St. Louis Fair! so why the fuck I haven't seen this. Musicals are a genre of film that I dont tend to love with the exception of a few classics like Fiddler on the Roof (1971) and The Sound of Music (1965. I had mixed feelings about this film with it being possibly the most traditional example of a musical ever made. With the involvement of Judy Garland, a performer whose work I do not enjoy, and director Vincente Minnelli, responsible for the mediocre An American in Paris (1951) I was predisposed to hate the movie. Most of my irritation with the tropes present in musicals caused me to cringe as the film went through the motions but there was also the fact that the song and dance numbers were disappointing… Um feel-good movie com musical e romance... definitivamente não é meu tipo de filme. Enredo sem graça, que não chama atenção em nenhum momento. Popular Lists More.
La amoo. Meet me in st louis soundtrack. I always watch Meet Me in St. Louis during Christmastime just to hear Judy Garland sing the BEST rendition of this beautiful song. Love this movie?. When all actors were truly entertaining. Now it's very easy to get famous even if they have no talent. just post their shit plastic bodies on social media and they will get attention.
Meet me in st. louis review judy garland. Meet me in st. louis musical. That dress. Sigh. Has there ever been a more beautiful dress in all of Hollywood. Meet me in st. louis judy garland. Meet me in st louis swing. Meet me in st. louis christmas. Meet me in st. louis party ideas. Meet me in st. louis trolley song. Meet me in st. louis 1966. Even though Im 31 and hadnt seen this movie since about fifth grade, something about it has always stuck with me or drawn me in and so I finally decided to buy the movie and watched it earlier today. A good decision.
My heart is confused. Am I supposed to laugh, sigh or giggle with a blush? Guess Im gonna have to watch it about 50 times more to decide ?. Meet me in st. louis movie. Dan Truhitte is the actor who played Rolf in this movie. He was also my voice teacher throughout high school(he now lives in NC) and he changed my life for the better! He even sang 16 Going on 17 to me when I turned 16. He's a wonderful man and I owe him so much for helping me find confidence as a singer and as a person. ?? Last I heard, he's still teaching voice lessons, and that makes me so happy.
Meet me in st. louis swing dance. Meet me in st. louis sheet music. I fell in love with this movie and could watch it for hours. each actor and actress performed their roles sublimely. I especially became enchanted with Lucille Bremer as Rose AND Mary Astor as the mother. Judy Garland was totally a young woman preparing for her first tryst with a young man. i am sure she impressed Vincent Minelle with her high stepping dancing at the party. truly, Judy was showing that she was no longer a child but ready for more mature rolls. Mary Astor showed that she could handle her husband and the family adroitly. Lucille Bremer made Rose out to be redheaded vixen when it came to keeping Warren Sheffield. i totally enjoy myself watching the machinations of the Smith women.
Love this musical.

Meet me in st. louis 1944 movie

Meet me in st. louis youtube. 2020 Meet Info 2020 Meet Me in St. Louis Presented by St. Louis Gym Centre January 11 & 12, 2020 Hosted at the DoubleTree Hotel & Conference Center 16625 Swingley Ridge Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017 Registration is now open for 2020. Meet me in st. louis children in cast.
Meet me in st. louis louis. Meet me in st louis cast list. Thinking of a nice song for Valentine's Day brought me here. Interesting to see a very young Patty Duke as Tootie. Pale remake of the original 1944 film. Much of the charm of the original is somehow just not there in this version. Meet me in st. louis streaming. OMG, look at those legs, and she still sings like an angel ?.
Meet me in st louis black and white. Meet me in st. louis agnes. Shes beautiful, talented and unique without a doubt. Those that had no talent just used her. I love you Judy. I fell in love with your voice when I was two and Im still in love. Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful voice to the world. Meet me in st. louis movie with judy garland. Meet me in st. louis in theaters. Cool I love this musical. Meet me in st louis have yourself a merry little christmas. Meet me in st. louis. Meet me in st louis judy garland sings christmas song. Thank you for posting this classic. Meet me in st louis trailer.
Meet me in st. louis tcm. Average rating 3. 79 210 ratings 41 reviews, Start your review of Meet Me in St. Louis There are times when a film does a more enjoyable job with a book than the book does for itself. "Meet Me in Saint Louis" is one of the great old movie musicals, and probably provided the best performance ever given by Judy Garland. The book, on the other hand, is nothing extraordinary in the genre of happy-old-time-family books that aimed to assuage the anxieties of war time America. But it does provide one of the most authentic film formats for people believably bursting into song. People did... Ah, this is charming. Anyone who knows the movie will find most of the familiar incidents from it, though they were switched around and condensed somewhat for the screenplay; but I felt like the book had a much more authentic, homey feel to it. Nothing seems so glossy and expensive as it looked in the movie. Rose and Esther are no glamorous movie stars, but a couple of boy-crazy teenagers. In the book you get a much clearer sense that, in spite of living in a three-story house with a maid, the... Like me, you may know and love the 1944 movie starring Judy Garland. The movie was based on short stories by Sally Benson about her childhood in St. Louis. In 1942 the stories were compiled and published in book form as Meet Me in St. The book follows the lives of the various members of the Smith family, a well-to-do family in St. Louis in 1903-1904. There's Mother (Anna) Father (Lonnie) Lon (18) Rose (17) Esther/Judy Garland (16) Agnes (12) Tootie (6) Grandpa, Katie the cook and... This was a light and enjoyable read for the most part. The book is divided into the months between June 1903 and May 1904. The "chapter" months are very episodic, almost like a series of short stories, as there aren't any strong arcs to speak of. The characters are consistent but a little shallow; Esther and Rose, especially, don't ever move past their boy-crazed silliness; but at least they keep us entertained. Grandpa Prophater was my favorite, as he is the most "aware" of the hilarity of this... So charming! Ive loved the movie for as long as I can remember so dont know why I never got around to reading the book until now. The movie captured all of the characters in the book so perfectly and I didnt mind at all that the plot was different. This is a wonderful comfort read. Many of the stories in "Meet Me in St. Louis" were originally published in the New Yorker (Sally Benson - often writing under a pen name - was a regular contributor) before being compiled into a book. The novel, written in 1944, takes place from June 1903 to May 1904, the opening of the St. Louis World's Fair. The book is out-of-print, not available as an e-book, and not at any of the libraries in my area, but it's easy to find a used copy online. Personally, I like the book better than the... The book is very different from the movie, yet there remains a lot of the same scenes including the cake walk scene where Tootie sings "I was hmm last night dear mother. This is my favorite movie of all time so it was great to see these characters expanded and a few additional stories. The movie is actually better than the book, which is rare but the movie is so epically good and I mean. What beats Judy Garland and Tom Drake? I pictured Margret O'Brien speaking the dialogue of Tootie all... Another book that Hollywood improved. Like most everyone else, I read this book after seeing the '44 classic starring Judy Garland. I fell in love with the movie, and wanted to fall in love with the book. Unfortunately, the book really needs the movie's added glamor and allure and whole better ending. (view spoiler... I think most people pick up this book because they enjoyed the 1940s film adaptation. And I was among those people. I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of familiar scenes and characters, and happy that my favorite of the Smith family (Agnes) was still enjoyable. But there was a certain flightiness to the characters and plot that surprised me; Esther and Rose, in particular, were far more shallow in the book. I loved the format. Little vignettes focusing on every month up to the fair was a... Love this book, which is nothing like the movie. Reading it again for the nth time and still charmed by it. Amusing family stories but occasionally there's something that gives it a little more edge - I know when I first read it in junior high, I didn't notice the paragraph where the grandfather remembers his time in Andersonville prison. Which makes you see him as more than the quirky grandpa who enjoys teasing his granddaughters. Oh my! It is not often I say I prefer the movie novel lacked the warmth and endearing family feeling the movie conveyed. I was startled at how down-right nasty they could be to one another! While it was interesting to finally read it and experience it I cannot necessarily recommend it to anyone. If you love the movie, keep that love and warmth skip the book! It was a struggle to like the characters in this novel. They were insipid, selfish, mean, rude, and incredibly shallow. It seemed an early verion of 'Mean Girls' but without the cathartic bus deus ex machina to deliver a sense of satisfaction. Disclaimer: I have never seen the Judy Garland movie. So I approached this book without that prior knowledge. The book reads as a series of vignettes about the life of the Smith family, and I believe it was originally serialized in a magazine. That would explain the absence of story arc and the essentially iterative nature of the stories. Really what it comes down to is this: the Smith family are a middle-class family in St Louis in 1903-1904. Apart from the parents, there is a grandfather, a... It seems as though, looking at other reviews, because I have never seen the movie I have an advantage when it comes to how much I enjoyed Meet Me in St. It's a sharp and funny book with just a touch of sentimentality, mostly geared at how much the Smiths like their home city. Just like Junior Miss, Meet Me in St. Luis depicts vignettes from what can be deduced to be an upper middle class family in the city. The city is different and the family larger but it retains a lot that made Junior... I was thrilled to find this because I have been an avid fan of the movie ever since I can remember. Usually it stands that the original source is better than the movie but oddly that is not the case here. While I can definitely see how the book informed the screenplay (actually I could see word-for-word dialog pulled from it. It simply did not have the charm and heart that the movie brings to the story. The characters were not given the depth and warmth that I expected they would. Certain... This was a reprint - originally written in 1941 about the 1904 World's Fair held in St. It is loosely based on the author's own family and since I live it St. Louis and have seen the movie many times and so have my grandchildren, I thought I would read the book and give it to them. It is written somewhat amateurishly and doesn't explain very well what is going on. It is mostly dialogue and it always seems as if the reader is coming in on a conversation that has already started. The movie... This was a really fun book following the lives of the Smiths in St Louis leading up to the World's Fair. It sets the tone by opening with an absolutely hysterical prank involving magic ponies that makes me wish I had a daughter just so I could pull it on her. But my favorite part of the whole book is in the editor's note from 1941 which chides "the younger generation" that's "the greatest generation who saved western civilization" for us Xers and Millennials) for being cynical jerks who need to... Series of vignettes about the Smith family, one per month in the year leading up to the opening of the 1904 St. Louis World Fair. Charming, funny, sweet; I love how teenage girls are just always teenage girls, whenever they lived. I never knew the movie was based on a book before this week, and I'm glad I read it, but really - movie is better. This was a darling book and just as cute as the movie or vice versa. I "borrowed" this off my Grandpa's shelf when I was there this summer and was delighted to find my Grandma Dorothy Louise's name hand written inside. She has been gone for 20 years this year and my baby girl Polly Lou shares a middle nickname with her. It's by no means my first time reading Meet Me in St. Louis, but having dealt with the 1904 World's Fair in many permutations in my work at the History Museum, I come to it now with a greater appreciation of Benson's skill at evoking a time and a place. This book is an easy breezy enjoyable read! I have always loved older movies, they are pretty much all I watch. Having not been able to see this movie the book has given me enough satisfaction until I can find the film. "Right here where we live. Right here in St. " Sweet and charming with glimpses of Edwardian life. Sadly, out of print but not difficult to scrounge up a copy a d worth the effort of doing so. Lovely! I will surely want to reread this book once a year. Possible once a season! Loved the movie since I was a little kid. I was thrilled to find this beat up old paperback at a book sale. Tootie is even funnier in the book. This book was the basis for the Judy Garland musical. It's a charming look at family life in the early 1900's - a wonderful read. Highly recommended! I don't say this very often, but the movie was much better than the book. I started this a year ago and just finished this month. Yayyyeee. This book is kind of weird. Tootie's really weird. Lon's funny. The end. This book was charming. I have always loved the film, but I have always wanted to read the book as well, and it was well worth it.
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Meet me in st. louis full movie. Im 18 and no one has offered me food or wine. Meet me in st. louis 1959. Meet me in st louis 1944 full movie. Meet me in st. louis songs. The way she says “timid” here, 2:45, along with his body language shows that she changed the stance it the argument and its great. Meet Me in st. louis rams. Meet me in st louis song. Meet me in st louis 1944. YouTube. There will NEVER, EVER be another performer like the brilliant, legendary Judy Garland.

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Meet me in st. louis musical synopsis. Meet me in st. louis full movie free online. Meet me in st. louis gymnastics meet. Meet me in st. louis lyrics. Release Date: December 8th, 2019 PG, 2 hr 0 min Plot Summary In the year leading up to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, the four Smith daughters learn lessons of life and love, even as they prepare for a reluctant move to New York. Cast: Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien, Mary Astor Director: Vincente Minnelli Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family Production Co: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Distributors: Fathom Events. Meet me in st. louis soundtrack 320 torrent. Omgosh her granddaughter Billie looks just like her at that age! I miss Debbie & Carrie so much. I lost my mam aged 86 this year. We nursed my mam at home and I slept by her bedside, one of my memories taht will stay with me forever is my mam watching this film and singing along to it from her bed, miss you xx.
Meet me in st. louis 75th anniversary event. Meet Me in st louis du rhone. Meet Me in st. louis cardinals. Meet me in st. louis home. 30 Kundenrezensionen Derzeit tritt ein Problem beim Filtern der Rezensionen auf. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. 30. März 2016 Format: Prime Video Verifizierter Kauf "Meet Me in St. Louis" ist ein wunderschöner Film für Fans von Film-Musicals oder Filmklassikern im Allgemeinen. Auch wenn der Film in Deutschland nicht so bekannt wie in den USA sein mag, so kennt doch jedermann sicherlich "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" das aus genau diesem Film kommt. Und es ist auch der Film, bei dessen Dreharbeiten sich Hauptdarstellerin Judy Garland und Regisseur Vincente Minnelli kennen und lieben gelernt haben. Diese offenbar positive Stimmung am Filmset hat sich auch auf "St. Louis" ausgewirkt, der so ausgelassen und unverblümt fröhlich daherkommt wie nur wenige Filme - und dabei auch so auf ganzer Linie überzeugt. Es geht, kurz gesagt, um die Familie Smith: Um den geplanten Umzug nach St. Louis, die Liebesbeziehungen der beiden älteren Töchter, den morbiden Vorlieben der jüngsten Tochter Tootie, usw. Das alles spielt 1902/1903 vor der Kulisse der Weltausstellung in St. Louis. Nun klingt die Handlung zunächst recht gewöhnlich und vielleicht sogar leicht kitschig, aber die Geschichten in einem guten Drehbuch alle unterhaltsam miteinander verwoben worden. Es wohl war die Sehnsucht nach einer besseren Zeit damals - 1944 - als die Welt im Krieg lag, die aus diesem Film spricht. Die möglichen Verkitschung umschifft "Meet Me in St. Louis" auch sehr geschickt, indem Vincente Minnelli diesen Kitsch im Film mit einem feinen Sinn für Ironie überhöht, wohlwissend und weise genug, dass so harmonisch und schön nie eine Stadt, Nachbarschaft oder Familie zu irgendeiner Stadt gewesen sein kann. Auch nicht St. Was die Reise nach der Hollywoodschen Version von St. Louis wirklich reisenswert macht, sind die knallbunten Farben des im Technicolor-Verfahren gedrehten Filmes, die teilweise die Qualität von Gemälden haben und oft außergewöhnlich schön sind. Man merkt, wie sehr die liebevollen, prächtigen Kostüme und die aufwendigen Kulissen auf die bestmögliche Wirkung der Farbe im Kinosaal abgestimmt wurden, 1944 war Farbe ja noch etwas besonderes im Kino, und das wurde hier voll und ganz ausgenutzt. In der Halloween-Episode des Filmes, wo die junge Tootie einen angeblich bösartigen Nachbarn erschrecken soll, geht der Film sogar in Richtung Horrorfilm (allerdings ohne wirklich verschreckend zu wirken) wo Minnelli weniger mit den hellen Farben der Pallette, sondern auch mit düsteren Bildern und Kontrasten arbeitet. Aber nicht nur der "Meet Me in St. Louis" an sich besitzt hohe Schauwerte, auch die Hauptdarstellerin Judy Garland sieht hier wohl besser aus als je zuvor und je danach. Der verliebte Minnelli wird sie wohl ins rechte Bild gerückt haben, was ihm sicherlich nicht schwerfiel. In den effektiv besetzten weiteren Rollen wirken gekonnte Darsteller wie u. a. Margaret O'Brien, Mary Astor, Harry Davenport, Majorie Main und Chill Wills mit. Wie bei vielen Hollywood-Produktionen dieser Studioära, als die großen Filmstudios wie MGM noch Hollywood beherrscht haben, ist auch die Qualität der technischen Inszenierung sogar noch aus heutiger Sicht durchgänig gut, da wirklich Profis am Werk waren. Ein weiterer Vorzug des Filmes sind die vielen schönen Musical-Nummern, die teilweise aus der Zeit um 1900 stammen und teilweise eigens für den Film von 1944 komponiert wurden. Nicht umsonst gilt "Meet Me in St. Louis" ja noch immer als eines der besten Film-Musicals aller Zeiten, da es in der fröhlichen, aber geschmackvollen und niveauvollen Unterhaltung ein rundum gelungenes Werk ist. 1. Januar 2019 Format: Prime Video Verifizierter Kauf Bei der Bestellung habe ich leider nicht aufgepasst. Die von Amazon angebotene Version war in deutsch ohne Möglichkeit zu englisch zu wechseln. Ein Film in dem Judy Garland deutsch spricht ist für mich ungenießbar so, nach etwa 3 Minuten, habe ich mein Leiden ein Ende gesetzt und abgeschaltet. Leider wurde es also zu einer reinen Geldverschwendung, denn ich weiß nicht wie ich so eine Bestellung rückgängig machen soll. 4. Februar 2019 Format: DVD Verifizierter Kauf Sehr schöner Film, läuft einwandfrei und an der DVD-Hülle nur eine minimale Macke. Lieferung erfolgte, dafür, dass sie aus dem Ausland erfolgte, sehr schnell. 6. Juni 2004 Format: DVD Verifizierter Kauf "Meet Me in St. Louis" ist eines der besten Musical aller Zeiten mit einer bezaubernden Judy Garland. Die Lieder sind echte Ohrwürmer, allen voran der Titelsong, Skip to my Lou. The Trolley Song" und das sehr häufig zu Weihnachten gespielte "Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Wenn Judy Garland anfängt zu singen läuft einem ein kalter Schauer über den Rücken, sie ist der Star in diesem Film und keiner kann ihr die Show stehlen. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Musical aus der MGM Zeit ist dieses nicht zu bieder oder zu kitschig, stattdessen gibt es sehr viele humorvolle aber auch einige traurige Stellen. Auf gar keinen Fall sollte man sich die deutsche Synchronisation antun. Es ist zwar nett dass es überhaupt eine gibt, aber die ganze Atmosphäre wird gnadenlos zunichte gemacht. Dann lieber das englische Original mit deutschen Untertiteln. Als Extra gibt es eine Einleitung von Liza Minelli, eine reine Musikspur (überflüssig, man kann genauso gut zu den Liedern vorspringen) nette Kommentare der Filmmacher und ein witziges s/w Video von 1941 mit "The Martins" die ihren Song "Skip to my Lou" aufführen. 9. Januar 2010 Format: DVD Verifizierter Kauf In den USA ist dieser Klassiker aus MGMs "Arthur Freed Unit" wesentlich populärer als bei uns. Das mag daran liegen, dass es keine nennenswerte Handlung im üblichen Sinn gibt, auch lassen Gesellschaftskritik oder historische Bezüge zu wünschen übrig. Weiterhin fehlen Action oder sonstige Spektakel. Warum sollte man diese "Schmonzette" also unbedingt gesehen haben? Antwort: Weil sie einfach zeitlos schön ist! Die Familie eines Juristen, Mitglied einer erfolgreichen überregionalen Anwaltskanzlei, im St. Louis der Jahre 1903 und 1904. Die Weltausstellung steht vor der Tür - aber das ist auch schon der einzige historische Bezug, ansonsten spielt sich alles wie auf einer Theaterbühne im Wesentlichen vor ein und derselben Hauskulisse ab, von der Stadt sieht man praktisch nichts. Es geht um die im 19. Jahrhundert so beliebten "Backfisch-Geschichten" heute würde man Teenager-Storys sagen. Die "Handlung" beruht auf Kurznovellen von Sally Benson, deren Höhepunkte für das Drehbuch zusammengefasst wurden. Die jüngste Tochter ist aufsässig, die älteste unglücklich verliebt, die mittlere lernt die Liebe erst kennen, es wird Streiche gespielt, auf Bällen getanzt und geflirtet, der Großvater weiß auf alles eine Antwort, die Mutter hat viel Verständnis und der Vater ist gar nicht so streng, wie er sich gerne gibt. Alles nichts Besonderes - wären da nicht Produzent Arthur Freed, Regisseur Vincente Minelli und Hauptdarstellerin Judy Garland beteiligt gewesen (sowie die prachtvolle Farbausstattung dank Technicolor. Spätestens, wenn man beim herzzerreißenden Lied "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" verschämt zum Taschentuch greifen muss, weiß man, warum man sich das alles 108 Minuten anschaut, ohne sich eine Sekunde zu langweilen. Zum Schluss ist man innerlich erwärmt, wie es keinem Glühwein gelingt! 12. Januar 2018 Format: DVD Verifizierter Kauf Ein sehr schöner und romantischer Spielfilm. Die Musik ist hinreißend und Judy Garland spitze. Als Geschenk geeignet oder zum selber schenken. 4. November 2016 Format: Prime Video Verifizierter Kauf Einfach ein toller Klassiker, den ich mir immer wieder anschauen könnte. Der Trolley Song hängt mir immer noch in den Ohren! Kann ich nur weiter empfehlen. Ein Muss für jeden Liebhaber von classic Movies! Es sind 30 Kundenrezensionen und 35 Kundenbewertungen vorhanden. Möchten Sie weitere Rezensionen zu diesem Artikel anzeigen.
Just so perfect! Love her. And those legs.









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