release year: 2020
All the facts that the Saudis claim to hide are found in the Quran (Our Holy Book) Go, read, educate, then philosophize. Known this for 20 years. That whole site must be protected. Must.

Awesome presentation!? God is truly powerful and loving

[NOTEBOOK] FREE ONLINE LOSMOVIES PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE RED SEA miracle. It's very interesting and it all makes sense. However, the problem I see is that by sort of proving that there was indeed an exodus and the story is based on facts they're trying to ssy everything was true and that where I think he's taking a big leap. The exodus could still perfectly happen without all the supernatural elements and without any kind of divine intervention. As a matter of fact I very much question the Israelites's monotheism when they went to Egypt and when they left. Moses might have come to the conclusion that there was just one God of Israel but the people still very much believed in El, Baal, so on, even though El (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and Yahweh (the God of Moses) were supposed to be one and the same. That's very odd and there's clearly information missing of what happened exactly in between. Anyways, everything could have happened, just not exactly as the Bible tells it because there was no direct divine intervention. If Moses really existed and his story has base, he wasn't a random slave, if he was a prince, he was educated and also trained to be a military leader and he likely used his knowledge to escape from the Egyptians. There was no help from any deity, no supernatural elements. Some people may have believed what they were seeing was God giving Moses superpowers and the story was embellished later on probably several times after it was first written down.
It wasn't Joseph, it was DAVID. And the stones cry out ! Luke 19:40. Cant hear anything. Music is too loud. I believe God put on my heart, many years ago, the knowledge that Ron Wyatt and his team were chosen by God to reveal Noah's ark, Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai, Calvary, The Ark of the covenant, and many other wondrous artifacts and proof's of God and his chosen Israel. Ron being a true gentleman would only say jockey for position when in fact, many have and will try to steal and plagiarize Ron's work to claim as their own. The most important thing is that God knows whom he chose to be his archaeologist, and that is none other than Ron Wyatt.
What's amazing is the fact that year after year, the vast majority of archeological discoveries are confirming Bible history, yet are persistently dismissed. ?Is there credible archeology to DISPROVE Bible history? Possibly, but that keeps getting dismissed when archeology once again, proves Bible history when more digs bear to light the truth (case in point - the Hittite civilization. ?I love the 1920's article from the head of the British Natural History Museum trying to explain why a stone statue of Moses was found in Egypt and that the Hebrews MUST have borrowed from Egyptian history to invent Moses.
On Netflix, it's a long film but a well made one.

Look at the clothes of the Arabs (the Arabian Peninsula) and look at the clothes of the West

My Lord ur so great. I've the feeling that people don't really read the Bible. This claim that the Torah was written by Moses is completely false and it contradicts with Genesis 26:5. Wow Wow Wow. Amazing. [NOTEBOOK] FREE ONLINE LOSMOVIES PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE RED SEA miracle de la grossesse.
It's a shame I'll never watch this because of the endless ads. Thank you for this video, amazing and much appreciated.

I have had an issue with faith from a very young age and Ive prayed a lot.

Really GREAT documentary about if they one day will find the evidence of that The Ark of the Covenant was real. Wow I didn't know that thank you learn something new. The special effects looks more cool then CGI. don't you think.

One of the most iconic scenes in movie history. Is some one see UFO at the beginning. [NOTEBOOK] FREE ONLINE LOSMOVIES PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE RED SEA miracles. 38:20. I belive that dr. Sung Hak Kim said in one interview that the Saudi-Arabian side Pillar of stone, carved by the Phoenician?sailors at the request of Solomon, the Arab authorities just threw in the water, a little way from the beach. Just search through dr. Kim's interviews. The info is there somewhere.

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