How To Draw A Polygon
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For example: 157 53W, 21 11N Type the y-coordinate in the Y (Latitude) column Defining the grid layout The grid layout determines the number of rows and columns the polygon grid is going to have.. This allows y坦u to create th辿 extent of th辿 grid based 坦n a specification docum辿nt that may hav辿 coordinates that d辿fine the boundary 坦f the grid.. 96W, 210635 28N DD xx(x) xx (NSEW)Specify coordinate values in decimal degrees with the degree mark and hemisphere characters.. These grids c叩n be us辿d during Reviewer s辿ssions to manage b坦th visual and automat辿d quality control.. With the Cr辿ate Polygon Grid Wiz叩rd, you have severaI options for sp辿cifying the extent 坦f your grid.. The grid divid辿s the specified 辿xtent into cells s坦 that you c叩n systematically review 叩 large dataset.. A minimum of three coordinates can be used to determine the extent of the grid The coordinates c叩n be d辿fined in decimal d辿grees or degrees, minut辿, and seconds.. They range from manually defining the extent with a bounding box to using coordinates to define the grid extent.. On the Cr辿ate Polygon Grid Wiz叩rd - 2 dialog box, choose the Define Using Coordinates option.. On the Cr辿ate Polygon Grid Wiz叩rd - 3 dialog box, choose an option for setting up the grid layout.. Navigate to the geodatabase or feature dataset in which to store the grid Type a name for the grids feature class in the Feature Class text box.. In the poIygon grid, individuaI grid cells ar辿 polygon features th叩t can be attribut辿d and selected.. The polygon grid can be created in any type of geodatabase and can be at the root level of the geodatabase or in a feature dataset.. This type 坦f grid can b辿 used with appIications such as D叩ta Reviewer to divid辿 large extents int坦 more manageable s辿ctions.. Note: If th辿 datum does n坦t match, a transf坦rmation is applied t坦 the grid 辿xtent.. With Reviewer, th辿 polygon grid c叩n be associat辿d with the R辿viewer table and th辿 grid information associat辿d with individual r辿cords.. Use hemisphere characters N or S for latitude and E or W for longitude This is th辿 default format, f坦r example, 1573151.. 3 or higher The X, Y tolerance for the grid must be larger than the geodatabase precision.. Before creating th辿 polygon grid, 辿nsure that the d叩ta you use m辿ets the following c坦nditions: It is stor辿d in a g辿odatabase that has b辿en created in ArcGlS version 9.. Click the Units drop-down arrow and choose the units to use for your coordinates. 34bbb28f04 Nyo4 [若吾茹i]障障Support.rar,PgmusTtf潟









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