Mortal Weapons
Emon Maki Rashid, David Christian

ISBN: 9781987088700 | 100 pages | 3 Mb


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Mortal Weapons Emon Maki Rashid, David Christian
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press

A Samurai arrives in England intent on conquering the scene of London Prizefighting. But there is much more to the young warrior Datte than at first meets the eye. Haunted by the ghosts of his past and spurred on by the hope of saving someone he loves, Datte must master the brutal, beautiful art of Boxing or die trying.

In front of him lies his first challenge, but many more will come.

Written by David Christian, creator of the popular youtube channel The Modern Martial Artist and author of the best selling technique book Footwork Wins Fights, Mortal Weapons is the beginning of an epic journey that spans multiple continents and showcases several unique and diverse disciplines.

The story seamlessly blends the feel of a classic Kung Fu Movie and a Sports Anime. It showcases real techniques and strategies used by the worlds greatest fighters today, while emerging the reader in a narrative full of drama, humor and violence.

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