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Keep tabs on the enemy by tagging them with your binoculars, then take them out from a distance with your sniper rifle.. Engage in close quarters combat with your machete, or toss out a timed grenade to break up a fight.. In the world of XLR, a future humanity is fighting for its survival as companion AI has become the dominant life form.. Locomotion: slideSlayer: Are you a tried and true Soldier at heart? If so, get down to brass tacks with your laser rifle and laser pistol.. That means many aspects of it are still rough around the edges, or are just plain missing.. ly/2NNs5wRAbout This GameIMPORTANT: XLR is an Early Access game that is still under active development.. Seriously, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS Most simply put, XLR is a multiplayer team based arena shooter.. While most of humanity agrees that ERC goals must always be met for continued survival (ERC goals coming soon to matches), invariably every sub-faction has its own side agendas for each mission, in hopes of one day wresting control from the other side of the AIER war.. Their most frequently pressing objectives are to raid hostile AI-controlled facilities for energy, technology, and supplies.. Locomotion: slideBliss: A monk that seeks the answer to one question: Why are you hurting yourself? (coming soon)Shadow: Are you like ninja? Move about with stealth, using your zipline baton.. After selecting a metaframe for your consciencess to intertwine with symbiotically, your team will deploy to various battlegrounds.. Some AI have deemed humanity a scourge worth wiping out, while other AI have deemed humanity an endangered species worth preserving and honoring as the AI progenitors.. Then Cut down your enemies with your katana If need be, slow them down at range with your throwing knives (coming soon), or vanish in a puff of smoke with one of your smoke bombs (coming soon).. We rely on the community model of testing and iterating with our customers, so if youre looking for a finished product, you should wait for our full release later this year.. XLR Full Crack [portable Edition]Download ->->->-> http://bit ly/2NNs5wRMirror ->->->-> http://bit.. Most remaining human factions have banded together under a new super banner called the Earth Recovery Consortium (ERC) to pool resources and form strike teams for continued survival.. Youll party up into factions (with friends, or just join a random match), then land in a drop ship with your strike team at an enemy facility.. Choose to play as any of 9 player classes:Hawk: Like to plan and strike from afar? Then this is the metaframe for you.. Or deploy your holodouble to mislead the enemy, then silently strike from behind with your knife.. Dont worry, If you need some training, you can always go up against some simulated enemy combatants in singleplayer training mode. 34bbb28f04 Surkhaab hindipdf潟若,眼若鴻潟c取鴻帥若主≧潟若









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