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It does come with the DuoV2 according to the product spec As for getting it to register after nearly 3 days of reading & searching through the manuals & online help, I finally came across dibs post(Thanks dib).. So after looking at what you did, I tried connecting the NAS to my network using Eth1 rather than Eth0 and restarted the Memeo software.. Www memeo com is their website, Support@memeo com I checked their Support database, and there's something that speaks vaguely about a change regarding the unlimited online storage plan, and mentions you can 'Purchase Additional Online Storage'.. Tl;dr You have to connect that NAS to your network with eth1 rather than eth0 to get Memeo to register.. Colorful interior design Hochbett, wenn Platz keine Rolle spielt;-)) Rustic Bunk BedsCabin Bunk BedsFarmhouse Bunk BedsBunk Bed DecorSummer CampsBarn BedroomsGuest BedroomsBunk RoomsBunkhouse.. Memeo download link: You can also find info in the Frequently Asked Questions area: Enjoy -LordRhythm.. It would have been nice if Netgear said to look in the Memeo help about registering.. I gather there isn't much difference between the CDs for the Ultras & Duo so I expect it'sthe same.. I'd definitely shoot an e-mail to Memeo about it, but if they don't advertise it on their website as a certain size, they aren't liable to give you a certain size.. Spent huge amount of time trying to follow dibs recommended steps without success! Raised a Tech call with Netgear and was surprised when they suggested / pointed me to this same forum link to try out (after I had already spent a few hours trying dibs setup).. I never did find out how much online storage you're allotted for Premium Backup, as mine didn't activate successfully, and I can't seem to find out ANYWHERE on their website.. If you don't see a notification at the bottom of Memo counting down how many days you have left, you've indeed successfully setup and activated your program.. I have the 4200 Ultra connected connected to my PC by a switch and I still had issues.. This pointed me in the right direction Ended up finding how to get it autoregister in the Memeo help.. Though the included CD doesn't always come with the software depending on the model purchased, the Documentation link does indeed take you to a website that has a download link for the software, just click on the Memeo logo image.. As it was Netgear 2nd line support I thought I must be doing something wrong. I was lookin for a supplied product key Hey guys, Was looking for help on how to activate Memeo ( thanks dib!), and noticed some folks can't find the software to begin with.. It detected that NAS right away and setup the license I then installed it on my laptop (which had failed before) which is connected to the LAN via Wifi and after setting up an account and restarting the software a couple of times I got that licensed as well.. Hello confused (and in some cases annoyed) ReadyNAS users Memeo premium backup is on the CD for the ReadyNAS Ultra owners, just click on the menu item 'backup software' & it'll start the installation.. I think Memeo will need to loaded from the Netgear supplied CD, if Memeo updates after that it shouldn't matter (registered for me after updating) PSS. 34bbb28f04 筝篏鐚2012 2014鐚≦宍720p BLuRayx264ャ≪若c[EngDD 5 1 Hindi DD 5 1] XdesiA,contohsoalujianpenyesuaianijazahs1pdf









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