American Murder: The Family Next Door afdah

5964 votes / resume: In 2018, 38-year-old Shanann Watts and her two youngest daughters disappeared in Colorado. With the heartbreaking details emerging, the family's story made headlines around the world / tomatometers: 7,7 of 10 / Country: USA / &ref(,0,128,190_AL_.jpg)
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I watched the documentary And I felt the same way about the poor dog. And I was fighting tears the whole time, but what eventually made me cry was when he said how his daughter said Daddy, no That made me start bawling. I hope he hears that in his head for the rest of his life.
I'm starting to think that marriages are useless. if a party is not committed, marriage is not going to make them commit, but on the contrary it might be a catalyst for anxiety and irrational acts... So sad, the little girsl. this makes my heart hurts. R.I.P. to all 4 beautiful angels???????? Together forever, never again separated???????????.
Never understood how people can just annihilate their entire family. I WANT YOU ALL TO CHECK OUT 8:08 OF THIS VIDEO. REST IN PEACE LITTLE ANGELS. Who is here after the documentary on Netflix. When someone goes missing or is murdered the first person they investigate is the spouse- I will NEVER get married. She married him when he was overweight and she helped him get in shape- the second he starts getting attention from other women he starts sleeping around on his beautiful loving wife.typical male behavior SMH.
That moment when he came back like nothing happened and the audacity to shake the officers hand is so damn scary. People forget that unborn children are being killed everyday in U.S. Also, the statistical data at the end of this movie show us that this kind of crimes is actually almost a normal thing in U.S. >same thing happened to lacy peterson... I feel like it's so scary to watch him trying to act normal and worried after killing them and knowing that they were DEAD the whole time Ugh. Dont Lie whos been a fan of before October ? ”? (read my name btw?. Story will forever make my stomach turn. It doesnt get much more evil than this monster.
Still remember this case ?.

I have never seen a murder case with so much detail released to the public

Now What Next???. And give her son some credit. He's the one who located Shanann's phone stuffed into a couch. On this video it makes it look as if Nickole found it, but that was after her son dug it out of a couch. What the heck are these comments victim-blaming. Can you do a follow up video on the woman who killed her best friend and took her baby girl and kept the friend in her trunk? Ever since they arrested the friend, I haven't heard any follow up as to trials or anything. It's like everyone just forgot about it.
Cher she has lost her way and I am glad I am no longer associated with Kelley. She has gone crazy and makes no sense at all. Hope others see her for what and who she is. I have zero use for her anymore. She is some piece of work. Thanks for letting us know about this??. Did anyone see a shadow in the background. I kept seeing people saying bad things about how Snanaan treated Chris while they were married. Yeah they had issues but she didnt deserve to be murdered. Geez.
I know everyone is saying they need a friend like Nicole. But how about BEING a friend like Nicole? If you think someone may need help, help them instead of sitting back and saying it's not my business. Being a friend like Nicole is what's rare. I saw his interview on the news that day, the one where he's on the porch begging for his family to come home. I'll never forget it. I said to my mom He killed his whole family and my mom gasped and said Give the guy a break. Nah. it wasn't hard to see right through him. He didn't want any of it - marriage, kids, responsibility for them and for finances. He was a terrible liar. RIP dearest Shanann, Bella, Cece, and Nico.
Yess I thought about the pupper too. ??? poor honey was like where the heck is my family ??. Very good. Recommended.

Why did you do that Chris you love your daughters and your wife in your videos but you're a demon

A dog knows his family. The dog “Dieter” saw everything that happened. Their senses are so much stronger than ours. He watched that monster hurt his family. I dont blame you for feeling bad for Dieter. Also, new audio call from CW where he is trying to appeal because you only get a certain amount of years to appeal. He wants OUT to do “GODS WORK” he is disgusting. Some nasty ? made him turn into a different person. NK a can drop dead as far as Im concerned. I hope her life is hell. Dear Chris, youre not getting out, no appeal for you, you wanted to blame the female detective for misconduct during the polygraph? Lmao good luck with that. Enjoy prison, you monster.
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