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Writers: Adam Mervis. Brian Kirk. Rating: 27281 votes. 7 / 10 Star. Genre: Crime. 99Minute
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21 bridges release date. I'm a cop myself, from Luxembourg though, and I think the movie thought of some nice details regarding everything concerning the police. 21 bridges review. Movie night with Iris.
Decent cast cannot save this from being a muddled tries to be a bit Dirty Harry, a bit Internal Affairs. You can easily see everything coming down the line, and it never connects. It should have been a slick-looking, decently paced action-thriller. However, it was a massive disappointment.
Not a bad film, some good action scenes & good acting but very predictable, nothing really that I haven't seen before, felt also like the script was stretched out so much as to be honest, the film could of easily just been an hour. Century 21 covered bridges bloomsburg. 21 bridges release. 21 bridges plot. 21 bridges movie synopsis.
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21 bridges parents guide. 21 bridges netflix. 21 bridgestone. 21 bridges. 21 bridges where to watch. 21 bridges rotten tomatoes. 21 bridges trailers. 21 bridges case. 21 bridges film review. Google 21 bridges. A surprisingly different take on N.Y. drugs, corrupt cops & a sorta outcast cop to clean it all up. Heavy on the gun action that came across as realistic & succinctly made the point. A couple of well hidden twists that caught me. 21 bridges wiki. 21 bridges cast. 21 bridges soap2day. 21 bridges movie wikipedia. 21 bridges ending. 21 bridges in nyc.
21 bridges 2019.
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