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インテリジェントデザインの位置取り確認のために、"古い地球の創造論"の老舗、Dr. Hugh Ross主宰のReasons to Believeを簡単に見てみることにする。といっても、Ken Ham主宰の"若い地球の創造論"サイトAnswers in Genesisほど整理されたサイトではないので、見所がむつかしい。今回はとりあえず、わりとDr. Hugh Ross主宰の特徴が出ていると思われる「8 Myths About Reasons To Believe circulated among Christians(キリスト教徒の間で広まっている"Reasons To Believe"についての8つの俗説)」を見てみることにする。

1. Reasons To Believe (RTB) teaches theistic evolution (supernaturally directed Darwinism).
"Reasons To Believe"(RTB)は有神論的進化論(超自然的に指導されたダーウィニズム)を教えている

FALSE 誤り!!

In fact, RTB's founder, Hugh Ross, has been on the frontiers of making biblical and scientific the case against Darwinism for almost 2 decades. RTB believes that God has miraculously intervened throughout the history of the universe in various ways millions, possibly even billions, of times to create each and every new species of life on Earth.

事実、RTBの創設者 Hugh Rossは、20年にわたって、ダーウィニズムに対抗する聖書的で科学的な事例づくりの最前線にたってきた。RTBは神が宇宙の歴史を通じて、様々な方法で、幾百万回あるいはおそらく幾十億回にわって、奇跡的に介入し、地球上の個々の種の創造してきたと信じている。

2. RTB's acceptance of the data supporting the "big bang" denies God's miraculous creation of the universe and its celestial bodies.

FALSE 誤り!!

In fact, Hugh Ross has been active for more than two decades in researching and communicating the most compelling evidences for God's supernatural fingerprint in creation. Instead of being an example of atheistic philosophy, big bang cosmology is one of the most potent evidences for the existence of God, pointing directly to the necessity of a Transcendent beginning of the universe. Many Christian apologists have affirmed that big bang cosmology is consistent with Scripture, including J.P. Moreland, William Lane Craig, and Hank Hannegraff.

事実、Hugh Rossは20年以上にわたって、神の創造の超自然の指紋についての多くの動かぬ証拠を研究し、人々に伝えてきた。ビッグバン宇宙論は無神論的哲学の例証ではなく、宇宙の始まりに超越的存在を直に必要とする、神の存在の最も有力な証拠のひとつである。J.P. MorelandやWilliam Lane CraigやHank Hannegraffを含む、多くのキリスト教護教論者たちは、ビッグバン宇宙論が聖書と一致すると断言している。

3. RTB teaches that God made Adam by taking a pre-existing creature (hominid) and breathing "spirit" into him.

FALSE 誤り!!

RTB does believe that the fossil record is a reasonably accurate history of life on earth, including the existence of hominids before modern humans. But RTB also firmly believes that God supernaturally and miraculously created Adam from the "dust of the earth" (not a pre-existing being) just as described in Genesis 1 and 2. Adam and Eve were the first humans, and from them came the entire human race.


この主張は、"Uncommon Descent"すなわち非共通祖先である。インテリジェントデザインはDr. Michael Beheと、中の人不明のDaveScot以外は、"Common Descent"を認めていない。従って、ほぼインテリジェントデザインと共通の考えと言えるだろう。創造した方法は別として。
4. RTB exalts science over the Bible.

FALSE 誤り!!

RTB believes that God has revealed Himself to humanity in at least two ways—the words of the Bible and the record of nature. Reasons To Believe's mission is to work rigorously to integrate both of God's revelations into one harmonious picture revealing the identity and character of the Creator. When properly understood, God's Word (Scripture) and God's world (nature)—as two revelations (one verbal, one physical) from the same God—will never contradict each other.


建前上、インテリジェントデザインは聖書を回避しているので、この手の主張は表立っては出てこない。しかし、基本は有神論なので、インテリジェントデザインのDr. Stephen Meyerは有神論の復活を語り、このRTBと近いポジションであることを表明する。
5. RTB's acceptance of a billions-of-years-old universe contradicts a literal interpretation of the Bible.

FALSE 誤り!!

Actually, the Hebrew word for "day" has three literal definitions: 12 hours, 24 hours, or a long time period. Reasons To Believe affirms the accuracy of the biblical writings and frequently engages in scholarly discussions concerning the best, and most faithful, way to interpret Genesis 1. As a "God-breathed" revelation, the Bible is completely without error (historically, scientifically, morally, and spiritually). God's written word is our supreme and final authority in all matters that it addresses. Many Christian leaders have affirmed that an old-earth creation interpretation does not compromise Scripture, including Norman Geisler, the late Gleason Archer, Chuck Colson, Jack Hayford, and the late Dr. Walter Martin.

実は、「Day(日)」に対するヘブライ語の単語は、3つの文字通りの定義を持つ:12時間、24時間または長い時間。RTBは聖書の記述の正確さを主張し、創世記第1章の最良かつ最も信仰篤い解釈法にまつわる学術的議論にかかわっている。神の息吹の意外な事実として、聖書は完全に(歴史的に、科学的に、道徳的に、そして、精神的に)無謬である。神の記した言葉はあらゆる問題についての、我々の最高かつ最終的権威である。Norman GeislerやGleason ArcherやChuck ColsonやJack HayfordやDr. Walter Martinを含む、多くのキリスト教の指導者たちが、古い地球の創造論の解釈が聖書を危うくすることがないと断言している。

6. RTB's assertion that Noah's flood was geographically limited is a contradiction of Scripture.

FALSE 誤り!!

Reasons To Believe scholars make a solid case from the Bible that Noah's flood was "universal," impacting the entire human race and all animals associated with humanity, without necessarily being global. Given RTBs belief that early humans' failed to spread out over the planet, the flood need not have extended beyond the Mesopotamian area. RTB clearly affirms belief that Noah's flood wiped out all of humanity in existence at the time, with the lone exception of Noah and his family.


7. RTB's view that plants and animals died before the Fall of Adam contradicts Romans 5:12.

FALSE 誤り!!

A careful examination of Romans 5:12 shows that Adam's sin introduced death to all humans, not to all life forms on earth. Plant and animal death in no way attributes evil or cruelty to the Creator. Furthermore, a biblical and scientific case can be made that the laws of physics as known today have been in operation since the creation of the universe.




(ローマの信徒への手紙第5章12節, 訳は日本聖書協会による)
8. RTB promotes the use of unreliable dating methods.

FALSE 誤り!!

Multiple dating methods have been tested and proven reliable, each one applicable within specific boundaries. Confidence in these methods is rooted in the belief that God has created the universe in such a manner as to reveal His existence and divine nature. God intended the natural realm to be studied, measured, and understood (at least to a limited extent) and thereby offer a glimpse of His power and love. All dating methods have certain limitations, but when methods are applied in their proper context they yield accurate and reliable results within specified margins of error.