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Halloween afdah

  • writed by David Gordon Green, Danny McBride
  • scores 108133 votes
  • 2018
  • stars Judy Greer
  • Genres Thriller
  • 6,9 / 10
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Halloween safety. Overal a good movie, far from great, but totally whatchable if you're not overthinking it. br> BUT why to make it so stupid and ruin what could have been really great movie. br> This woman, preparing to kill this dude for a 40 years and still manages to miss like 100 opportunities to do it. Like "Oh, he's laying on the ground, I could totally shoot him, but I'll better throw my gun away and run screaming. Makes sense, right. What other choices do you have...
Halloween makeup. Halloween city. Halloween 2019. Halloween game. Halloween recipes. Halloween jokes. Halloween google doodle. Halloween background. Halloween gambit. Halloween usa. Halloween day. Halloween decorations. I highly enjoyed this film, jamie lee curtis was amazing and michael myers was back to the more realistic scariness other than the sequels where hes more supernatural which i enjoy. The only thing i didnt like was allyson. She made an uninteresting lead tbh i found vicky the baby sitter who died a more interesting and likable character than she was. Appart from that it was great and the little boy vicky babysitted was hilarious.
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Halloween ii. Halloween clearance. Halloween avec les. Halloween samhainophobia. Halloween music. Halloween masks. Halloween snacks. Halloween trivia. Halloween 2007. Halloween 2021. Halloweentown cast. Halloween 2014. Halloween for kids. Halloween filme. Halloween drawing. There seems to be only so many places films in this genre can go, and while this one is serviceable, the direction it takes is predictable and not all that satisfying, at least to me. The whole research/psychoanalysis of Michael Myers isn't developed, and the way he escapes has been seen in countless movies. I liked seeing Jamie Lee Curtis at age 60, but her character and her house are taken to such an extreme (except the door with the glass windows on it, lol) that we see how it will play out early on. The stupid bits of dialogue don't help ( aw, I got peanut butter on my penis. Still, there is tension in the relentless killing, and the scenes at the accident site with the child, and later in the bathroom with the couple are suitably gripping. Could have been much better with a smarter script.
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