Common Language Runtime Detected An Invalid Program Visual Studio 2010
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Thanks for your help, Maris How can I configure IIS 7 5 to serve as the proxy server for an RSA Authentication Manager running on default server,WebLogic 10, configured to use SSL in IIS too (this is mandatory).. Please check here for how to use PEVerify Nov 15, 2017 - SQL%20server%20Project_04.. I have tried to use a pem, cert and others formats to get the correct handshake between IIS and WebLogic but I'm still getting a error message detailed in the log ahead (sorry for the raw format).. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below A transport-level error has occurred when sending the request to the server.. IIS returns a 503 error, and in the application log I get the following error: Unknown SQL Exception 1346 occurred.. Your Novell Product Support Forums Team http://support novell com/forums/ After installing Sharepoint 2010 Foundation on a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine I'm unable to access the central admin site.. png' alt='Common Language Runtime Detected An Invalid Program Visual Studio 2010' title='Common.. Eric Yang, Somehow I forgot to look in Windows Event Log I tried to look for Event Log under Computer Management, but it was not here.. (If this is a reply to a duplicate posting, please ignore and accept our apologies and rest assured we will issue a stern reprimand to our posting bot.. C: Program Files Microsoft SDKs Windows v7 0 Bin We can copy it to the production server and verify the program there.. Tried Event Log in Start Menu It opened with error: MMC could not create the snap-in.. That concerns us, and has triggered this automated reply Has your problem been resolved? If not, you might try one of the following options: - Do a search of our knowledgebase at - Check all of the other support tools and options available at in both the free product support and paid product support drop down boxes.. (provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 - Either a required impersonation level was not provided, or the provided impersonation level is invalid.. Klaus, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting.. Bellow is the error on browser Log from IIS datetime SSL must be used datetime Initializing SSL datetime INFO: Initializing SSL library datetime Loaded 1 trusted CA's datetime timer thread starting datetime INFO: Successfully initialized SSL datetime SSL configured successfully datetime resolveRequest: request '/' has not been forwarded.. So at the end I tried everything for a couple of hours Tried to compare NET files (64 bit DLLs) with files from another computer.. Now everything works and problem is gone So I do not know, may be some bit flipped in the RAM.. Datetime Found NEITHER '?' Nor ';' in URI datetime Uri length is 1 datetime Uri send to isNotExcluded / datetime Uri after pathTrim / datetime request '/console-ims' after applying defaultFileName.. - You could also try posting your message again Make sure it is posted in the correct newsgroup.. Searched through the internet The solution was: System Restore - Found a good restore candidate - Restore - Tried to install updates one by one. cea114251b rlkotpal∴罎絖pdf潟若,FX5.1激≪









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