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Dont forget to shield the control cavities with aluminium foil cause it affects tone and eddie's are too.. It will loose punch, presence and brightness :VHI :For the frankenstrat (for every tremolo song)1 78' model/ ES-335 PAF if you didn't know about the 78 model custom shop humbucker from duncan here it is : https://www.. That was actually the original It was not rear-loaded It had a pickguard which I cut out myself, and it had an old Gibson P.. Seymour rewound it and sells a reproduction of it here you have some proofs and sources :here is the part about the PAF for the 78 album.. Reminder : van halen = a lot of pickups it just depends on the albums and on the guitars used.. George has 1 job listed on their profile See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Georges.. youtube com/watch?v=cQyKXwdqwXMEddie used for the first record his old es 335 paf which he put on the frankenstrat.. Cheap alternative (20 bucks) for the best of both worlds (getting the 9k paf + the ceramic bar of the shark) 8.. Hi, after 7 years of intense research Reading books, watching, reading a lot of interviews, Buying and testing every pickup that van halen could have used, trying every speaker related to the man.. This paf was overwound and a part of the coil was damaged giving it a unique voicing.. And how many are part of your act?See, what I do mainly is I use one a year Like the first year, supporting the first album, I used the black-and-white-striped one.. Electronics affect a lot the way you sound to make a comparison a humbucker with a tone pot will sound like if you put an old rag in front of your speaker compared to non tone pot.. Itユ kind of a tricky thing, because if you leave it in there too long, the pickup melts [laughs].. For the shark destroyer (non tremolo song)1 ibanez super 70's (original pickups in the ibanez destroyer/ Alnico 8)2 Mighty mite 1300/ duncan super distortion those are 70's pickups and can be really expensive.. Pickups, amps, speakers, strings, picks View George Metropoulos profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.. here is the conclusion and i hope it will help you a lot !Here is an example of what you can achieve by having the right gear and the right technique :PICKUPS !!! : (for every one of them i have sources that he used them for some songs)Usually #1 is always the original pickups the following ones are close sounding or alternatives he may have used.. Posted by1 year agoArchived[Gear] Most complete guide on how to sound like Van Halen.. A F The thing I always do to the pickups is I pot them You dip them in paraffin wax, which cuts out the high, obnoxious feedback.. Keep in mind if you want to sound like THE MAN remove your neck pickup keep 1 pot no caps.. If you do not, your pickup will sound completely different Or just make a real super strat. cea114251b Ultra Lingua,Ncomputing Vspace License Crack Software -l









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