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Yes, I still occasionally have to call on the standard post-gradualte level texts, but Mathematica is indispensable.. I admit that more expert users might be able to get it to work straight away I use it for designing scientific instruments and for solving many statistical problems.. D Sometimes I have to go in by hand and solve things that Mathematica cannot When this happens, the problem at hand is usually postgraduate level or higher.. Mathematica is clumsy with tensors When doing tensor computations, I often have to trick it to get it to do what I want.. I work for NASA as an experimental cosmologist Had mathematica been available when I was a Ph.. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. I tend to use IDL for numerical computation, but for symbolic work Mathematica is unparalleled in my experience. ae05505a44 Cm 01 02Cd3968361sn,ゃ純c鴻с激с2010若若吾с14.0.4734.1000









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