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Mole Mart
Garden’s Gnarly Tree

Gnarly Tree v.1 : 幹の部分です

Cypress Tree 1: 枝葉に使用します

Cypress Tree 1を幹にセットします

Texture : tree_8c bark
参考:Roadside Rest Park

Mole Mart


Hey guys !
Here's this version of my 'gnarly tree' ... well you asked for it ;)
It's only really the prototype of many variations (I think), but people do keep on badgering this mole for it :D
So..here it is, a few notes though.....
It's made out of standard prims painfully twisted in various ways (no sculpties !) so feel free to experiment with it. Bark uses a standard texture courtesy of Eric Linden: tree_8c bark (included) and the means of creating foliage to your taste is to inventively and 'naturalistically' add instances of another Eric Linden favourite; Cypress Tree 1 (also included) yes that old chestnut from the Library, well I know, it's not a chestnut, it's a cypress, but hey never mind !

Thusly :

(1) Place the tree on the ground where you wish it to take root.
(2) Sink it down into the terrain so that the large roots are part buried in realistic fashion.
(3) Make any changes you wish to the tree, really !
(4) Rez some instances of Cypress Tree 1 and 'attach' them to the trunk in such a way that looks right to you ! I recommend first putting one straight up and then working your way down, being careful to make the 'joints' look realistic and you will soon get a nice lush natural effect.
(5) Plant some weeds round it, hang stuff from it, perch birds in it, stick poseballs against it o.O, well ... you get the idea, have fun !
(6) Sit back and drink a ginger beer under your new shady wavy tree and think of sunny England, cricket and Morris dancers on the village green, then congratulate yourself on having thought about planting a tree and contributing to beautifying the environment :)I myself tend to vary this tree at will, feel free to do the same, I will eventually make a library of them, with other bark textures to match other suitable Linden foliage, or, feel free to create stuff yourself !
Garden Mole : 4th December 2008