Guild Wars 2 - Ghostbore Artillery

Ghostbore Artillery


At Snarl Backdraft:
<Player Name>: Tribune Brimstone? I thought you'd be with the Blood Legion forces.
Rytlock: Galina's got the troops well in hand. I wanted to see your new Ghostbore Turrets in action.
スナール バックドラフト:ぐずぐずするな くずどもが!作者もいらっしゃったことだし、はじめるとしよう。動けるように準備をしろ
Snarl Backdraft: Look alive, you furry maggots! The maker's here, so we can get started. Get ready to move out on my order!
スナール バックドラフト:士官殿、前線のキャンプの安全は確保しました。あなたのゴーストボア タレットがお待ちです。
Snarl Backdraft: We've secured a forward camp, Legionnaire. Your Ghostbore turrets are there, waiting for deployment.
<Player Name>: No more waiting. The more time Warmaster Labofski has, the bigger his army will be. We strike-now.
Rytlock: Soon, Lebofski's(たぶんタイプミス) army will be nothing but a ghost of its former self.

After Zemzer
Zemzer Undercut: Boss, it's bad! The ghosts are on the move. They surrounded my warband. They cut us to pieces!
Zemzer Undercut: I barely made it out alive, and they're right behind me. [sic]
スナール バックドラフト:大丈夫だゼムサー。こんかいはあの将軍を一泡ふかす作戦があるんだ。この新しい武器を使うんだ、負けるはずがない。
Snarl Backdraft: Yes, we can, Zemser[sic]. I have a well-ordnanced surprise planned for this ghostly 'Warmaster.' With these new weapons, we can't fail.
スナール バックドラフト:アッシュレギオンの皆よ 気取られずに急ぐぞ 道を開こう!
Snarl Backdraft: Quick and quiet, Ash Legion! Let's clear the road!
Rytlock: You lead the way, maker. Everyone else, form up on me.

At the forward camp:
<Player Name>: This is your forward camp? What happened here?
ゼムザー アンダーカット:ゴーストが"沸いたんです" 私の部隊は反撃する暇もなくやられてしまいました。私だけが何とか無傷で逃げ出してきました。
Zemzer Undercut: Ghosts "happened." My warband was cut down before we could fight back. I barely got out with my ears intact.
プレイヤー:大丈夫だ、なんとかなるだろう。いまは私の部隊に加わってくれ。ゴーストボア タレットと私の部隊の周囲に君を配置しよう。
<Player Name>: Everything's going to be all right, kid. C'mon. Join my warband for now. I'll position you with my soldiers and the Ghostbore Turrets.
ゼムザー アンダーカット:了解しましたボス。ラボフスキーとゴーストねずみどもには大きい借りがあります。
Zemzer Undercut: You got it boss. I owe Labofski and his ghost mice an ocean of pain.
<Player Name>: You'll be an asset. Just keep your daggers in your hands and your eyes sharp. This isn't the fahrar anymore.

After talking with Zemzer:
Warmaster Labofski: I'm a man who knows the value of humanity. Once, I enriched myself at society's expense. Now, I shed my own blood to defend it.
Warmaster Labofski: The animals we face today are not human. They don't understand humanity, nor do they value it.
Warmaster Labofski: I say them come! Together, humanity is stronger than the charr legions! We stand together! We fight together! Forever!
Warmaster Labofski: Today, humanity does not fall! Today, we destroy our enemies! For Ascalon!

At Rytlock:
Rytlock: Don't worry. Blood Legion soldiers are the finest in the world. No matter what goes down here, you'll be safe as long as you're behind our lines.
  • わかった。ゴーストの攻撃で気をつけておくことはあるか?
  • Understood. What should I expect from the ghost attack?
ラボフスキーは、鍛え抜かれた剣士だ。やつは兵士になる前はチンピラだった。やつは短期決戦を望んでいる。やつは直接 我々の前線基地に乗り込んでくるだろう。
Rytlock: Labofski is a hardened veteran. He was a thug before he was a soldier. He wants the quick knock-out. He'll send his soldiers right at our forward camp and the vehicles in it.
  • しかしゴーストは過去にとらわれているんだろう?つまりタレットのことは知るまい
  • But ghosts are stuck in the past, right? So he can't know about our turrets.

Rytlock: Exactly. Ascalonian ghosts only see things as they were in Old Ascalon. Your turrets are new, so they won't recognize them at all. They'll charge face-first into your Ghostbore volleys.
  • 私の部隊はどうすれば?
  • What about my warband?
Rytlock: He'll consider one warband to be small fry. Place your members where they'll help the most. Use the terrain and the choke points we've set up. -ありがとう。私の部隊を配置に着かせよう。
  • Thanks. I'll go put my charr in place.

Talking to place Zemzer:
ゼムザー アンダーカット:いつでも配置につけますよ
Zemzer Undercut: Standing by for placement.

Talking to place Luccia:
ルーシャ ワイルドアイ:敵が来るのがみえるとこならどこにでも配置していいですよ。
Luccia Wildeye: As long as I can see 'em coming, you can put me anywhere.

Talk to your warband survivor for placement:
<Warband Survivor>: I'm ready, boss. Point me at the enemy, pull the string, and turn me loose!

Placing Zemzer:
ゼムザー アンダーカット:えと、すいません。あなたがこのゴーストボアタレットを作った方、ですよね?えと、私をご自由に使ってください。ここにたちた・・立っていればいいですか?
Zemzer Undercut: Uh, excuse me? You're the one who made the Ghostbore Turrets, right? I'm, um, at your disposal, boss. Can I…should I stand…here? -ここでいいよ。大丈夫かい?すこしナーバスになっているようだけど。
  • Here is good. Are you okay? You seem a little nervous about all this.
  • まだ決めてないんだ。どこが一番いいとおもうね?
  • I don't know you yet. Where will you do the most good?
  • ここにいて、先に地形を見ておく必要があるんだ。
  • Stand by. I need to look over the terrain first.

ゼムザー アンダーカット:いえ、決して気後れしたわけでは。そのちょっと、、えと、、なんて言えばいいのかな、、、つまりナーバス?
Zemzer Undercut: No. Not "nervous," really. Just a little…a little, um…what's that word…the one that means "nervous"?
  • だいじょうぶだ、少年。みんなそんな時がある。一度きりだけどね。
  • It's okay, cub. We were all that way once. And only once.

Placing Luccia:
ルーシャ ワイルドアイ:アッシュレギオンのタレットにアイアンレギオンの改造を加えるとは・・・随分な細工ですね。アッシュとアイアンのどこに私を配置させますか?
Luccia Wildeye: Ash Legion turrets with Iron Legion upgrades…sort of the full spectrum. From the gray of ash to the dark gray of iron. Where do you want me to stand?
  • ここでいいてくれ。この場に居座ってほしい。君の力量はまだ量りかねている。
  • Right here is fine. Dig in and get situated. I'm still getting to know your strengths.
  • どこにいるのがいいんだい?
  • Where do you want to be?
  • ここにいて、先に地形を見ておく必要があるんだ。
  • Stand by. I need to look over the terrain first.
ルーシャ ワイルドアイ:何だって!?冗談ですよ。ここですね。戦いが始まったらだれかに合図を送ってくれるようにだけ気をつけてください。遅れるのは勘弁です。
Luccia Wildeye: WHAT? Just kidding. I saw where you pointed. Just make sure somebody gives me a signal when the fighting starts. I'd hate to miss it.
  • 心配しなくていい。君が何も逃さないように合図を送ろう。
  • Don't worry. I'll make sure you don't miss anything.

Placing your warband survivor:
<Warband Survivor>: The thing I like best about ghosts is you can keep killing the same one over and over 'til you get it right. After that, you can kill it right every time.
  • 何事も練習が一番だ。ここにいてくれ・・・準備を怠らないように。
  • Practice makes perfect. Stay right there…and be ready.
  • 君の意見を聞こう。どこが一番楽しめそうなんだ?
  • I'm open to suggestion. Where would you have the most fun?
  • ここにいて、先に地形を見ておく必要があるんだ。
  • Stand by. I need to look over the terrain first.

  • リーヴァ:さて、ゴーストさんたち。1,2,3,4 私がたくさんやったげる!
(If your warband survivor is Reeva): Reeva: All right, ghosts. One, two, three, four. Reeva's here to kill you more!
  • いい感じだね。すこしボリュームをさげてくれるともっといいんだが?じきにやってくる
  • Love your attitude. Just ease up on the volume, okay? They'll be here soon.

Once all turrets and warband placed:
Warmaster Labofski: Forward! It's time to wipe these mongrels off the map, once and for all!
ルーシャ ワイルドアイ:準備万端ですよボス。いつでも合図してください。
Luccia Wildeye: Ready, willing, and able, boss. Just make sure you speak up.

As Labofski approaches:
Warmaster Labofski: We'll skin you all and raise your hides as victory banners!

After Labofski is defeated:
リトロック:素晴らしい。これでまた一歩 ゴーストを永遠に葬りさる日に近づいた。
Rytlock: I'm impressed. You've brought the charr one step closer to putting these ghosts down. For good.
<Player Name>: Thank you, Tribune. Hey, Zemzer? You did well out there. If you're looking for a new warband, I'd be happy to have you in mine.
Zemzer Undercut: Are you kidding? You saved my life and helped me avenge my warband. I'd be honored. I just don't know if Snarl would allow it.
Rytlock: He'll allow it. Torga owes me for some information I gave her on the Flame Legion. After the Ash tribune says yes, Snarl won't argue.
Rytlock: Goreblade will be proud, Legionnaire. You're sure you don't want to upgrade my cannons, too?
<Player Name>: Ha! If I had the time, sir, I would, but right now I've got to concentrate on my warband. We've still got a long way to go.
Rytlock: A pity, but that's the right answer. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress, so don't let me down. Dismissed!