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<br/>So we had to kind of go through <a href="">Inspector Digital</a> that, retrain the customer. When we had gone into California also, that's just when the economy cratered so our timing wasn't terrific on that and we decided that, at the time -- we Americans have inherently short memories but I'm going to take you back 24 months when we weren't sure, we thought the world might be coming to an end and we all talked about liquidity was much more important than earnings so we didn't go in and retrofit those stores to make them into a Dick's store.So we didn't put out a very good product in Southern California for the first 18 months or so, 24 months because it was the Chick's physical plant with our content and <a href="">Replacement Probe</a> you walked in and it was nothing that we -- nothing we were very proud of but we didn't want to spend the capital because we didn't know what was going to happen in the world and we didn't want to spend the capital to renovate those stores.<br/><br/>We've now gone <a href="">GeigerGraph Software</a> back last year and we renovated five stores. We're going to do some more of those this year and we're pretty pleased with what's going on in California now. So California will end up like Texas, which we ended up like the Carolinas when we first went there, which ended up like Florida. You kind of go in and sometimes you kind of knock it out of <a href="">Radalert 100 Geiger Counter</a> the park on the first pitch and other times you don't. In Texas and California we didn't but as we had in other markets, we have either figured it out or we're in the process of figuring it out but the end result will be the same. It's just a matter of how long it took us to get there.So we're very pleased in <a href="">Inspector Digital Geiger Counter</a> Texas and we continue to open stores in California and are pretty enthusiastic about California. Great. Well, we're out of time so I want to thank Dick's Sporting Goods management for a great presentation.<br/>
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