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He also has donated land for good causes, including a 177-acre parcel of his Signal Mountain property overlooking Beulah. He donated that to the Pueblo Beautiful Association to preserve the scenic land from commercial/residential development -- forever.It's obvious that Robert Jackson followed in the footsteps of his father. That even carried over into another great passion: flying.R.L. Jackson was a child of the Air Age. He became a pilot in the 1930s and <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/inspector-exp-p-7....">Inspector EXP</a> gained instructor's and instrument ratings. During World War II, he was <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/prospector-p-5.htm...">Prospector</a> a group captain for the Civil Air Patrol in Pueblo. Through his <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/the-inspector-digi...">Inspector Digital</a> membership in the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, he helped promote aviation here.Robert Jackson studied at the old airfield on Prairie Avenue and became a pilot as a young man.<br/>One notable example was in 1978, when he donated $250,000 in property and cash -- take a moment and think how much money that was 33 years ago -- to the YMCA to help it improve and operate its Camp Crockett mountain camp <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/unknown-japanese-i...">Japanese Industrial Mask</a> between Rye and Beulah. He didn't ask for it to happen, but the YMCA later renamed it Camp Jackson, and it carries that name today.<br/><br/>Through the years, other entities that have received funds from Jackson personally or through the Jackson Foundation have included Channel 8, the Pueblo Symphony, Boy and Girl Scout councils, Pueblo Boys and Girls Club, 4-H Foundation, YWCA, YMCA, Head Start, Meals on Wheels, the boys and girls ranch, and on and on."I think that, along with Bret Kelly, we realized that there were a lot of people with money who wanted to participate but didn't want notoriety, and they didn't want people to constantly hound them for <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/replacement-probe-...">Replacement Probe</a> donations. So setting up foundations -- and several others did it, too -- allowed us to set a budget, then entities could apply for funding. It set a different tone, a process, that made it acceptable to donate to the community, and I think that was very good for the community."
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