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<br/>The first Friday included a beach clean up where Murad teamed up with Heal the Bay, a non-profit organization that works towards cleaning and preserving California's beaches. Murad employees met with Heal the Bay representatives on April 8th at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa del Rey, CA, where they successfully gathered over 75 lbs of garbage on the beach.These activities are a great form of emotional self-care. Individuals are able to give back to the community by taking time <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">hand held radiation detector</a> out of their hectic schedules to do something they genuinely care about. Not only are we keeping our community clean and healthy but we are also keeping ourselves healthy by working together to accomplish a worthy goal," said Howard Murad, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad, Inc. "Things like volunteering in the community or planting a tree in a public space can be both rewarding and relaxing."<br/><br/>Murad employees will also be volunteering at Griffith Park, the second largest park in California and a Los Angeles landmark, on April 15th. As a popular tourist attraction, Griffith <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">beta radiation detector</a> Park is constantly challenged with litter issues. Murad employees will participate in a nature hike and clean-up to help keep restore the park's environmental health.To commemorate the end of Earth Month, Murad will be hosting an employee <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">geiger counter radiation detector</a> Carpool-to-Work Week from April 18th to April 22nd. Murad's final Earth Month event will be held on Earth Day, April 22nd, when Murad employees will volunteer to plant trees with Tree People at Juan Bautista de <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">microwave radiation detector</a> Anza Park in Calabasas, <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">radiation detector watch</a> CA. The day will also include restoration work in the Santa Monica Mountains including invasive species removal, habitat building and fire prevention.<br/>
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