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  • <br/>Air China's Beijing-Milan route will offer flights every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, on flight numbers <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">hand held radiation detector</a> CA949 and CA950. Outbound flights will leave Beijing at 13:30 and arrive in Milan at 19:00. Return flights will depart from Milan at 13:30 and arrive in Beijing the next day at 13:30. The trip is 11 hours and 30 minutes each way. Air China officially launched a direct Shanghai-Milan route in May, 2008, but the route from Beijing to Milan is yet to be opened. In the past, the journey would normally take <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">beta radiation detector</a> passengers approximately 17 hours to complete and usually required a transfer. The new route will not only make the trip more convenient but also save a lot of time.<br/>Mr. Zhou Enyong, General Manager of Air China's Marketing Department, said, "The Beijing-Milan route is an expansion of Air China's network in Europe, successfully making Air China the <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">geiger counter radiation detector</a> airline with the most European routes among China's domestic airlines. Air China is committed to building its domestic and international network. Since joining the Star Alliance in 2007, Air China's international network has been strengthened to cover 29 countries and regions. Moreover, our new routes to Europe will help satisfy growing market demand for travel to Europe and bring more convenience to both Chinese and European passengers."<br/>Now, the two design houses are excited to announce their formal collaboration on an exciting collection of fittings and accessories for the bath to be launched in late 2011.<br/><br/>"Brizo and Jason Wu are both luxury brands that share the same design vision: timeless style that is <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">microwave radiation detector</a> innovative and fresh," said Brian Nobbe, director of the Brizo brand. "Collaborating with Jason on a bathroom faucet collection further strengthens our position that fashion is about more than just the clothes you wear; it's a lifestyle."Through their relationship, the brands <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">radiation detector watch</a> have demonstrated that high fashion can be achieved at home. Jason Wu has created exclusive fashion designs for Brizo advertising campaigns and events, and his New York residence is outfitted with Brizo Loki(R) and Pascal(R) faucets.Designing interior fixtures is an opportunity to challenge myself and branch out into a new category," said Jason Wu. "The materials and design considerations are dramatically different than what I am used to with clothing and accessories. This collaboration will require finding a new way to add movement and personality to an otherwise static item."<br/>
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