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<br/>Given the uncertain external environment, we believe that it is prudent to remain cautious in how we plan and operate our business for the second half of the year. Our earnings guidance reflects this cautious outlook and thus we have not increased the higher end of our guidance. The underlying key assumptions that this forecast is based also remain consistent with our previous guidance.Comp stores relatively flat to down low single digits. <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">radiation detector watch</a> Gross margin rate 200 to 300 basis points favorable with last year. SG&A expenses on a constant currency basis relatively flat with last year. Depreciation expense of about $135 million. Interest expense of approximately $4 million. Pretax store closing cost of $7 million and an income tax rate, excluding the impact of the first quarter impairment charge, of approximately 35.5%. We also continue to expect to generate a total of $200 million or more of positive cash flow in 2008 before dividends, debt retirements, and any <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/monitor-4-p-2.html">Monitor 4</a> share repurchases.In summary, we believe we are currently on track to deliver and potentially exceed our financial plan for the year representing a meaningful profit improvement versus last year, and to generate positive cash flow to enhance shareholder value. I will not turn the program over to Matt Serra.<br/><br/>Thank you, Bob. Good morning. In a quick snapshot, our second-quarter sales and expenses <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/dx1-p-1.html">DX-1</a> were essentially in line with our expectation going into the quarter, while we overachieved our earnings plan through a stronger-than-expected gross margin rate. This gross margin rate benefit reflected primarily lower than planned markdown activity as our inventory was better positioned than at the same time last year.Our second-quarter <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/">Geiger Counters</a> financial results are very encouraging, especially considering the challenging external environment that has been particularly difficult for mall-based <a href="http://www.jpgeigercounters.com/inspector-exp-p-7....">Inspector EXP</a> specialty retailers. Higher food and oil prices, declining real estate values, volatile financial markets, and the higher unemployment all continue to pressure the consumer during the second quarter of this year leading to lower spending at the retail level.<br/>
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