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Aaron Carroll:
as-iosched: fix incorrect comments
as-iosched: fix write batch start point

Adam Jackson:
apm_event{,info}_t are userspace types

Adrian Bunk:
V4L/DVB (6796): ivtv/ section fix
V4L/DVB (6797): bt8xx/ section fixes
V4L/DVB (6803): buf-core.c locking fixes
V4L/DVB (6814): Makefile: always enter video/
drivers/net/sis190.c section fix
drivers/net/s2io.c section fixes
wireless/ipw2200.c: add __dev{init,exit} annotations
drivers/cpufreq/cpufreq_stats.c section fix
block: let elv_register() return void
timer: kernel/timer.c section fixes
x86 apic_32.c section fix
x86 smpboot_32.c section fixes
x86_32: select_idle_routine() must be __cpuinit
x86_32: disable_pse must be __cpuinitdata
USB: sierra: fix product id

Al Viro:
sundance fixes
starfire VLAN fix
hamachi endianness fixes
[SYNCPPP]: Endianness and 64bit fixes.
sis190 endianness

Alan Cox:
[SCSI] initio: fix conflict when loading driver
pata_hpt37x: Fix HPT374 detection

Alan Stern:
USB: fix locking loop by avoiding flush_scheduled_work
USB: use IRQF_DISABLED for HCD interrupt handlers

Alasdair G Kergon:
dm: trigger change uevent on rename

Alexey Starikovskiy:
ACPI: SBS: Reset alarm bit
ACPI: SBS: Ignore alarms coming from unknown devices
ACPI: SBS: Return rate in mW if capacity in mWh

Amos Waterland:
[IPV4]: Updates to nfsroot documentation

Andrew Morton:
V4L/DVB (6819): i2c: fix drivers/media/video/bt866.c
ucc_geth: minor whitespace fix
[TIPC]: Fix semaphore handling.
bcm43xx_debugfs sscanf fix
fix headers_install
revert "Hibernation: Use temporary page tables for kernel text mapping on x86_64"

Andrey Borzenkov:
ACPI: battery: fix ACPI battery technology reporting

Andries E. Brouwer:
ext3, ext4: avoid divide by zero

Anton Vorontsov:
ucc_geth: really fix section mismatch

Arjan van de Ven:
debug: add end-of-oops marker

Atsushi Nemoto:
i2c-gpio: Initialize adapter class

Auke Kok:
e100: free IRQ to remove warningwhenrebooting

add stable_api_nonsense.txt in korean
HOWTO: update misspelling and word incorrected

Barry Kasindorf:
oprofile: op_model_athlon.c support for AMD family 10h barcelona performance counters

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
ide-scsi: add ide_scsi_hex_dump() helper
ide: add missing checks for control register existence
ide: fix ide_scan_pcibus() error message
ide: coding style fixes for drivers/ide/setup-pci.c
ide: add /sys/bus/ide/devices/*/{model,firmware,serial} sysfs entries
ide: DMA reporting and validity checking fixes (take 3)
ide-cd: remove dead post_transform_command()
pdc202xx_new: fix Promise TX4 support
ide: remove dead code from __ide_dma_test_irq()
ide: remove stale changelog from ide-disk.c
ide: remove stale changelog from ide-probe.c
ide: fix ->io_32bit race in set_io_32bit()

Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
usb: Remove broken optimisation in OHCI IRQ handler

Benoit Istin:
V4L/DVB (6746): saa7134-dvb: fix tuning for WinTV HVR-1110

Boaz Harrosh:
[SCSI] initio: bugfix for accessors patch

Brandon Philips:
V4L/DVB (6601): V4L: videobuf-core locking fixes and comments
V4L/DVB (6602): V4L: Convert videobuf drivers to videobuf_stop
V4L/DVB (6615): V4L: Fix VIDIOCGMBUF locking in saa7146
V4L/DVB (6751): V4L: Memory leak! Fix count in videobuf-vmalloc mmap

Chris Dearman:
[MIPS] Ensure that ST0_FR is never set on a 32 bit kernel

Chris Pascoe:
V4L/DVB (6629): zl10353: fix default adc_clock and TRL nominal rate calculation

Christoph Hellwig:
[XFS] Fix mknod regression

Christoph Lameter:
SLUB: remove useless masking of GFP_ZERO
quicklist: Set tlb->need_flush if pages are remaining in quicklist 0
IA64: Slim down __clear_bit_unlock

Corey Minyard:
[WATCHDOG] ipmi: add the standard watchdog timeout ioctls

Cyrill Gorcunov:
ieee80211_rate: missed unlock
iwlwifi3945/4965: fix rate control algo reference leak

Dan Williams:
libertas: select WIRELESS_EXT

Dave Jones:
cpufreq: fix missing unlocks in cpufreq_add_dev error paths.

Dave Young:
pktcdvd: add kobject_put when kobject register fails

David Brownell:
i2c/isp1301_omap: Build fix
rtc-at32ap700x: fix irq init oops

David S. Miller:
[SPARC64]: Fix endless loop in cheetah_xcall_deliver().
[SPARC64]: Fix two kernel linear mapping setup bugs.

de Dinechin, Christophe (Integrity VM):
[IA64] Avoid unnecessary TLB flushes when allocating memory

Dhaval Giani:
Add Documentation for FAIR_USER_SCHED sysfs files

Dmitry Adamushko:
sched: fix crash on ia64, introduce task_current()

Doug Maxey:
usb-storage: Fix devices that cannot handle 32k transfers

Eric Dumazet:
[NETFILTER]: xt_hashlimit should use time_after_eq()
parport: "dev->timeslice" is an unsigned long, not an int
sched: sysctl, proc_dointvec_minmax() expects int values for

Eric Sandeen:
ecryptfs: initialize new auth_tokens before teardown
ecryptfs: set s_blocksize from lower fs in sb
ecryptfs: fix fsx data corruption problems

Eric W. Biederman:
sysctl: fix ax25 checks

FUJITA Tomonori:
[SCSI] st: fix kernel BUG at include/linux/scatterlist.h:59!

Gary Hade:
ACPI: acpiphp: Remove dmesg spam on device remove
PCI: Restore PCI expansion ROM P2P prefetch window creation

Geert Uytterhoeven:
ps3fb: Update for firmware 2.10

Geoff Levand:
sparsemem: make SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP selectable
ps3fb: Fix ps3fb free_irq() dev_id

Gilles Gigan:
[WATCHDOG] add Nano 7240 driver

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
kobject: fix the documentation of how kobject_set_name works
USB: revert portions of "UNUSUAL_DEV: Sync up some reported devices from Ubuntu"

Guillaume Chazarain:
kbuild: re-enable Makefile generation in a new O=... directory

Hans Verkuil:
V4L/DVB (6485): ivtv: fix compile warning

Hans-Christian Egtvedt:
[WATCHDOG] at32ap700x_wdt: add support for boot status and add fix for silicon errata

Hartmut Hackmann:
V4L/DVB (6579): Fix bug #8824: Correct support for Diseqc on tda10086

Heikki Lindholm:
V4L/DVB (6666): saa7134-alsa: fix period handling
V4L/DVB (6690): saa7134: fix ignored interrupts

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: fix lenovo keymap for brightness

Herbert Xu:
[IPSEC]: Fix potential dst leak in xfrm_lookup

Hermann Pitton:
V4L/DVB (6686): saa7134: fix composite over s-video input on the Tevion MD 9717

Hidetoshi Seto:
[IA64] Remove assembler warnings on head.S
[IA64] Adjust CMCI mask on CPU hotplug

Hinko Kocevar:
[IRDA]: mcs7780 needs to free allocated rx buffer.
[IRDA]: irlmp_unregister_link() needs to free lsaps.

Ian Wienand:
[IA64] set_thread_area fails in IA32 chroot

Ingo Molnar:
sched: touch softlockup watchdog after idling
sched: do not hurt SCHED_BATCH on wakeup
x86: fix "Kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work!"
x86: fix die() to not be preemptible

Ivan Kokshaysky:
alpha: strncpy/strncat fixes
alpha: build fixes
mm: fix exit_mmap BUG() on a.out binary exit

Jaime Velasco Juan:
USB: option: Bind to the correct interface of the Huawei E220

James Bottomley:
[SCSI] dpt_i2o: driver is only 32 bit so don't set 64 bit DMA mask

James Lentini:
SUNRPC xprtrdma: fix XDR tail buf marshalling for all ops

Jan Beulich:
ACPI: fix modpost warnings
x86: also define AT_VECTOR_SIZE_ARCH
[IA64] make flush_tlb_kernel_range() an inline function

Jan Kara:
Fix compilation warning in dquot.c

Jarek Poplawski:
[AX25]: Locking dependencies fix in ax25_disconnect().

Jason Gaston:
x86: intel_cacheinfo.c: cpu cache info entry for Intel Tolapai

Jean Delvare:
i2c: Delete an outdated piece of documentation

Jeff Garzik:
Merge branch 'fixes-jgarzik' of git:// into upstream-fixes

Jeff Long:
USB: cp2101: new device id

Jiri Kosina:
V4L/DVB (6733): DVB: Compile 3000MC-specific DIB code only for CONFIG_DVB_DIB3000MC

Jiri Slaby:
[WATCHDOG] Sbus: cpwatchdog, remove SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED
Net: ibm_newemac, remove SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED

Joachim Fenkes:
IB/ehca: Return correct number of SGEs for SRQ
IB/ehca: Serialize HCA-related hCalls if necessary
IB/ehca: Fix lock flag variable location, bump version number

Jochen Friedrich:
[POWERPC] Fix typo #ifdef -> #ifndef
[POWERPC] Kill non-existent symbols from ksyms and commproc.h

Joe Perches:
i2c: Add missing spaces in split log messages
[IA64] Two trivial spelling fixes

Jorge Boncompte [DTI2]:
[WATCHDOG] IT8212F watchdog driver

Julia Lawall:
[UM]: Fix use of skb after netif_rx
[XTENSA]: Fix use of skb after netif_rx
[S390]: Fix use of skb after netif_rx
drivers/macintosh/via-pmu.c: Added a missing iounmap

Jun'ichi Nomura:
dm: table detect io beyond device

Kenji Kaneshige:
[IA64] Remove compiler warinings about uninitialized variable in irq_ia64.c

Kevin Hilman:
[ARM] 4694/1: IXP4xx: Update clockevent support for shutdown and resume
genirq: add unlocked version of set_irq_handler()

pcnet_cs: add new id

Lachlan McIlroy:
[XFS] Don't wait for pending I/Os when purging blocks beyond eof.
[XFS] Put the correct offset in dirent d_off
[XFS] Initialise current offset in xfs_file_readdir correctly

Larry Finger:
b43: Fix rfkill radio LED

Len Brown:
Pull thinkpad-2.6.24 into release branch
Pull battery-2.6.24 into release branch
Pull hotplug into release branch
Pull bugzilla-9362 into release branch







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