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Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (270):
ide: remove ->dma_master field from ide_hwif_t (take 5)
ide: remove task_ioreg_t typedef (take 2)
ide: add struct ide_taskfile (take 2)
ide-disk: merge LBA28 and LBA48 Host Protected Area support code (take 2)
ide-disk: fix taskfile registers loading order in __ide_do_rw_disk()
ide-disk: use struct ide_taskfile in __ide_do_rw_disk()
ide: add ide_tf_load() helper
ide: add ide_no_data_taskfile() helper
ide: use do_rw_taskfile() in flagged_taskfile()
ide-pmac: fix pmac_ide_init_hwif_ports()
ide: remove IRQF_DISABLED from IRQ flags for IDE IRQ handler
ide: remove CONFIG_IDEPCI_SHARE_IRQ config option
ide: remove stale ide.h "configuration options"
ide-tape: remove dead USE_IOTRACE code
ide: fix registers loading order for WIN_SMART in execute_drive_cmd()
ide: fix registers loading order for IDE_NSECTOR_REG in execute_drive_cmd()
ide: execute_drive_cmd() cleanup
ide: remove ide_cmd() helper
ide: use ide_tf_load() in execute_drive_cmd()
ide: use IDE_TFLAG_LBA48 for REQ_TYPE_ATA_TASKFILE requests
ide: remove unnecessary writes to HOB taskfile registers
ide: extend timeout for REQ_TYPE_ATA_{CMD,TASK} requests
ide: switch idedisk_prepare_flush() to use REQ_TYPE_ATA_TASKFILE requests
ide: switch ide_task_ioctl() to use REQ_TYPE_ATA_TASKFILE requests
ide: remove REQ_TYPE_ATA_TASK
ide-floppy: remove dead code
ide: CPU endianness doesn't matter for special_t
ide: remove ata_status_t and atapi_status_t
ide: remove atapi_error_t (take 2)
ide: remove atapi_feature_t
ide: remove ata_nsector_t, ata_data_t and atapi_bcount_t
ide: remove atapi_ireason_t (take 3)
ide-cd: fix register loading order in cdrom_start_packet_command()
ide-{floppy,tape,scsi}: fix register loading order when issuing packet command
ide: add ide_pktcmd_tf_load() helper
ide: remove QUIRK_LIST()
ide: remove SELECT_INTERRUPT()
ide: remove hwif->intrproc
ide: remove 'command_type' field from ide_task_t
ide: remove 'tf_in_flags' field from ide_task_t
sc1200: remove pointless hwif lookup loop
ide-disk: fix __ide_do_rw_disk() to use ->OUTBSYNC
ide-disk: guarantee 400ns delay after writing command register
ide: merge flagged_taskfile() into do_rw_taskfile()
ide: convert do_rw_taskfile() to use ->data_phase
ide: use ->data_phase to set ->handler in do_rw_taskfile()
ide: remove 'handler' field from ide_task_t (take 2)
ide-disk: extend timeout for PIO-in commands
ide-disk: add ide_tf_set_cmd() helper
ide-disk: use do_rw_taskfile() (take 2)
ide: fix registers loading order in ide_dump_ata_status()
ide: add ide_tf_read() helper
ide-disk: use ide_get_lba_addr()
ide: kill duplicate code in ide_dump_{ata,atapi}_status()
ide: make 'extra' field in struct ide_port_info u8
pdc202xx_new: move PIO programming code to pdcnew_set_pio_mode()
sis5513: factor out UDMA programming code
ide: add IDE_HFLAG_ABUSE_SET_DMA_MODE host flag
sc1200: move DMA timings to timing tables
ide: remove redundant ->ide_dma_on call from set_using_dma()
ide: cleanup ide_set_dma()
ide: remove redundant DMA blacklist check from __ide_dma_on()
sl82c105: program DMA/PIO timings in ->dma_start/->ide_dma_end
sl82c105: remove no longer needed ->selectproc method
serverworks: cleanup ->set_dma_mode method
ide-disk: add idedisk_set_doorlock() helper
ide: (hopefully) fix VDMA for CS5520
cy82c693: correct DMA modes clipping
cy82c693: add ->set_dma_mode method
sgiioc4: add ide_toggle_bounce() calls
icside: add ide_toggle_bounce() calls
au1xxx-ide: add ide_toggle_bounce() calls
ide: remove ->ide_dma_on and ->dma_off_quietly methods from ide_hwif_t
ide-cris: fix DMA methods
atiixp: remove ->dma_host_on and ->dma_host_off methods
ide: move drive->using_dma check to callers of ->dma_host_on method
ide: merge ->dma_host_{on,off} methods into ->dma_host_set method
ide: dump taskfile HOB registers in ide_tf_load() (if DEBUG is defined)
ide: merge ->fixup and ->quirkproc methods
ide: don't try to unregister interfaces if 'initializing' in ide_register_hw()
ide: kill probe_hwif_init()
ide: fix probing for hosts with serialized or IRQ sharing interfaces
rapide: set hwif->chipset
swarm: set hwif->chipset
ide: add hwif->chipset fixup to ide_device_add()
ide: remove ideprobe_init()
sgiioc4: always init hwif->io_ports
ide: add ide_init_port_hw() helper
ide: drop 'initializing' argument from ide_register_hw()
ide: move ide_arm_init() call from init_ide_data() to ide_init()
cmd640: fix dependency on IDE_GENERIC
ide: fix host drivers depending on ide_generic to probe for interfaces (take 2)
ide: make remaining built-in only IDE host drivers modular (take 2)
au1xxx-ide: au_ide_probe() fixes
au1xxx-ide: use ide_init_port_hw()
ide: always use ide_std_init_ports() in setup-pci.c
ide: use ide_init_port_hw() in setup-pci.c
rapide: remove write-only hwif->hwif_data
ide-pmac: use custom hwif->sg_max_nents only if DMA support is enabled
ide: add ide_set_irq() inline helper
ide: print banner message once per controller in m68k host drivers
ide: move CONFIG_IDEPCI_PCIBUS_ORDER code to ide-scan-pci.c
ide: make CONFIG_IDEPCI_PCIBUS_ORDER visible and deprecate it
ide: add ide_busy_sleep() helper
ide: remove broken disk byte-swapping support
cmd64x: remove /proc/ide/cmd64x
ide: clear HOB bit for REQ_TYPE_ATA_CMD requests in ide_end_drive_cmd()
ide: fix final status check in task_in_intr()
ide-tape: fix handling of non-special requests in ->end_request method
ide: set IDE_TFLAG_IN_* flags before queuing/executing command
ide: remove needless ->cursg clearing from task_end_request()
ide: use rq->nr_sectors in task_end_request()
ide: kill DATA_READY define
ide: use wait_drive_not_busy() in drive_cmd_intr() (take 2)
ide: initialize rq->cmd_type in ide_init_drive_cmd() callers
ide: convert "empty" REQ_TYPE_ATA_CMD requests to use REQ_TYPE_ATA_TASKFILE
ide: don't enable local IRQs for PIO-in in driver_cmd_intr() (take 2)
ide: check BUSY and ERROR status bits before reading data in drive_cmd_intr()
ide: fix final status check in drive_cmd_intr()
ide: switch set_xfer_rate() to use REQ_TYPE_ATA_TASKFILE requests
ide: switch ide_cmd_ioctl() to use REQ_TYPE_ATA_TASKFILE requests
ide: remove REQ_TYPE_ATA_CMD
ide-cd: use xfer_func_t in cdrom_pc_intr()
ide-cd: add ide_cd_pad_transfer() helper
ide-cd: fix "missing data" handling in cdrom_pc_intr()
ide-cd: fix DMA error handling in cdrom_newpc_intr()
ide-cd: fix trailing whitespaces in changelog
ide-cd: move historical changelog to Documentation/ide/ChangeLog.ide-cd.1994-2004
ide-cd: remove stale cdrom_transfer_packet_command() comment
ide-cd: remove unused defines from ide-cd.h
ide-cd: remove dead code from cdrom_pc_intr()
ide-cd: remove unused struct atapi_cdrom_subchnl
ide-cd: remove needless zeroing of 'info' fields from ide_cdrom_setup()
ide-cd: remove unused and write-only struct ide_cd_config_flags fields
ide-cd: remove struct atapi_{mechstat_header,changer_info,slot}
ide-cd: cleanup ide_cdrom_update_speed()
ide-cd: add IDE_CD_CAPABILITIES define
ide-cd: remove redundant config flags
ide-cd: kill CDROM_CONFIG_FLAGS() macro
ide-cd: kill CDROM_STATE_FLAGS() macro
ide-cd: remove struct atapi_capabilities_page (take 2)
ide-cd: remove struct ide_cd_{config,state}_flags
ide-cd: remove NO_DOOR_LOCKING define
ide-cd: remove STANDARD_ATAPI define
ide-cd: use BCD2BIN()/BIN2BCD() macros from <linux/bcd.h>
ide-cd: re-organize handling of quirky devices
ide-cd: remove duplicate sense keys definitions from ide-cd.h
ide-cd: coding style fixes for VERBOSE_IDE_CD_ERRORS code
ide-cd: move VERBOSE_IDE_CD_ERRORS code to ide-cd_verbose.c
ide-cd: factor out ioctl handlers from ide_cdrom_audio_ioctl()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_play_audio() into ide_cd_fake_play_trkind()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_read_subchannel() into ide_cdrom_get_mcn()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_select_speed() into ide_cdrom_select_speed()
ide-cd: move lba_to_msf() and msf_to_lba() to <linux/cdrom.h>
ide-cd: coding style fixes for cdrom_get_toc_entry()
ide-cd: rename cdrom_* functions to ide_cd_*
ide-cd: move code handling cdrom.c IOCTLs to ide-cd_ioctl.c
ide-cd: remove BUG_ON() from cdrom_newpc_intr()
ide-cd: call blk_dump_rq_flags() on "missing data" in cdrom_newpc_intr()
ide-cd: factor out request sense fixup from cdrom_pc_intr()
ide-cd: unify request end exit path in cdrom_pc_intr()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_pc_intr() and cdrom_newpc_intr()
ide-cd: remove cdrom_do_pc_continuation()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_do_packet_command() and cdrom_do_block_pc()
ide-cd: add ide_cd_drain_data() helper
ide-cd: factor out transfer size checking from cdrom_read_intr()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_read_intr() and cdrom_write_intr()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_start_read_continuation() and cdrom_start_rw_cont()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_start_read() and cdrom_start_write()
ide-cd: unify moving to the next buffer in cdrom_rw_intr()
ide-cd: prepare cdrom_rw_intr() and cdrom_newpc_intr() to be merged
ide-cd: call blk_dump_rq_flags() on "missing data" in cdrom_rw_intr()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_rw_intr() and cdrom_newpc_intr()
ide-cd: merge cdrom_write_check_ireason() and cdrom_read_check_ireason()
ide-cd: unify request end exit path in cdrom_decode_status()
ide-cd: update driver version, comments and copyrights
ide: add ide_dump_identify() debug helper
ide-{floppy,tape}: remove debug code for dumping identify data
amd74xx: remove amd_ide_chips table
ide: add IDE_HFLAG_CLEAR_SIMPLEX host flag
ide: add IDE_HFLAG_NO_DSC host flag
piix: remove stale comments
ide: fix ide_intr() for non-PCI devices and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEPCI=y
ide: remove BUG_ON() from ide_build_sglist()
ide: use ide_destroy_dmatable() instead of pci_unmap_sg() (take 2)
ide: keep pointer to struct device instead of struct pci_dev in ide_hwif_t
au1xxx-ide: use hwif->dev
icside: use hwif->dev
ide: switch to DMA-mapping API
ide: use ide_build_sglist() and ide_destroy_dmatable() in non-PCI host drivers
au1xxx-ide: device tree bugfix
ide-pmac: macio resource freeing bugfix
au1xxx-ide/rapide: use hwif->index for ide_unregister()
ide: delete filenames/versions from comments
ide: update/add my Copyrights
ide: don't include <linux/hdsmart.h>
<linux/hdsmart.h> is not used by kernel code
ide: fix handling of busy I/O resources in probe_hwif()
ide: move wait_hwif_ready() documentation in the right place
ide: remove hwif->present manipulations from hwif_init()
ide_platform: remove struct hwif_prop
ide: remove unused ide_hwgroup_t fields
ide: remove needless zeroing of hwgroup fields from init_irq()
ide: cleanup ide_system_bus_speed()
ide: I/O resources are released too early in ide_unregister()
ide: factor out code removing port from hwgroup from ide_unregister()
ide: prepare init_irq() for using ide_remove_port_from_hwgroup()
ide: use ide_remove_port_from_hwgroup in init_irq()
ide: make probe_hwif() return an error value
ide: move handling of I/O resources out of ide_probe_port()
ide: factor out code for tuning devices from ide_probe_port()
ide: move hwif_register() call out of ide_probe_port()
USB: isd200: don't include <linux/ide.h>
dtc2278: fix ->io_32bit handling
au1xxx-ide: fix ->io_32bit handling
atiixp/cs5535/scc_pata: fix "idex=ata66" parameter handling
macide: remove drive->capacity64 quirk
ide: always set DMA masks in ide_pci_setup_ports()
ide: separate PCI specific init from generic init in ide_pci_setup_ports()
ide: add struct ide_port_info instances to legacy host drivers
ide: add ->cable_detect method to ide_hwif_t
ide: remove needless includes from PCI host drivers
ide: remove redundant hwif->present check from ide_register_hw()
ide: remove redundant init_hwif_default() call from ide_register_hw()
ide: add 'init_default' and 'restore' arguments to ide_unregister()
ide: add ide_deprecated_find_port() helper
ide: fix ide_unregister() usage in host drivers
ide: factor out code initializing devices from ide_init_port()
ide: add IDE_HFLAG_NO_{IO32_BIT,UNMASK_IRQS} host flags
ide: add ->port_init_devs method to ide_hwif_t
ide: remove incorrect init_gendisk() comment
ide: skip not present devices in init_gendisk()
ide: move blk_register_region() call out from init_gendisk()
ide: call init_gendisk() after ide_acpi_init()
ide: merge init_gendisk() into hwif_register_devices()
ide: move hwif->rqsize init from ide_init_queue() to init_irq()
ide: factor out adding drive to hwgroup from init_irq()
ide: factor out devices setup from init_irq()
ide: move ide_acpi_init() call to ide_device_add_all()
ide-acpi: remove needless exports
ide-acpi: remove dead code from do_drive_get_GTF()
ide: factor out devices setup from ide_acpi_init()
ide: move hwif->present check out from ide_proc_register_port()
ide: move create_proc_ide_drives() call to ide_device_add_all()
ide-tape: use ide_execute_command()
ide-scsi: use ide_execute_command()
trm290: use ide_execute_command()
ide-cris: use ide_execute_command()
ide-probe: remove needless Status register reads
ide: remove unused ->auto_poll field from ide_hwif_t
ide: convert ->straight8 field in ide_hwif_t to bit flag
ide: remove ->nice0 and ->nice2 fields from ide_drive_t
ide: remove SATA_*_REG macros
ide: use __ide_set_handler() in ide_execute_command()
ide-scsi: remove needless SELECT_DRIVE() call
ide: unexport SELECT_DRIVE()
ide: remove set_transfer()
ide: remove ide_ata66_check()
ide: move drive->crc_count check out from check_dma_crc()
ide: remove ide_auto_reduce_xfer()
ide: move check_dma_crc() to ide-dma.c
ide-cs: use ide_std_init_ports()
ide-tape: dump gcw fields on error in idetape_identify_device()
ide-generic: probing bugfix
ppc: fix #ifdef-s in mediabay driver (take 2)
ide: remove write-only ->sata_misc[] from ide_hwif_t
ide: remove redundant BUG_ON() from [atapi_]reset_pollfunc()
ide: remove ide_setup_ports()
ide: add ide_read_[alt]status() inline helpers
ide: add ide_read_error() inline helper

Bastian Blank (1):
splice: fix user pointer access in get_iovec_page_array()

Bastien Nocera (1):
HID: force hiddev creation for SONY PS3 controller

Becky Bruce (1):
[POWERPC] Fixup use of phys_addr_t in mpic code

Ben Dooks (41):
[MTD] [NAND] S3C2410 correctly set nFCE over resume
[ARM] 4719/1: S3C2412: Update SPI register definitions for the S3C2412
[ARM] 4720/1: S3C2412: Add power configuration registers for battery flat behaviour.
[ARM] 4721/1: S3C24XX: Ensure watchdog clock is enbaled for hard reset
[ARM] 4722/1: S3C24XX: Improve output if watchdog reset fails
[ARM] 4723/1: BAST: Fix LCD driver default display setting
[ARM] 4724/1: S3C2412: Select S3C2410 base GPIO implementation
[ARM] 4725/1: S3C2412: Fix IIS and SDI definitions in DMA map
[ARM] 4726/1: S3C2412: IIS register definitions
[ARM] 4727/1: S3C2412: Remove unused GPESLPCON
[ARM] 4728/1: BAST: Do not add IIS device on initialisation
[ARM] 4729/1: VR1000: Do not add IIS device on initialisation
[ARM] 4730/1: S3C2412: Ensure the PWRCFG has the right mode for RTC wake
[ARM] 4731/1: S3C2412: Check for incomplete sleep
[ARM] 4777/1: S3C24XX: Ensure clk_set_rate() checks the set_rate method for the clk
[ARM] 4778/1: S3C2412: Add armclk and init from DVS state
[ARM] 4779/1: S3C2412: Add s3c2412_gpio_set_sleepcfg() call
[ARM] 4780/1: S3C2412: Allow for seperate DMA channels for TX and RX
[ARM] 4781/1: S3C24XX: DMA suspend and resume support
[ARM] 4782/1: S3C24XX: Define FIQ_START for any FIQ users
[ARM] 4783/1: S3C24XX: Add s3c2410_gpio_getpull()
[ARM] 4784/1: S3C24XX: Fix GPIO restore glitches
[ARM] 4785/1: S3C24XX: Add _SHIFT definitions for S3C2410_BANKCON registers
[ARM] 4786/1: S3C2412: Add SPI FIFO controll constants
[ARM] 4787/1: S3C24XX: s3c2410_dma_request() should return the allocated channel number
[ARM] 4788/1: S3C24XX: Fix paramet to s3c2410_dma_ctrl if S3C2410_DMAF_AUTOSTART used.
[ARM] 4789/1: S3C2412: Add missing CLKDIVN register values
[ARM] 4790/1: S3C2412: Fix parent selection for msysclk.
[ARM] 4791/1: S3C2412: Make fclk a parent of msysclk
[ARM] 4792/1: S3C24XX: Remove warnings from debug-macro.S
[ARM] 4793/1: S3C24XX: Add IRQ->GPIO pin mapping function
[ARM] 4794/1: S3C24XX: Comonise S3C2440 and S3C2442 clock code
[ARM] 4795/1: S3C244X: Add armclk and setparent call
[ALSA] ASoC: S3C2412 IIS driver
[ALSA] S3C2412: suspend and resume support
NET: AX88796 use dev_dbg() instead of printk()
FB/SM501: ensure console suspended before saving state
FB/S3C2412: add S3C2412 support to S3C2410 fb driver
FB/S3C2410: update debugging in S3C2410 framebuffer driver
FB/S3C2410: ensure S3C2410 framebuffer clears initial memory to black
FB/S3C2410: check default_display parameter passed in platform data

Ben M Cahill (30):
iwl3945: re-align 3945 event log data
iwl4965: add comments to rate scaling code
iwlwifi: add comments to EEPROM stuff
iwl-4965-hw.h: clean up unused eeprom structures and definitions
iwlwifi: clean up and clarify some comments after 3945/4965 split
iwlwifi: Move is_legacy() macro family from iwl-4965-hw.h to iwl-4965-rs.h
iwlwifi: Add comments to some driver data structures
iwlwifi: Document 4965 rate_n_flags bits
iwlwifi: Document Rx calibration
iwlwifi: Partially clean-up, add comments to iwl-*-hw.h
iwlwifi: clean up some unused definitions in iwl-4965.h and iwl-3945.h
iwlwifi: add comments, mostly on Tx queues
iwlwifi: add comments to iwl*-base.c
iwlwifi: Clean up unused definitions in iwl-3945-hw.h
iwlwifi: clean up unused definitions in iwl-4965-hw.h
iwlwifi: move uCode API definitions to iwl-4965-commands.h
iwlwifi: move HT_IE_EXT_CHANNEL_* driver definitions to iwl-4965.h
iwlwifi: document temperature calculation
iwlwifi: document txpower calculations
iwlwifi: document keep-warm buffer
iwlwifi: document Rx registers
iwlwifi: document Tx registers
iwlwifi: document shared Tx structures
iwlwifi: document 4965 Tx scheduler
iwlwifi: document command header and "alive" responses
iwlwifi: add comments to RXON command and txpower formats
iwlwifi: add comments to QOS and ADD_STA commands
iwlwifi: add comments to Tx commands
iwlwifi: document 4965 rate scaling
iwlwifi: document scan command

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (61):
[POWERPC] Cleanup SMT thread handling
[POWERPC] Add xmon function to dump 44x TLB
[POWERPC] Make isa_mem_base common to 32 and 64 bits
[POWERPC] Merge pci_process_bridge_OF_ranges()
[POWERPC] Fix powerpc 32-bit resource fixup for 64-bit resources
[POWERPC] Change 32-bit PCI message about resource allocation
[POWERPC] Remove useless volatiles in udbg_16550.c
[POWERPC] Add of_translate_dma_address
[POWERPC] Early debug forces console log level to max
[POWERPC] pci32: Remove bogus alignment message
[POWERPC] pci32: Use generic pci_assign_unassign_resources
[POWERPC] pci32: Remove PowerMac P2P bridge IO hack
[POWERPC] pci32: Add flags modifying the PCI code behaviour
[POWERPC] pci32: Remove obsolete PowerMac bus number hack
[POWERPC] pci32: Add platform option to enable /proc PCI domains
[POWERPC] Merge pcibios_resource_to_bus/bus_to_resource
[POWERPC] Merge PCI resource fixups
[POWERPC] Merge PCI resource allocation & assignment
[POWERPC] fix iSeries PCI resource management
[POWERPC] Updates/fixes to 32 bits pcibios_enable_device()
[POWERPC] Merge 32 and 64 bits pcibios_enable_device
[POWERPC] Fixup powermac enable device hook
[POWERPC] Clear pci_probe_only on 64 bits PowerMac
[POWERPC] Various fixes to pcibios_enable_device()
[POWERPC] Enable self-view of the HT host bridge on PowerMac G5
[POWERPC] Improve resource setup of PowerMac G5 HT bridge
[POWERPC] Fixup skipping of PowerMac PCI<->PCI bridge "closed" resources
[POWERPC] Disable PCI IO/Mem on a device when resources can't be allocated
[POWERPC] Fix PCI IRQ fallback code to not map IRQ 0
[POWERPC] Fix for via-pmu based backlight control
[POWERPC] Fix possible NULL deref in ppc32 PCI
[POWERPC] Reworking machine check handling and Fix 440/440A
[POWERPC] 4xx: Improve support for 4xx indirect DCRs
[POWERPC] 4xx: PLB to PCI-X support
[POWERPC] 4xx: PLB to PCI 2.x support
[POWERPC] 4xx: PLB to PCI Express support
[POWERPC] 4xx: PCI support for Ebony board
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add early udbg support for 40x processors
[POWERPC] 4xx: EP405 boards support for arch/powerpc
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add PCI to Walnut platform
[POWERPC] 4xx: Wire up PCI on Bamboo board
[POWERPC] 4xx: Wire up 440EP USB controller support to Bamboo board
[POWERPC] 4xx: Adds decoding of 440SPE memory size to boot wrapper library
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add mfspr/mtspr inline macros to 4xx bootwrapper
[POWERPC] 4xx: Add CPR0 accessors to boot wrapper
[POWERPC] 4xx: Rework clock probing in boot wrapper
[POWERPC] 4xx: Base support for 440SPe "Katmai" eval board
[POWERPC] 4xx: remove bogus "ranges" property in Bamboo EBC node
[POWERPC] 4xx: PCI-E Link setup improvements
[POWERPC] pci32: 4xx embedded platforms want to reassign all PCI resources
[POWERPC] Always hookup PHB IO resource even when empty
usb: Remove OHCI useless masking/unmasking of WDH interrupt
PCI: Fix bus resource assignment on 32 bits with 64b resources
PCI: Fix warning in setup-res.c on 32-bit platforms with 64-bit resources
PCI: Add pci_enable_device_{io,mem} intefaces
PCI: Remove users of pci_enable_device_bars()
PCI: Remove pci_enable_device_bars()
add mm argument to pte/pmd/pud/pgd_free
drivers-edac: add Cell XDR memory types
drivers-edac: add Cell MC driver
[POWERPC] Disable G5 NAP mode during SMU commands on U3







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