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Christoph Hellwig (41):
[POWERPC] spufs: add enchanced simple attr macros
[POWERPC] spufs: make state_mutex interruptible
[SCSI] aacraid: don't assign cpu_to_le32(int) to u8
iwlwifi: mark more functions/variables static
iwlwifi: keep 3945 and 4965 headers separate
iwlwifi: cleanup Kconfig and ifdefs to split 3945 and 4965
iwlwifi: cleanup namespace
[MIPS] CFE: Make code remotely resemble Linux code.
clean up vmtruncate
[POWERPC] spufs: Add marker-based tracing facility
[XFS] simplify vn_revalidate
[XFS] kill xfs_iocore_t
[XFS] simplify xfs_vn_getattr
[XFS] Kill off xfs_statvfs.
[XFS] cleanup vnode useage in xfs_ioctl.c
[XFS] cleanup vnode useage in xfs_iget.c
[XFS] kill xfs_freeze.
[XFS] clean up some xfs_log_priv.h macros
[XFS] clean up some xfs_log_priv.h macros
[XFS] xlog_rec_header/xlog_rec_ext_header endianess annotations
[XFS] kill superflous buffer locking
[XFS] kill superflous buffer locking (2nd attempt)
[XFS] Remove CFORK macros and use code directly in IFORK and DFORK macros.
[XFS] Cleanup various fid related bits:
[XFS] remove permission check from xfs_change_file_space
[XFS] clean up xfs_swapext
[XFS] stop re-checking permissions in xfs_swapext
[XFS] use generic_permission
[XFS] stop updating inode->i_blocks
[XFS] keep i_nlink updated and use proper accessors
[XFS] kill xfs_root
[POWERPC] spufs: Fix state_mutex leaks
ext2: remove unused ext2_put_inode prototype
libfs: allow error return from simple attributes
libfs: make simple attributes interruptible
libfs: rename simple_attr_close to simple_attr_release
kill do_generic_mapping_read
fix up kerneldoc in fs/ioctl.c a little bit

Christoph Lameter (24):
x86: 64-bit, make sparsemem vmemmap the only memory model
SLUB: Fix sysfs refcounting
Move count_partial before kmem_cache_shrink
SLUB: rename defrag to remote_node_defrag_ratio
Add parameter to add_partial to avoid having two functions
Explain kmem_cache_cpu fields
Pagecache zeroing: zero_user_segment, zero_user_segments and zero_user
Move vmalloc_to_page() to mm/vmalloc.
vmalloc: add const to void* parameters
i386: Resolve dependency of asm-i386/pgtable.h on highmem.h
is_vmalloc_addr(): Check if an address is within the vmalloc boundaries
vmalloc: clean up page array indexing
VM: allow get_page_unless_zero on compound pages
bufferhead: revert constructor removal
Page allocator: clean up pcp draining functions
vmstat: small revisions to refresh_cpu_vm_stats()
Page allocator: get rid of the list of cold pages
vmstat: remove prefetch
SLUB: Deal with annoying gcc warning on kfree()
SLUB: Use unique end pointer for each slab page.
SLUB: Alternate fast paths using cmpxchg_local
SLUB: Support for performance statistics
Modules: handle symbols that have a zero value
modules: include sections.h to avoid defining linker variables explicitly

Chuck Lever (71):
SUNRPC: Prevent mixed sign comparisons in rpcrdma_convert_iovs()
SUNRPC: Fix an unnecessary implicit type cast in rpcrdma_count_chunks()
SUNRPC: Check a return result
SUNRPC: temp var should match return type of xdr_skb_read_actor
SUNRPC: Remove an unneeded implicit type cast when calling rpc_depopulate()
NFS: Ensure nfs_wcc_update_inode always converts file size to loff_t
NFS: Use unsigned intermediates for manipulating header lengths (NFSv2 XDR)
NFS: Use unsigned intermediates for manipulating header lengths (NFSv3 XDR)
NFS: Use unsigned intermediates for manipulating header lengths (NFSv4 XDR)
NFS: Change sign of some loop indices in nfs4xdr.c
NFS: Prevent nfs_getattr() hang during heavy write workloads
NFS: Ensure that NFS version 4 mounts use NFS_PORT if nfsport wasn't set
NFS: Remove support for the 'nfsprog' option
NFS: Remove support for the 'mountprog' option
NFS: Clean up: copy hostname with kstrndup during mount processing
NFS: Clean up address comparison in __nfs_find_client()
NFS: Remove an unneeded check in decode_compound_header_arg()
SUNRPC: rpc_create() default hostname should support AF_INET6 addresses
SUNRPC: Fix socket address handling in rpcb_clnt
SUNRPC: RPC version numbers are u32
SUNRPC: Move universal address definitions to global header
NFS: Ensure NFSv4 SETCLIENTID send buffer is large enough
NFS: Increase size of cl_ipaddr field to hold IPv6 addresses
NFS: Enable NFS client to generate CLIENTID strings with IPv6 addresses
NFS: eliminate NIPQUAD(clp->cl_addr.sin_addr)
NFS: Move dprintks from callback.c to callback_proc.c
NFS: Address a couple of nits in nfs_follow_referral()
NFS: Add support for AF_INET6 addresses in nfs_compare_super()
NFS: Verify IPv6 addresses properly
NFS: Make setting a port number agostic
NFS: Set default port for NFSv4, with support for AF_INET6
NFS: Expand server address storage in nfs_client struct
NFS: Change cb_getattrargs to pass "struct sockaddr *" instead of sockaddr_in
NFS: Change cb_recallargs to pass "struct sockaddr *" instead of sockaddr_in
NFS: Change nfs_find_client() to take "struct sockaddr *"
NFS: Change nfs_get_client() to take sockaddr *
NFS: Change nfs4_set_client() to accept struct sockaddr *
NFS: Adjust nfs_clone_mount structure to store "struct sockaddr *"
NFS: Remove the NIPQUAD from nfs_try_mount
NFS: Refactor mount option address parsing into separate function
NFS: Support non-IPv4 addresses in nfs_parsed_mount_data
NFS: Pull covers off IPv6 address parsing
SUNRPC: Fix use of copy_to_user() in gss_pipe_upcall()
NFS: Clean up fs/nfs/idmap.c
NFS: Fix use of copy_to_user() in idmap_pipe_upcall
NFS: Use size_t for storing name lengths
NFS: Fix minor mixed sign comparison in NFS client's write logic
NFS: nfs_write_end clean up
lockd: Eliminate harmless mixed sign comparison in nlmdbg_cookie2a()
SUNRPC: fewer conditionals in the format_ip_address routines
NLM: Introduce external nlm_host set-up and tear-down functions
NFS: Invoke nlmclnt_init during NFS mount processing
NLM/NFS: Use cached nlm_host when calling nlmclnt_proc()
NLM: Introduce an arguments structure for nlmclnt_init()
NFS: NFS version number is unsigned
SUNRPC: Clean up functions that free address_strings array
SUNRPC: rpcb_getport_sync() should use built-in hostname generator
SUNRPC: Use appropriate argument types in rpcb client
SUNRPC: Clean up block comment preceding rpcb_getport_sync()
SUNRPC: rpcb_getport_sync() passes incorrect address size to rpc_create()
NFS: Address memory leaks in the NFS client mount option parser
SUNRPC: Prevent length underflow in read_flush()
SUNRPC: Use unsigned string lengths in xdr_decode_string_inplace
NLM: Fix sign of length of NLM variable length strings
NFSD: Use unsigned length argument for decode_filename
NFSD: File name length signage in nfsd request argument structures
NFSD: Adjust filename length argument of nfsd_lookup
NFSD: Use unsigned length argument for decode_pathname
NFSD: Fix mixed sign comparison in nfs3svc_decode_symlinkargs
NFSD: Path name length signage in nfsd request argument structures
SUNRPC: RPC program information is stored in unsigned integers

Claudio Lanconelli (1):
add driver for enc28j60 ethernet chip

Claudio Matsuoka (1):
[ALSA] hda: Fix 5.1 sound in Dell 6stack ALC888 HDA

Clemens Koller (1):
Documentation/BUG-HUNTING whitespace cleanup

Clemens Ladisch (44):
[ALSA] cmipci: disable 'Modem' control on version 39 or newer chips
[ALSA] cmipci: document 'Modem' control version check
[ALSA] usb-audio: add UR-80 PCM quirk
[ALSA] add CMI8788 driver
[ALSA] add Asus Xonar driver
[ALSA] oxygen: use uintptr_t in pointer casts
[ALSA] oxygen: fix channel routing
[ALSA] oxygen: use an array of snd_kcontrol pointers
[ALSA] oxygen: make line-in switch exclusive
[ALSA] oxygen: rename PCM to Master
[ALSA] oxygen: make AC97 codec optional
[ALSA] oxygen: make SPI configuration configurable
[ALSA] oxygen: make all DMA channels configurable
[ALSA] oxygen: add control filter to model struct
[ALSA] oxygen: make PCM limits configurable
[ALSA] oxygen: make the I2S format configurable
[ALSA] oxygen: add register definitions
[ALSA] oxygen: fix playback routing
[ALSA] oxygen: update ALSA-Configuration.txt
[ALSA] oxygen: remove magic numbers
[ALSA] oxygen: fix pause handling
[ALSA] oxygen: remove MIDI autodetection
[ALSA] oxygen: add more symbols
[ALSA] oxygen: allow more sample rates with WM8785
[ALSA] oxygen: reduce SPI clock frequency for AK4396/WM8785
[ALSA] oxygen: move model-specific data out of common header
[ALSA] oxygen: fix control filter
[ALSA] oxygen: fix DAC source register fields
[ALSA] oxygen: add 192 kHz SPDIF input support
[ALSA] oxygen: optimize snd_pcm_hardware structures
[ALSA] oxygen: TempoTec HiFier is probably not supported
[ALSA] oxygen: add SPDIF loopback control
[ALSA] oxygen: fix SPDIF input rates
[ALSA] oxygen: remove MIDI for generic cards
[ALSA] oxygen: make the number of analog output configurable
[ALSA] oxygen: more initialization
[ALSA] add TempoTec HiFier driver
[ALSA] oxygen: fix AK4396 double rate upper limit
[ALSA] oxygen: make line-in exclusive only on Xonar
[ALSA] oxygen: use AC97 interrupt
[ALSA] oxygen: add front panel controls
[ALSA] oxygen: add front panel capture
[ALSA] virtuoso: monitor external power on D2X
[ALSA] oxygen: revert SPI clock frequency change for AK4396/WM8785

Cliff Cai (2):
[Blackfin] arch: fix bug SDIO driver fails to build for BF542/BF548
[Blackfin] arch: set default value of DEB_DMA_URGENT to YES to avoid DMA aborting caused by conflict between core and DMA

Cliff Wickman (3):
cgroups: mechanism to process each task in a cgroup
hotplug cpu: move tasks in empty cpusets to parent
cpusets: update_cpumask revision

Coly Li (1):
ext4: sync up block group descriptor with e2fsprogs.

Corentin CHARY (1):
asus-laptop new write_acpi_int

Cornelia Huck (19):
driver core: Introduce default attribute groups.
netiucv: Use device_driver default attribute groups.
zfcp: Use device_driver default attribute groups.
Driver core: Cleanup get_device_parent() in device_add() and device_move()
[S390] cio: Use helpers instead of container_of().
[S390] cio: css_driver: Use consistent parameters.
[S390] cio: Reset sch->driver.
[S390] cio: Add css_driver_{register,unregister}.
[S390] cio: Cleanup debug feature usage.
[S390] cio: Introduce subchannel->private.
[S390] cio: I/O subchannel specific fields.
[S390] cio: Use dev_{g,s}et_drvdata().
[S390] cio: Set driver->owner on css, ccw and ccwgroup busses.
[S390] cio: Delete timer in ccw_device_verify_done().
[S390] cio: Fix ungroup vs. machine check race in ccwgroup.
Driver core: Remove unneeded get_{device,driver}() calls.
[S390] cio: Clean up chsc response code handling.
[S390] cio: Update documentation.
[S390] cio: Add shutdown callback for ccwgroup.

Craig Shelley (1):
USB: CP2101 New Device IDs

Craig W. Nadler (1):
USB: add Printer Gadget Driver

Ctirad Fertr (1):
[ALSA] emu10k1 - 1616(M) cardbus improvements

Cyrill Gorcunov (14):
[POWERPC] CELLEB: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
[POWERPC] CHRP: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
[POWERPC] Use for_each macros in arch/powerpc/sysdev
[POWERPC] Use for_each macros in arch/powerpc/kernel
[POWERPC] Use for_each macros in arch/powerpc/platforms/powermac
x86: remove dead code in ia32-emu
x86: clean up include/asm-x86/pda.h
x86: cleanup i387_32.c according to checkpatch
x86: coding style cleanup for kernel/bootflag.c
x86: get rid of complains on apm_32.c
x86: use KSYM_NAME_LEN
wireless: iwlwifi3945/4965 - fix incorrect counting of memory
x86: cleanup - eliminate numbers in LDT allocation code
ip27-rtc: convert ioctl to unlocked_ioctl

Dale Farnsworth (1):

Damien Stuart (1):
USB: Adding YC Cable USB Serial device to pl2303

Dan Kenigsberg (1):
KVM: Enhance guest cpuid management

Dan Williams (19):
[ARM] 4708/1: iop: update defconfigs for 2.6.24
introduce WEXT scan capabilities
orinoco: more reliable scan handling
orinoco: always use latest BSS info when caching scan results
libertas: make lbs_cmd() usage nicer
libertas: clean up is_command_allowed_in_ps()
libertas: clean up direct command handling
libertas: add simple copyback command callback
libertas: convert GET_HW_SPEC to a direct command
libertas: rename and re-type bufvirtualaddr to cmdbuf
libertas: fix case of FWT_ACCESS_LIST_ROUTE and FWT_ACCESS_LIST_NEIGHBOR commands
libertas: convert DATA_RATE to a direct command
libertas: convert RF_CHANNEL to a direct command
libertas: endianness fixes for get_channel/set_channel
async_tx: fix compile breakage, mark do_async_xor __always_inline
async_tx: kill tx_set_src and tx_set_dest methods
async_tx: replace 'int_en' with operation preparation flags
async_tx: allow architecture specific async_tx_find_channel implementations

Daniel De Graaf (1):
kbuild: support ARCH=x86 in buildtar

Daniel Drake (4):
zd1211rw: port to mac80211
zd1211rw: Add ID for Trendnet TEW-429UB A
zd1211rw: add copyright notices
Documentation about unaligned memory access

Daniel Gimpelevich (1):
V4L/DVB (7066): ASUS My Cinema U3000 Mini DVBT Tuner

Daniel Kozák (1):
USB: remove duplicate entry in Option driver and Pl2303 driver for Huawei modem

Daniel Lezcano (34):
[IPV6]: Make fib6_init to return an error code.
[IPV6]: Make xfrm6_init to return an error code.
[IPV6]: Make fib6_rules_init to return an error code.
[IPV6]: Make ip6_route_init to return an error code.
[IPV6]: Make af_inet6 to check ip6_route_init return value.
[IPV6] route6/fib6: Don't panic a kmem_cache_create.
[IPV6]: create route6 proc init-fini functions
[IPV6]: remove ifdef in route6 for xfrm6
[IPV6]: route6 remove ifdef for fib_rules
[IPV6]: make flowlabel to return an error
[IPV6]: make extended headers to return an error at initialization
[IPV6]: make frag to return an error at initialization
[IPV6]: make inet6_register_protosw to return an error code
[IPV6]: make the protocol initialization to return an error code
[IPV6]: fix section mismatch warnings
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make ipv6_sysctl_register to return a value.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make a subsystem for af_inet6.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Add ipv6 structure for netns.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make the ipv6 sysctl to be a netns subsystem.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make multiple instance of sysctl tables.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make bindv6only sysctl per namespace.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make ip6_frags per namespace.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make mld_max_msf readonly in other namespaces.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make sysctls route per namespace.
[NETNS][IPV6]: Make icmpv6_time sysctl per namespace.
[NETNS][IPV6]: inet6_addr - isolate inet6 addresses from proc file
[NETNS][IPV6]: inet6_addr - check ipv6 address per namespace
[NETNS][IPV6]: inet6_addr - ipv6_chk_same_addr namespace aware
[NETNS][IPV6]: inet6_addr - ipv6_get_ifaddr namespace aware
[NETNS][IPV6]: inet6_addr - make ipv6_chk_home_addr namespace aware
[NETNS][DST] dst: pass the dst_ops as parameter to the gc functions
[NETNS][DST]: Add the network namespace pointer in dst_ops
[IPV6]: Fix ip6_frag ctl
[IPV6]: Fix sysctl compilation error.

Daniel Mack (4):
[ARM] 4762/1: Basic support for Toradex Colibri module
[ALSA] caiaq - add control API and more input features
[ALSA] usb-caiaq - add support for Kore controller 2
[ALSA] usb/caiaq: decrease period_bytes_min

Daniel Walker (20):
V4L/DVB (6810): media: video: usbvision: add mutex_unlock() to error paths
V4L/DVB (6812): media: video: usbvision: remove ctrlUrbLock
prism54: remove questionable down_interruptible usage
[MIPS] Lasat: Convert pvc_sem semaphore to mutex
mcheck mce_64: mce_read_sem to mutex
USB: misc: legousbtower: semaphore to mutex
[IA64] sn_hwperf semaphore to mutex
uml: LDT mutex conversion
uml: mconsole mutex conversion
uml: port mutex conversion
drivers/char/tty_io.c: remove pty_sem
drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_tty.c: remove write_sem
unix98 allocated_ptys_lock semaphore to mutex
docs: kernel-locking: Convert semaphore references
stopmachine: semaphore to mutex
Amiga serial driver: port_write_mutex fixup
docs: convert kref semaphore to mutex
isapnp driver semaphore to mutex
scsi: megaraid: trivial drop duplicate mutex.h include
dm: convert suspend_lock semaphore to mutex

Darren Salt (1):
V4L/DVB (7069): Support for myTV.t

Darrick J. Wong (3):
[SCSI] libsas: Convert sas_proto users to sas_protocol
[SCSI] libsas: Fix various sparse complaints
hwmon: (adt7470) Support per-sensor alarm files

Dave Airlie (16):
agp: add chipset flushing support to AGP interface
intel-agp: add chipset flushing support
agp/intel: Add chipset flushing support for i8xx chipsets.
intel-agp: fixup resource handling in flush code.
intel-agp: introduce IS_I915 and do some cleanups..
agp: remove flush_agp_mappings calls from new flush handling code
drm: some minor cleanups and changes to make memory manager merging easier.
drm: run cleanfile across drm tree
drm: move two function extern into the correct block
drm: call driver load function after initialising AGP
drm: move drm_mem_init to proper place in startup sequence
drm: enable udev node creation
drm: add _DRM_DRIVER flag, and re-order unload.
drm: the drm really should call pci_set_master..
drm: fixup some of the ioctl function exit paths
drm: add initial r500 drm support

Dave Hansen (1):
maps4: rework TASK_SIZE macros

Dave Jiang (2):
drivers-edac: add freescale mpc85xx driver
drivers-edac: add marvell mv64x60 driver







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