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Jean Delvare (81):
sysfs: Fix a copy-n-paste typo in comment
V4L/DVB (6915): ivtv: drop an incorrect comment
[I2C] i2c-mv64xxx: Don't set i2c_adapter.retries
i2c-nforce2: The nForce2 can do block transactions
i2c-stub: Mention the existence of an helper script
i2c-stub: Use a single array for byte and word operations
i2c-algo-pcf: Delete broken 10-bit address support
i2c: normal_i2c can be made const (rtc drivers)
i2c: normal_i2c can be made const (remaining drivers)
i2c: Kill rogue driver IDs
i2c: Don't uselessly set i2c_adapter.retries
i2c: Deprecate drivers for I2C buses on video adapters
i2c: Use the driver model reference counting
i2c: Change prototypes of refcounting functions
i2c: Drop redundant i2c_adapter.list
i2c: Drop redundant i2c_driver.list
i2c: Rename main mutex
i2c-i801: Document which chip support what feature
i2c-i801: More explicit names for chip features
i2c-i801: Clear special mode bits as needed
i2c-i801: Implement I2C block read support
i2c: Discard unused driver IDs
i2c-sibyte: Remove the bus scan module parameter
i2c: Let the user specify PCI driver data through new_id
i2c-piix4: Drop redundant PCI function number check
i2c-viapro: Add support for the VT8237S
i2c: Drivers stop using the redundant client list
i2c: Limit locking scope in i2c_detach_client
i2c: Drop legacy locking in i2c_new_probed_device
PCI: Unhide the SMBus on the HP xw4100
rtc-pcf8583: Don't abuse I2C_M_NOSTART
ACPI: cleanup acpi.h
dmi: Let drivers walk the DMI table
hwmon: (lm78/w83781d) Probe fewer I2C addresses
hwmon: (lm87) Add support for the Analog Devices ADM1024
hwmon: (adm1025) Use dynamic sysfs callbacks
hwmon: (adm1025) Add individual alarm files
hwmon: (adm1025) Various cleanups
hwmon: (fschmd) Discard non-ASCII characters
hwmon: (gl518sm) Various cleanups
hwmon: (gl518sm) Don't create sysfs files for missing features
hwmon: (gl518sm) Refactor fan functions
hwmon: (gl518sm) Add individual alarm and beep files
hwmon: (gl518sm) Report error on invalid fan div value
hwmon: (gl518sm) Fix the reported fan speed
hwmon: (lm90) Use generic i2c reads during detection
hwmon: (gl520sm) Various cleanups
hwmon: (gl520sm) Put register addresses in arrays
hwmon: (gl520sm) De-macro the sysfs callbacks
hwmon: (gl520sm) Add individual alarm and beep files
hwmon: Update the lm-sensors website address
hwmon: Let the user override the detected Super-I/O device ID
hwmon: (it87) Discard a dead e-mail address
hwmon: (it87) Add individual alarm files
hwmon: (adm1026) Add individual alarm files
hwmon: (adm1026) Whitespace cleanups
hwmon: (adm1026) More cleanups (updated)
hwmon: (adm1026) Don't create files for missing inputs
hwmon: (w83781d) Drop W83627HF support
hwmon: (w83781d) Misc cleanups
hwmon: (it87) Delete pwmN_freq files on driver removal
hwmon: (adm1031) Fix register overwrite in set_fan_div()
hwmon: (adm1031) Various cleanups
hwmon: (adm1031) Get rid of macro-generated wrappers
hwmon: (adm1031) Add individual alarm and fault files
hwmon: (lm85) Return standard values in pwmN_enable
hwmon: (lm85) Make the pwmN_enable files writable
hwmon: Discard useless I2C driver IDs
hwmon: (lm77) Add individual alarm files
hwmon: (adm9240) Add individual alarm files
hwmon: VRM is not written to registers
hwmon: (asb100) Various cleanups
hwmon: (asb100) De-macro the sysfs callbacks
hwmon: (asb100) Add individual alarm files
hwmon: (w83627ehf) The W83627DHG has 8 VID pins
hwmon: (w83627hf) Enable VBAT monitoring
hwmon: (w83627hf) Add individual alarm and beep files
hwmon: (w83627hf) Refactor beep enable handling
hwmon: (lm80) Various cleanups
hwmon: (lm80) De-macro the sysfs callbacks
hwmon: (lm80) Add individual alarm files

Jean Noel Cordenner (2):
vfs: Add 64 bit i_version support
ext4: Add inode version support in ext4

Jeff Dike (66):
UML: change sigcontext fields to match x86
uml: add asm-um/asm.h
uml: arch/um/include/init.h needs a definition of __used
uml: implement get_wchan
uml: get rid of asmlinkage
uml: document new ubd flag
uml: further bugs.c tidying
uml: SMP needs to depend on BROKEN for now
uml: console driver cleanups
uml: clone.c tidying
uml: borrow const.h techniques
uml: delete some unused headers
uml: allow LFLAGS on command line
uml: tidy kern_util.h
uml: tidy pgtable.h
UML - Fix build in 2.6.24-rc2-mm1
uml: reconst a parameter
uml: host TLS diagnostics
uml: move um_virt_to_phys
uml: header untangling
uml: style cleanup
uml: current.h cleanup
uml: fix page table data sizes
uml: add virt_to_pte
uml: simplify SIGSEGV handling
uml: use ptrace directly in libc code
uml: kill processes instead of panicing kernel
uml: clean up TASK_SIZE usage
uml: cover stubs with a VMA
uml: fx command-line CFLAGS and LDFLAGS support
uml: syle fixes in arch/um/os-Linux
uml: miscellaneous code cleanups
uml: style fixes in file.c
uml: 64-bit tlb fixes
uml: customize tlb.h
uml: eliminate setjmp_wrapper
uml: install panic notifier earlier
uml: use barrier() instead of mb()
uml: tidy helper code
uml: don't kill pid 0
uml: get rid of syscall counters
uml: don't allow processes to call into stub
uml: move sig_handler_common_skas
uml: clean up sig_handler_common_skas
uml: style fixes in arch/um/kernel
uml: signal handling tidying
uml: remove init_irq_signals
uml: SMP locking commentary
uml: implement O_APPEND
uml: remove fakehd
uml: DEBUG_SHIRQ fixes
uml: add back CONFIG_HZ
uml: style fixes in arch/um/sys-x86_64
uml: add newlines to printks
uml: move register initialization
uml: remove unused fields from mm_context
uml: remove map_cb
uml: use of a public MAC is a warning, not an error
uml: defconfig tweaks
uml: redo the calculation of NR_syscalls
uml: make mconsole_stack namespace-aware
Fix __const_udelay declaration and definition mismatches
uml: runtime host VMSPLIT detection
uml: style fixes in arch/um/os-Linux
uml: x86_64 should copy %fs during fork
uml: fix mm_context memory leak

Jeff Garzik (28):
[SCSI] ips: remove ips_ha members that duplicate struct pci_dev members
[SCSI] ips: trim trailing whitespace
[SCSI] ips: PCI API cleanups
[SCSI] ips: handle scsi_add_host() failure, and other err cleanups
[SCSI] NCR5380: minor irq handler cleanups
[SCSI] sym53c416: kill pointless irq handler loop and test
[SCSI] gdth: kill unneeded 'irq' argument
libata: checkpatch fixes
[libata] Build fix WRT ata_is_xxx() new API introduction
libata: make ata_port_queue_task() an internal function
[ARM] Misc minor interrupt handler cleanups
[ARM] Remove pointless casts from void pointers,
hamradio/scc: kill unnecessary use of 'irq' function arg
[netdrvr] irq handler minor cleanups in several drivers
[netdrvr] ibmlana: modularization cleanup
[netdrvr] ibmlana: move away from legacy MCA API
[netdrvr] netxen: checkpatch fixes (98% trim trailing whitespace)
drivers/net/r6040: fix obvious problems (but more remain)
wireless: checkpatch cleanups
[netdrvr] checkpatch cleanups
drivers/net/cxgb3: trim trailing whitespace
USB: s3c2410_udc: minor irq handler cleanups
[netdrvr] sis190: build fix
Rename: linux/pata_platform.h to linux/ata_platform.h
riscom8: fix SMP brokenness
sound/oss/pss: set_io_base() always returns success, mark it void
sound/oss/sb_common.c: fix casting warning
Remove pointless casts from void pointers

Jeff Layton (7):
[CIFS] Only dump SPNEGO key if CONFIG_CIFS_DEBUG2 is set
[CIFS] redo existing session setup if needed in cifs_mount
[CIFS] use krb5 session key from first SMB session after a NegProt
[CIFS] fix unicode string alignment in SPNEGO setup
SUNRPC: spin svc_rqst initialization to its own function
NLM: tear down RPC clients in nlm_shutdown_hosts
smbfs: fix calculation of kernel_recvmsg size parameter in smb_receive()

Jelle Foks (3):
V4L/DVB (6828): cx88-blackbird: audio improvements
V4L/DVB (6829): cx88-blackbird: remove unnecessary msleep()'s
V4L/DVB (6830): cx88-blackbird: remove unnecessary encoder unmute

Jens Axboe (34):
__bio_clone: don't calculate hw/phys segment counts
SG: Move functions to lib/scatterlist.c and add sg chaining allocator helpers
SG: Convert SCSI to use scatterlist helpers for sg chaining
ioprio: move io priority from task_struct to io_context
io context sharing: preliminary support
block: cfq: make the io contect sharing lockless
io_context sharing - anticipatory changes
kernel: add CLONE_IO to specifically request sharing of IO contexts
cfq-iosched: relax IOPRIO_CLASS_IDLE restrictions
cfq-iosched: kill some big inlines
[SPLICE]: Don't assume regular pages in splice_to_pipe()
[TCP]: Splice receive support.
[TCP] splice: add tcp_splice_read() to IPV6
xsysace: end request handling fix
block: first step of splitting ll_rw_blk, rename it
block: split tag and sysfs handling from blk-core.c
block: continue ll_rw_blk.c splitup
block: get rid of unnecessary forward declarations in blk-core.c
block: remove dated (and wrong) comment in blk-core.c
block: ll_rw_blk.c split, add blk-merge.c
block: fix warning on compile with CONFIG_BLOCK
cciss: fix bug in overriding ->data_len before completion
splice: fix problem with atime not being updated
as-iosched: fix double locking bug in as_merged_requests()
splice: always updated atime in direct splice
block: new end request handling interface should take unsigned byte counts
block: make core bits checkpatch compliant
cfq-iosched: make checkpatch compliant
block: make elevator lib checkpatch compliant
ide-cd: fix leftover data BUG
as-iosched: fix inconsistent ioc->lock context
block: kill swap_io_context()
block: fixup rq_init() a bit
splice: missing user pointer access verification

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (49):
x86: partial unification of asm-x86/bitops.h
x86: clean up bitops-related warnings
x86: add set/clear_cpu_cap operations
x86: kill mk_pte_huge
x86: clean up mm/init_32.c
x86: page.h: unify constants
x86: page.h: unify page copying and clearing
x86: add _AT() macro to conditionally cast
x86: page.h: move and unify types for pagetable entry
x86: page.h: move pa and va related things
x86: page.h: move remaining bits and pieces
x86: page.h: move things back to their own files
x86/efi: fix improper use of lvalue
x86: move all asm/pgtable constants into one place
x86: avoid name conflict for Voyager leave_mm
x86/pgtable: unify pagetable accessors, #6
x86: mask NX from pte_pfn
x86: unify pgtable accessors which use
x86: page.h: make pte_t a union to always include
x86/vmi: fix compilation as a result of pte_t changes
x86: pgtable: unify pte accessors
x86: fix warning
x86: unify zero_page definition
x86: unify paravirt pagetable accessors
xen: mask out PWT too
x86/pgtable: explain constant sign extension problem
add native_pud_val and _pmd_val for 2 and 3
x86/paravirt: rearrange common mmu_ops
x86/paravirt: common implementation for pte value ops
x86/paravirt: common implementation for pgd value ops
x86/paravirt: common implementation for pmd value ops
x86/paravirt: make set_pte operations common
x86/paravirt: make set_pmd operation common
x86/paravirt: make set_pud operation common
xen: fix mismerge in masking pte flags
x86: add mm parameter to paravirt_alloc_pd
x86: demacro asm-x86/pgalloc_32.h
xen: deal with pmd being allocated/freed
x86: preallocate pmds at pgd creation time
x86: allocate and initialize unshared pmds
x86: ignore spurious faults
x86: don't special-case pmd allocations as much
x86: defer cr3 reload when doing pud_clear()
x86: use the same pgd_list for PAE and 64-bit
x86: fix early_ioremap pagetable ops
x86: unify PAE/non-PAE pgd_ctor
x86: revert "defer cr3 reload when doing pud_clear()"
x86: pud_clear: only reload cr3 if necessary
x86: update reference for PAE tlb flushing

Jeremy Kerr (12):
[POWERPC] cell: export force_sig_info()
[POWERPC] cell: handle kernel SLB setup in spu_base.c
[POWERPC] cell: use spu_load_slb for SLB setup
[POWERPC] cell: add spu_64k_pages_available() check
[POWERPC] cell: handle SPE kernel mappings that cross segment boundaries
[POWERPC] cell: catch errors from sysfs_create_group()
[POWERPC] spufs: move fault, lscsa_alloc and switch code to spufs module
[POWERPC] spufs: fix incorrect interrupt status clearing in backing mbox stat poll
[POWERPC] spufs: use #defines for SPU class [012] exception status
[POWERPC] spufs: rework class 0 and 1 interrupt handling
[POWERPC] spufs: Don't leak kernel stack through an empty {i,m}box_info read
[POWERPC] spufs: Fix SPE single-step mode

Jerome Marchand (7):
Enhanced partition statistics: core statistics
Enhanced partition statistics: update partition statitics
Enhanced partition statistics: aoe fix
Enhanced partition statistics: sysfs
Enhanced partition statistics: procfs
Enhanced partition statistics: remove old partition statistics
Enhanced partition statistics: documentation update

Jerone Young (9):
KVM: Portability: Move kvm_memory_alias to asm/kvm.h
KVM: Portability: Move x86 pic strutctures
KVM: Portability: Move kvm_regs to <asm/kvm.h>
KVM: Portability: Move structure lapic_state to <asm/kvm.h>
KVM: Portability: Move kvm_segment & kvm_dtable structure to <asm/kvm.h>
KVM: Portability: Move kvm_sregs and msr structures to <asm/kvm.h>
KVM: Portability: Move cpuid structures to <asm/kvm.h>
KVM: Add ifdef in irqchip struct for x86 only structures
[ALSA] hda-codec - Add IEC958 digital out support for Lenovo Thinkpads T61/X61

Jes Sorensen (1):
iwlwifi: disable interrupts before calling request_irq

Jesper Juhl (5):
UBI: silence a warning
mga_dma: return 'err' not just zero from mga_do_cleanup_dma()
Nuke duplicate include from printk.c
Nuke a duplicate include from profile.c
Nuke duplicate header from sysctl.c

Jesper Nilsson (161):
[MTD] Provide mtdram.h with mtdram_init_device() prototype
CRIS: avoid using arch links in Kconfig
cris: remove unused __dummy, CONST_ADDR and ADDR from bitops.h
CRIS: Rearrange Kconfigs for v10 and v32 to allow compilation without warnings.
CRIS v32: Add new driver files for Artpec-3.
CRIS v32: Add new driver files for Etrax-FS
CRIS v32: Add new machine dependent files for Etrax-FS and Artpec-3.
CRIS v32: Add hardware dependent include files and defconfigs for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3 chips.
CRIS v32: Add L2 cache initialization code.
CRIS v32: Add SECOND_WORD_SYNC, used in sync_serial.
CRIS v32: Update synchronous serial driver.
CRIS: Merge axisflashmap.h with Axis internal changes.
CRIS v32: Update asm-cris/arch-v32/irq.h for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3
CRIS: Remove unnecessary CVS log from cris/mm/init.c
CRIS v32: Add prototypes for cache flushing
CRIS v32: Add headers for EtraxFS and Artpec-3 chips.
CRIS: Minor fixes to mm/fault.c
CRIS: Minor generic kernel/traps.c changes.
CRIS v32: Whitespace and formatting changes for kernel/ptrace.c
CRIS v32: Update entry.S to working order.
CRIS v32: Fixup kernel Makefile.
CRIS v32: New version of I2C driver.
CRIS v32: Update and improve axisflashmap
CRIS: Update main Kbuild makefile.
CRIS v10: Update boot Kbuild makefile.
CRIS v10: Update boot/compressed Kbuild makefile.
CRIS v10: Update rescue Kbuild makefile.
CRIS v10: Update rescue head.s
CRIS v10: Update and improve axisflashmap.c
CRIS v32: Update traps.c
CRIS v32: Update boot Kbuild makefile.
CRIS v32: Update boot compressed Kbuild makefile.
CRIS v32: Update boot rescue Kbuild makefile.
CRIS v32: Remove common gpio and nandflash, add mach-fs and mach-a3 as subdirs.
CRIS v32: Update compressed head.S
CRIS v32: Update boot/compressed/misc.c
CRIS v32: Update boot/rescue/head.S code.
CRIS v32: Update debugport.
CRIS v32: Include path fix for timex.h
CRIS v32: Update and improve fasttimer.c
CRIS v32: Update kernel/head.S
CRIS v32: Update and simplify kernel/irq.c.
CRIS v32: Minor updates to kernel/process.c
CRIS v32: Update and improve kernel/traps.c
CRIS v32: Minor fixes for io.h
CRIS v10: New default config.
CRIS v32: Update and improve kernel/time.c
CRIS: Add architecture dependent bug.h for CRIS v10 and CRIS v32
CRIS v10: Update boot/compressed/Makefile to use ccflags-y and ldflags-y
CRIS v10: Change boot/rescue/Makefile to use ccflags-y, asflags-y and ldflags-y.
CRIS v10: Correct and cleanup boot/rescue/kimagerescue.S
CRIS v10: Correct and cleanup boot/rescue/testrescue.S
CRIS v10: Cleanup drivers/eeprom.c to avoid import conflicts.
CRIS v10: Fix bugs in i2c_init and i2c_readreg
CRIS v10: Update driver for pcf8563
CRIS v10: Cleanup rtc.h
CRIS v10: Update and fix bug in kernel/debugport.
CRIS v10: Remove CVS tag from boot/compressed/misc.c
CRIS v10: Break long lines in boot/rescue/head.S
CRIS v10: Remove CVS id tag from kernel/dma.c
CRIS v10: Cleanup kernel/entry.S CVS log and id.
CRIS v10: Cleanup kernel/fasttimer.c
CRIS v10: Cleanup kernel/irq.c
CRIS v10: Remove CVS log and id from kernel/kgdb.c
CRIS v10: Remove CVS id from kernel/process.c
CRIS: Remove NO_IOMEM config, we have IO memory.
CRIS: Move common Kconfig variable ETRAX_RTC to arch independet Kconfig.
CRIS v10: Reformat drivers/makefile using tabs.
CRIS v10: Remove useless CVS id from kernel/shadows.c
CRIS v10: Remove useless CVS id and log from lib/dram_init.S
CRIS v10: Remove useless CVS id tag from lib/old_checksum.c
CRIS v10: Fix bug where error returns didn't restore irqs in mm/fault.c
CRIS v10: Don't call get_mmu_context when switching between tasks with shared memory descriptors
CRIS v10: Add synchronous serial port driver for CRIS v10.
CRIS v10: Setup serial port 2 to avoid accidental TXD pulse on startup.
CRIS v10: Update kernel/io_interface_mux.c
CRIS v10: Clear TIF_SYSCALL_TRACE flag in ptrace_disable in kernel/ptrace.c
CRIS v10: Remove duplicated folding of carry from lib/checksumcopy.S, it is not needed.
CRIS v10: Remove duplicated folding of carry from lib/checksum.S, it is not needed.
CRIS: Update cpu_possible_map and raw_smp_processor_id in smp.h header.
CRIS: Correct comment in io.h to describe reality of I/O space.
CRIS: Correct pfn_pte to make it possible to ioremap uncached addresses.
CRIS: Include arch dependent bug.h.
CRIS: Allow arch dependent delay to override common version.
CRIS: Fix bugs in return value of atomic_inc_return and atomic_dec_return.
CRIS v32: Remove useless CVS id tag from boot/compressed/README
CRIS v10: Change name of low voltage read and set macros.
CRIS v32: Replace build flags in boot/compressed/Makefile
CRIS v32: Replace build flags in boot/rescue/Makefile
CRIS v32: Rewrite of stream co-processor driver for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3
CRIS v32: Change include path for hwregs in drivers/iop_fw_load.c
CRIS v32: Change name of LED macros in drivers/mach-a3/gpio.c to avoid collision.
CRIS v32: ETRAX FS Change name of LED macros in drivers/mach-fs/gpio.c to avoid collision.
CRIS v32: Remove drivers/nandflash.h, now exists as machine specific file.
CRIS v32: Update driver for RTC chip pcf8563.
CRIS v32: Remove drivers/gpio.c, now exists as machine specific file.
CRIS v32: Remove config ifdef around init function for drivers/sync_serial.c
CRIS v32: Update kernel/crisksyms.c
CRIS v32: Change debug and formatting in kernel/fasttimer.c
CRIS v32: Change names of config variable and register field for data available.
CRIS: Add support for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3 to etraxgpio.h
CRIS v10: Update drivers/gpio.c, fix locking and general improvements.
CRIS v32: Update boot/rescue/rescue.ld
CRIS v32: Update signal handling in kernel/signal.c
CRIS v32: Update kernel/smp.c for CRIS v32.
CRIS v32: Move vcs_hook to machine specific directory.
CRIS v32: Update vcs_hook.c for ETRAX FS.
CRIS v32: Add precise delay loops for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3.
CRIS v32: Add lib/delay to build.
CRIS v32: Update lib/checksum.S and lib/checksumcopy.S
CRIS v32: Move hw_settings.S to machine specific directories for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3
CRIS v32: Change lib/spinlock.S to use byte operations instead of dwords.
CRIS v32: Change name of simulator config to CONFIG_ETRAX_VCS_SIM in mm/init.c
CRIS v32: Fix bug in internal memory allocator mm/intmem.c
CRIS v32: Add workaround for MMU hardware bug for ETRAX FS in mm/mmu.S
CRIS v32: Avoid work when switching between tasks with shared memory descriptors in mm/tlb.c
CRIS v32: Fix startup oops and replace hardcoded pagesize in
CRIS: Remove CONFIG_NO_IOMEM from default configs.
CRIS: Add configuration possibility for using kmalloc for modules.
CRIS: Remove useless CVS id and log from kernel/process.c
CRIS: Remove useless CVS log from kernel/ptrace.c
CRIS: Remove CONFIG_NO_IOMEM from ARTPEC-3 default config.
CRIS: Remove include of linux/init.h, not needed anymore.
CRIS: Register cpus in kernel/setup.c
CRIS: Add sched_clock to kernel/time.c
CRIS: Add missing headers to include/asm-cris Kbuild files.
CRIS: Rename LED macros to CRIS_LED to avoid name clash in io.h
CRIS: Break long comment line in include/asm-cris/arch-v10/page.h
CRIS v32: Add missing header to include/asm-cris/arch-v32/Kbuild
CRIS v32: Adjust arch-v32/atomic.h for new spinlock/rwlock infrastructure
CRIS v32: Add defines for udelay and ndelay in arch-v32/delay.h
CRIS v32: Remove useless CVS id tag from arch-v32/hwregs/Makefile
CRIS v32: Rename variable used in macro for arch-v32/hwregs/dma.h
CRIS v32: Add support for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3 for arch-v32/hwregs/eth_defs.h
CRIS v32: Remove juliette.h, it is not supported for CRIS v32.
CRIS v32: Change name for simulator config in asm-cris/arch-v32/page.h
CRIS v32: Add prototype for crisv32_pinmux_dealloc_fixed in asm-cris/arch-v32/pinmux.h
CRIS v32: Change name for simulator config in asm-cris/arch-v32/processor.h
CRIS v32: Completely rework spinlocks for ETRAX FS and ARTPEC-3
CRIS v32: Remove SMP stub from asm-cris/arch-v32/system.h
CRIS v32: Let compiler know that memory is clobbered after a break op.
CRIS v32: Move register map header to machine dependent directory.
CRIS v32: Correct offset for TASK_pid in asm-cris/arch-v32/offset.h
CRIS v32: arch-v32/hwregs/intr_vect_defs.h moved to machine dependent directory.
CRIS v32: Minor changes to avoid errors in asm-cris/arch-v32/hwregs/reg_rdwr.h
CRIS v32: Remove kernel/arbiter.c, it now exists in machine dependent directory.
CRIS v32: Initialize GIO even if we're rambooting in kernel/head.S
CRIS v32: Fix minor formatting issue in mach-a3/io.c
CRIS: Drop regs parameter from call to profile_tick in kernel/time.c
CRIS: Move ETRAX_AXISFLASHMAP to common Kconfig file.
CRIS: Make io_pwm_set_period members unsigned in etraxgpio.h
CRIS v10: drivers/net/cris/eth_v10.c rename LED defines to CRIS_LED to avoid name clash.
CRIS v10: Cleanup of drivers/gpio.c
CRIS v32: Clean up nandflash.c for ARTPEC-3 and ETRAX FS.
CRIS v32: Correct spelling of bandwidth in function name.
MAINTAINERS: Add my information for the CRIS port.
CRIS: Add new timerfd syscall entries.
CRIS v32: Rewrite ARTPEC-3 gpio driver to avoid volatiles and general cleanup.
CRIS v32: Change drivers/i2c.c locking.
CRIS v32: Remove hwregs/timer_defs.h, it is now architecture specific.







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