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Mauro Carvalho Chehab (115):
V4L/DVB (6385): Adds the capability of configuring tea5767 support
V4L/DVB (6386): Add support for radio on CX88_BOARD_MSI_TVANYWHERE_MASTER
V4L/DVB (6411): remove V4L1 from being compiled when V4L2 only is selected
V4L/DVB (6412): Audio hooks moved to another file
V4L/DVB (6418): Converted tvaudio from V4L1 to V4L2
V4L/DVB (6419): V4L2 port of tda7432 from V4L1 api
V4L/DVB (6420): V4L2 conversion for tda9875 from V4L1 API
V4L/DVB (6421): Make Kconfig reflect the changes at audio helper modules
V4L/DVB (6422): Add the pending entries for xc2028/3028 based boards
V4L/DVB (6423): Add tuner-xc2028 driver
V4L/DVB (6426): Some fixes on tuner-xc2028
V4L/DVB (6427): Some cleanups at tuner-xc2028 driver
V4L/DVB (6429): Avoid having two tuner commands happening at the same time
V4L/DVB (6430): Convert tuner-xc2028 driver to the newer hybrid approach
V4L/DVB (6431): Improve firmware format
V4L/DVB (6470): Avoid breaking compilation
V4L/DVB (6472): Re-inserts xc2028 attach code, fixing its parameters
V4L/DVB (6473): Prevents double tuner registering
V4L/DVB (6474): Add support for tuner-xc2028
V4L/DVB (6475): Fix some troubles at list handling
V4L/DVB (6476): Add support for analog tv on HVR-950
V4L/DVB (6477): Properly fill MODULE_AUTHOR
V4L/DVB (6516): Allow faster loading by using 64 bytes block by em28xx i2c write
V4L/DVB (6517): CodingStyle fixup
V4L/DVB (6519): Fix HVR900/HVR950 entry
V4L/DVB (6535): Fix: Adds the generic PCI IDs for em28xx
V4L/DVB (6536): Add a hint for boards without unique USB ID
V4L/DVB (6537): Add entry for Pixelview Prolink PlayTV USB 2.0
V4L/DVB (6541): Add V-Gear PocketTV to Cardlist.em28xx
V4L/DVB (6546): Add comments for the hint methods
V4L/DVB(6548a) Fix compilation for TDA8290
V4L/DVB(6548b) Fix compilation for em28xx
V4L/DVB (6559): Fix a buffer overflow at xc2028_get_reg
V4L/DVB (6560): Fix a bug when setting tuner type
V4L/DVB (6561): Fix xc2028 get register functions and calls
V4L/DVB (6562): Make HVR900 to use also tveeprom
V4L/DVB (6582): Fix em28xx to allow multiple open
V4L/DVB (6583): Fix em28xx read stream locking
V4L/DVB (6584): Fix read() method
V4L/DVB (6585): Convert em28xx to video_ioctl2
V4L/DVB (6586): Remove some dead code and make drive fully V4L2 compatible
V4L/DVB (6587): Cleanup at tv norm selection
V4L/DVB (6592): Add the capability to work with more complete firmwares
V4L/DVB (6593): Fix scode table loading
V4L/DVB (6594): Add tuner_err macro
V4L/DVB (6595): Corrects printk lines
V4L/DVB (6598): Fix standard name
V4L/DVB (6605): Add a modprobe option to manually select audio standard
V4L/DVB (6613): Fix: add a missing continue statement
V4L/DVB (6614): Fix driver for i386 architectures
V4L/DVB (6657): Fix standard selection for PAL/M, PAL/N, PAL/Nc and NTSC
V4L/DVB (6658): Sets a default std, if not specified
V4L/DVB (6659): Convert MTS to bitfield
V4L/DVB (6660): Allow fully configuring xc3028 during xc2028_attach
V4L/DVB (6661): Remove firmware reload hack for analog
V4L/DVB (6662): Fix standard selection for PAL
V4L/DVB (6664): Add missing USB ID's at CARDLIST.em28xx
V4L/DVB (6665): Fix CodingStyle
V4L/DVB (6671): Avoids checking digital/analog at check_firmware
V4L/DVB (6672): Add support for radio
V4L/DVB (6674): Add support for other DTV types
V4L/DVB (6675): Allow selecting the proper SCode table for DTV
V4L/DVB (6676): Improve s-code support
V4L/DVB (6677): Fix xc2028 driver for non OFDM
V4L/DVB (6683): Fix DVB compatibility
V4L/DVB (6735): Reorder functions to make easier to compare with the previous code
V4L/DVB (6736): Fix some errors at the video_ioctl2 conversion
V4L/DVB (6753): Fix vivi to support non-zero minor node
V4L/DVB (6754): Allow vivi to open multiple video devices
V4L/DVB (6755): Avoid troubles when using multiple devices
V4L/DVB (6758): Miscelaneous cleanups
V4L/DVB (6759): CodingStyle fixes
V4L/DVB (6791): Rename all vidioc_ to saa7134_
V4L/DVB (6792): Fix VBI support
V4L/DVB (6793): Convert saa7134-empress to video_ioctl2
V4L/DVB (6795): Add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL to the saa7134 video control routines
V4L/DVB (6804): __videobuf_read_start is static
V4L/DVB (6805): video std is a bitmask. Better to print in hexa
V4L/DVB (6806): Allow emulating changes of video std by vivi
V4L/DVB (6807): fix debug enable
V4L/DVB (6815): Fix vivi internal debug messages
V4L/DVB (6816): Add proper locking for buffer filling
V4L/DVB (6817): Cleanup kernel thread and provide overrun detection
V4L/DVB (6827): Auto-selects D2633 for ATSC
V4L/DVB (6836): Fix CodingStyle troubles caused by the previous cx88 commits
V4L/DVB (6858): Fix offset for ATSC
V4L/DVB (6912): Replace vidioc_ to bttv_
V4L/DVB (6913): Preserve the previous order to make easier to check the conversion
V4L/DVB (6914): Fix a few issues at the bttv conversion
V4L/DVB (6938): Add a tool for extracting xc3028 version 2.7 firmware
V4L/DVB (6944): Fix in-kernel ivtv compilation
V4L/DVB (6947): Improve audio setup handling
V4L/DVB (6948): HVR950 requires additional settings for audio to properly work
V4L/DVB (6950): Lindent em28xx-audio.c
V4L/DVB (6951): Integrates em28xx-audio.c into em28xx kernel module
V4L/DVB (6952): Add code for autoloading em28xx-alsa, if needed
V4L/DVB (6953): Fix radio set frequency logic
V4L/DVB (6954): There isn't a MTS radio firmware
V4L/DVB (6955): Properly implement 12MHz I2S support
V4L/DVB (6956): Add Radio support for em28xx
V4L/DVB (6969): Avoid causing regressions for non-HVR950 boards
V4L/DVB (6970): Request snd-usb-audio for devices with Audio Class support
V4L/DVB (6974): Fix codingStyle
V4L/DVB (6975): Add missing entry for Beholder BeholdTV 407
V4L/DVB (6981): Fix bugzillas 9686 and 9691
V4L/DVB (6993): Fix CARDLIST.saa7134
V4L/DVB (6997): Replace a very dirty hack on videobuf for a clean wait_event
V4L/DVB (7020): Add USB ID for a newer variant of Hauppauge WinTV USB2
V4L/DVB (7021): Move all board specific configuration to em28xx-cards.c
V4L/DVB (7022): Fix timestamp presentation on vivi driver
V4L/DVB (7023): Fix a regresion left by changeset 7e65d6e8f6df
V4L/DVB (7039): Reorder headers
V4L/DVB (7051): Cleans up error handling on or51xxx_attach
V4L/DVB (7060): em28xx: remove has_tuner

Maxim Levitsky (4):
V4L/DVB (6667): Fix access to configuration space while in D3
V4L/DVB (6668): Fix theoretical races between IRQ handler and .suspend/resume
V4L/DVB (6669): Add few missing bits of code to saa7134_resume
V4L/DVB (6670): V4L: saa7134: tvaudio cleanups

Mel Gorman (3):
x86: make NUMA work on 32-bit again
x86: make NUMA work on 32-bit
x86: relax restrictions on setting CONFIG_NUMA on x86, #2

Miao Xie (1):
time: fix sysfs_show_{available,current}_clocksources() buffer overflow problem

Michael Albaugh (1):
IB/ipath: New sysfs entries to control 7220 features

Michael Buesch (41):
b43legacy: Remove set_key callback
b43: Dereference of wl->current_dev must be protected by wl->mutex
b43: Use the retry limit parameters from mac80211
b43: consistent naming for ieee80211_ops
b43: Fix ofdmtab write regression
b43: Fix for broken transmission
ssb: Fix extraction of values from SPROM
b43: Only select allowed TX and RX antennas
b43: Fix chip access validation for new devices
ssb: Fix PCMCIA lowlevel register access
b43: Remove PIO support
b43: Add definitions for MAC Control register
b43-ssb-bridge: Add PCI ID for BCM43XG
b43: Add NPHY kconfig option
b43: Fix any N-PHY related WARN_ON() in the attach stage.
zd1211rw: fix alignment for QOS and WDS frames
b43: Add N-PHY register definitions
b43: Fix PHY register routing
b43: Remove the PHY spinlock
b43: Fix upload of beacon packets to the hardware
b43: Fix template upload locking.
b43: Put multicast frames on the mcast queue
b43: Fix tim search buffer overrun
b43: Add N-PHY related initvals firmware filenames.
b43: Fix radio ID register reading
b43: Add support for new firmware
b43: Add Broadcom 2055 radio register definitions
ssb: Add boardflags_hi field to the sprom data structure
b43: Add NPHY radio init code
b43: Add NPHY channel switch code
b43: Add lots of N-PHY lookup tables
b43legacy: Remove the PHY spinlock
b43: Add more N-PHY init code
b43: Fix firmware caching
b43: Fix MAC control and microcode init
b43: Fix rfkill allocation leakage in error paths
b43legacy: Fix rfkill allocation leakage in error paths
b43: Fix suspend/resume
b43: Drop packets that we are not able to encrypt
mac80211: Is not EXPERIMENTAL anymore
b43: Fix DMA for 30/32-bit DMA engines

Michael Chan (32):
[BNX2]: Add ring constants.
[BNX2]: Restructure RX fast path handling.
[BNX2]: Restructure RX ring init. code.
[BNX2]: Update firmware to support S/G RX buffers.
[BNX2]: Add init. code to handle RX pages.
[BNX2]: Add fast path code to handle RX pages.
[BNX2]: Enable S/G for jumbo RX.
[BNX2]: Update version to 1.6.9.
[BNX2]: Add function to fetch hardware tx index.
[BNX2]: Restructure IRQ datastructures.
[BNX2]: Introduce new bnx2_napi structure.
[BNX2]: Move tx indexes into bnx2_napi struct.
[BNX2]: Move rx indexes into bnx2_napi struct.
[BNX2]: Support multiple MSIX IRQs.
[BNX2]: Add support for a new tx ring.
[BNX2]: Enable new tx ring.
[BNX2]: Update version to 1.7.1.
[BNX2]: Fix compiler warning.
[ETH]: Combine format_addr() with print_mac().
[BNX2]: Disable jumbo rx paging on 5709 Ax.
[BNX2]: Fix minor bug in bnx2_has_work().
[BNX2]: Add link-down workaround on 5706 serdes.
[BNX2] Update version to 1.7.2.
[BNX2]: Fix driver phy_flags name space.
[BNX2]: Fix 5706 serdes link down bug.
[BNX2]: Refine tx coalescing setup.
[BNX2]: Remove REG_WR_IND/REG_RD_IND macros.
[BNX2]: Remove CTX_WR macro.
[BNX2]: Fine-tune flow control on 5709.
[BNX2]: Update firmware.
[BNX2]: Update version to 1.7.3.
[BNX2]: Fix ASYM PAUSE advertisement for remote PHY.

Michael E Brown (1):
Driver core: Revert "Fix Firmware class name collision"

Michael Ellerman (28):
[POWERPC] Add for_each_child_of_node() helper for iterating over child nodes
[POWERPC] Implement pci_set_dma_mask() in terms of the dma_ops
[POWERPC] Set archdata.dma_data for direct DMA in cell_dma_dev_setup()
[POWERPC] Add celleb_dma_dev_setup()
[POWERPC] Use archdata.dma_data in dma_direct_ops and add the offset
[POWERPC] Have cell use its own dma_direct_offset variable
[POWERPC] Have celleb use its own dma_direct_offset variable
[POWERPC] Remove the global dma_direct_offset
[POWERPC] Remove bogus comment in dma_direct_alloc_coherent()
[POWERPC] Make IOMMU code safe for > 132 GB of memory
[POWERPC] Add set_dma_ops() to match get_dma_ops()
[POWERPC] Allocate the hash table under 1G on cell
[POWERPC] Split out the logic that allocates struct iommus
[POWERPC] Split cell_iommu_setup_hardware() into two parts
[POWERPC] Split out the IOMMU logic from cell_dma_dev_setup()
[POWERPC] Add support to cell_iommu_setup_page_tables() for multiple windows
[POWERPC] Split out the ioid fetching/checking logic
[POWERPC] Cell IOMMU fixed mapping support
[POWERPC] Add of_get_next_parent()
[POWERPC] Search for and publish cell OF platform devices earlier
[POWERPC] Create and hook up of_platform_device_shutdown
[POWERPC] Convert axon_msi to an of_platform driver
[POWERPC] Avoid DMA exception when using axon_msi with IOMMU
[POWERPC] Fix legacy serial search for opb bus ports
[POWERPC] Fix cell IOMMU null pointer explosion on old firmwares
[POWERPC] Don't enable cell IOMMU fixed mapping if there are no dma-ranges
[POWERPC] Fix potential cell IOMMU bug when switching back to default DMA ops
[POWERPC] Make cell IOMMU fixed mapping printk more useful

Michael Ernst (2):
[S390] cio: memory leak in cio processing
[S390] sclp: sysfs interface for SCLP cpi

Michael Halcrow (2):
eCryptfs: track header bytes rather than extents
eCryptfs: Minor fixes to printk messages

Michael Hanselmann (1):
[POWERPC] Update smu command definitions

Michael Hennerich (26):
[MTD] [NAND] Add Blackfin BF52x support in bf5xx_nand driver
[Blackfin] arch: add Hitachi TX09D70VM1CDA TFT LCD driver resource to Blackfin board
[Blackfin] arch: Enable peripheral platform resources on the BF527 EZkit
[Blackfin] arch: Trash bf54x-hcd driver - we use the musb driver
[Blackfin] arch: The BF527 EZkit connects UART1/PORTF
[Blackfin] arch: Fix gpio label handling
[Blackfin] arch: append IRQ Number to label string
[Blackfin] arch: replace current blackfin specific pfbutton driver with kernel generic gpio key driver
[Blackfin] arch: Enable both edge triggered GPIO IRQs on BF54x and use irq_to_gpio()
[Blackfin] arch: Fix BUG - kernel sometimes would stuck with KEYBOARD_GPIO on
[Blackfin] arch: Add some comments - fix semicolons
[Blackfin] arch: set_bfin_dma_config shouldnt set SYNC or RESTART by default - add argument or option
[Blackfin] arch: Fix BUG gpio_direction_output API is not compatitable with GENERIC_GPIO API interface
[Blackfin] arch: GPIO API cleanup and anomaly update
[Blackfin] arch: Update copyright date
[Blackfin] arch: Add proper SW System Reset delay sequence
[Blackfin] arch: Fix bug - kernel build with Debug option enabled fails to boot up
[Blackfin] arch: Merge BF561 support into ints-priority
[Blackfin] arch: hook up set_irq_wake in Blackfin's irq code
[Blackfin] arch: Add Support for ISP1362
[Blackfin] arch: Fix header file information
[Blackfin] arch: Fix BUG - Enable ISP1362 driver to work ok with BF561
[Blackfin] arch:Fix BUG [#3876] pfbutton test for BTN3 on bf533 don't show complete info
[Blackfin] arch: Enable NET2272 on BF561-EZkit - remove request_mem_region
EMAC driver: ADSP-BF52x arch/mach support
[Blackfin] arch: Encourage users to use the spidev character driver: Provide platform support

Michael Holzheu (4):
[S390] kernel: Shutdown Actions Interface
[S390] Load disabled wait psw instead of stopping cpu on halt.
[S390] Initialize sclp_ipl_info
[S390] Use diag308 subcodes 3 and 6 for reboot and dump when possible.

Michael Krufky (127):
V4L/DVB (6433): Move all tda8275/8275a tuning code from tda8290 module into tda827x module
V4L/DVB (6434): tda827x: fix GPL export on attach function
V4L/DVB (6435): tda8290: add support for NXP TDA18271 tuner and TDA8295 analog demod
V4L/DVB (6436): tuner: move analog_tuner_ops into dvb_frontend_ops
V4L/DVB (6437): tuner: clear analog_demod_ops on release
V4L/DVB (6438): tuner: move analog_demod_priv into struct dvb_frontend
V4L/DVB (6439): dvb_frontend: codingstyle cleanups
V4L/DVB (6440): tuner: convert analog tuner demod sub-modules to dvb_frontend interface
V4L/DVB (6441): tuner: clean up ops checking in tuner_status function
V4L/DVB (6442): move std if setting from tda8290 to tda827x
V4L/DVB (6443): make tda9887 build selectable via Kconfig
V4L/DVB (6444): tuner-core: remove excessive parenthesis
V4L/DVB (6445): tuner-core: improve comments inside function fe_release()
V4L/DVB (6446): tda18271: clean up debug macros
V4L/DVB (6447): tuner: add i2c_gate_ctrl function to struct analog_tuner_ops
V4L/DVB (6448): tda8290: fill i2c_gate_ctrl callback
V4L/DVB (6449): tda18271: clean up i2c_gate handling
V4L/DVB (6450): tda9887: add missing module license
V4L/DVB (6468): tda8290: auto-detect tda8290 or tda8295
V4L/DVB (6469): tuner: remove TUNER_PHILIPS_TDA8295
V4L/DVB (6491): tuner: prevent repeated "type set" message unless debug is enabled
V4L/DVB (6492): tuner: improve tuner_foo printk macros consistency
V4L/DVB (6543): tda8290: enable probing of tda8295
V4L/DVB (6550): tda8290: return -ENODEV on probe failures
V4L/DVB (6551): tda8290: rule out tda988x before detecting tda8290/tda8295
V4L/DVB (6563): tda8290: optimize for loop in tda829x_probe function
V4L/DVB (6606): saa7134: add autodetection support for alternate subids of Hauppauge HVR1110
V4L/DVB (6607): saa7134: add support for reading Hauppauge eeprom
V4L/DVB (6620): kconfig: VIDEO_SAA7134 must select VIDEO_TVEEPROM
V4L/DVB (6621): tda827x: fix NULL pointer dereference during tda827x_probe_version
V4L/DVB (6622): tda827x: prevent possible NULL pointer dereference in tda827xa_lna_gain
V4L/DVB (6678): tda18271: define init callback
V4L/DVB (6679): tda8290: force tuner init after attach
V4L/DVB (6680): tda18271: move tda18271_map tables to a separate source file
V4L/DVB (6681): tda18271: rename 'debug' to 'tda18271_debug'
V4L/DVB (6702): pvrusb2: fix typo in comments
V4L/DVB (6723): tda18271: only force init once during attach
V4L/DVB (6724): tda18271: remove duplicated code
V4L/DVB (6725): tda18271: improve debug flexibility
V4L/DVB (6726): tda18271: set image rejection validity
V4L/DVB (6727): tda18271: convert table lookup loops to functions
V4L/DVB (6728): tda18271: fix register dump format
V4L/DVB (6745): tda18271: remove tuning offset for atsc/qam
V4L/DVB (6782): tda8290: access frontend structure directly, where possible
V4L/DVB (6783): tuner: combine set_tv_freq and set_radio_freq into a single set_params method
V4L/DVB (6784): tda8290: prevent possible memory leak
V4L/DVB (6785): tda8290: remove dependency on struct tuner
V4L/DVB (6786): tuner: add struct analog_demod_info to struct analog_tuner_ops
V4L/DVB (6787): tuner: bug-fix: default mode was set to bogus value
V4L/DVB (6788): tda8290: fix codingstyle, open brace following struct on the same line
V4L/DVB (6789): tuner: use char *name instead of 128 byte fixed array for demod info
V4L/DVB (6800): tda18271: use an enum rather than an integer to store analog / digital state
V4L/DVB (6801): tda18271: pass i2c gate configuration into tda18271_attach()
V4L/DVB (6821): s5h1409: fix IF frequency configuration
V4L/DVB (6822): s5h1409: use VSB IF frequency ( 44 / 5.38 MHz ) unless otherwise specified
V4L/DVB (6832): cx88-blackbird: don't mute audio when stopping the codec
V4L/DVB (6837): Convert cx88_input.audioroute to a bitfield
V4L/DVB (6838): tda9887: remove references to struct tuner from printk macros
V4L/DVB (6839): tuner: add set_config to struct analog_tuner_ops
V4L/DVB (6840): tuner: convert tda9887 to use TUNER_SET_CONFIG
V4L/DVB (6841): tda9887: maintain private state independent of struct tuner
V4L/DVB (6842): tda9887: remove dependency on struct tuner
V4L/DVB (6843): tda9887: use printk macros from tuner-i2c.h
V4L/DVB (6844): tuner: remove struct tuner from tuner-driver.h
V4L/DVB (6845): tuner: remove unneeded #includes from tuner-driver.h
V4L/DVB (6846): tda9887: initialize mode to T_STANDBY at startup
V4L/DVB (6875): tuner-xc2028: ATSC requires 1.75 MHz tuning offset
V4L/DVB (6878): tuner: remove extraneous variable declaration
V4L/DVB (6879): move struct analog_tuner_ops into dvb_frontend.h
V4L/DVB (6880): kill tuner-driver.h
V4L/DVB (6881): include struct analog_demod_ops directly inside struct dvb_frontend
V4L/DVB (6882): dvb_frontend: release analog demod in dvb_frontend_detach
V4L/DVB (6890): tda18271: fix typo in RF tracking filter calibration
V4L/DVB (6892): xc5000: fix build when DVB_TUNER_XC5000 is disabled
V4L/DVB (6893): tuner-xc2028: fix xc2028_attach function
V4L/DVB (6894): xc5000: fix build warning
V4L/DVB (6898): cx23885: add support for Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1500
V4L/DVB (6899): Kconfig: VIDEO_CX23885 must select TUNER_XC2028 if !DVB_FE_CUSTOMIZE
V4L/DVB (6900): cx23885: enable EZ-QAM mode for Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1800
V4L/DVB (6901): Kconfig: VIDEO_CX23885 selects TUNER_TDA8290 and DVB_TDA18271
V4L/DVB (6904): tda18271: divider byte 1, bit 7 is always 0
V4L/DVB (6905): tda18271: check ID register during attach
V4L/DVB (6906): tda18271: rename tda18271_calc_* functions to tda18271_lookup_*
V4L/DVB (6907): tda18271: create separate calc_pll functions
V4L/DVB (6908): tda8290: add the option not to probe for tuners passed into tda829x_config
V4L/DVB (6909): cx23885: fix bad use count caused by tda18271 being probed by tda8290
V4L/DVB (6919): Kconfig: VIDEO_CX23885 must select DVB_TUNER_XC5000 if !DVB_FE_CUSTOMIZE
V4L/DVB (6920): tuner: fix backwards logic in check for set_config
V4L/DVB (6921): include/media/v4l2-i2c-drv.h must #include <media/v4l2-common.h>
V4L/DVB (6923): tda18271: remove extraneous debug
V4L/DVB (6924): tda18271: fix whitespace in tda18271_ir_measure
V4L/DVB (6925): tda18271: move state structures to tda18271-priv.h
V4L/DVB (6926): tda18271: consolidate table lookup functions
V4L/DVB (6927): tda18271: improve printk macros
V4L/DVB (6928): tda18271: break calculation functions out of tda18271_tune
V4L/DVB (6932): cx23885: add missing subsystem ID for Hauppauge HVR1800 Retail
V4L/DVB (6933): cx23885: update model matrix for Hauppauge HVR1800
V4L/DVB (6934): cx23885: update model matrix for Hauppauge HVR1250
V4L/DVB (6935): cx23885: add missing subsystem IDs for Hauppauge HVR1500 Retail
V4L/DVB (6936): cx23885: update model matrix for Hauppauge HVR1500
V4L/DVB (6957): tda18271: fail table lookups if frequency is out of range
V4L/DVB (6958): tda18271: clean up function tda18271_set_analog_params
V4L/DVB (6959): tda18271: add MODULE_VERSION
V4L/DVB (6960): tda18271: add support for NXP TDA18271HD/C2
V4L/DVB (6961): tda18271: move common code to tda18271-common.c
V4L/DVB (6962): tda18271: allow device-specific configuration of IF frequency and std bits
V4L/DVB (6963): tda18271: store IF frequency in a u16 instead of u32
V4L/DVB (6964): tda18271: document debug level and configuration parameters
V4L/DVB (6965): tda18271: fix analog tuning regression caused by earlier changeset
V4L/DVB (6967): pvrusb2: add support for Hauppauge WinTV PVR-USB2 Model 75xxx
V4L/DVB (6977): tda18271: clean up calibration initialization procedures
V4L/DVB (6978): tda18271: store frequency and bandwidth after successful tune
V4L/DVB (6979): tda18271: use a mutex to protect state in critical sections
V4L/DVB (6986): tda18271: share state between analog and digital tuner instances
V4L/DVB (6987): tda18271: add support for fm radio
V4L/DVB (6988): tda18271: give calibration debug a separate debug mask
V4L/DVB (6989): tda18271: clean up chip id logic in tda829x_release
V4L/DVB (7026): tda18271: report when the RF tracking filter calibration has completed
V4L/DVB (7027): tda18271: put the device in standby mode during sleep()
V4L/DVB (7028): tda18271: test RF_CAL_OK to see if we need additional RF calibration
V4L/DVB (7029): tda18271: provide a choice whether to perform rf cal on init or on first tune
V4L/DVB (7030): Kconfig: add missing selections for VIDEO_PVRUSB2
V4L/DVB (7032): tda18271: tda18271_cal_on_startup should be declared static
V4L/DVB (7047): fix broken build when CONFIG_USB_SI470X is set
V4L/DVB (7052): tda18271: when tuning digital, the analog demod must be tri-stated
V4L/DVB (7055): make tuner names consistent with standard cases
V4L/DVB (7056): tuner: suppress obsolete tuner i2c address warning for XC5000 tuners

Michael Loeffler (1):
leds: Add power LED to the wrap driver

Michael Marineau (1):
tmpfs: fix mounts when size is less than the page size







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