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Michael Neuling (4):
[POWERPC] Use SLB size from the device tree
[POWERPC] Make setjmp/longjmp code usable outside of xmon
[POWERPC] kdump shutdown hook support
taskstats scaled time cleanup

Michael Opdenacker (3):
x86: fix unconditional arch/x86/kernel/pcspeaker.o compiling
[ALSA] writing-an-alsa-driver.tmpl: English style improvements
Documentation: mention email-clients.txt in SubmittingPatches

Michael Wu (3):
ieee80211: Add IEEE80211_MAX_FRAME_LEN to linux/ieee80211.h
Add rtl8180 wireless driver
mac80211: Fix rate reporting regression

Michael-Luke Jones (1):

Michal Piotrowski (2):
hostap_80211.h: remove duplicate prototype
Coding style fix drivers/serial/icom.h

Michal Schmidt (5):
sched: fix, always create kernel threads with normal priority
[IPIP]: Allow rebinding the tunnel to another interface
[IP_GRE]: Rebinding of GRE tunnels to other interfaces
[IPV6] sit: Rebinding of SIT tunnels to other interfaces
proc: loadavg reading race

Michal Sojka (1):
Kbuild: Fix deb-pkg target to work with kernel versions ending with -<text-without-digit>

Michel Dänzer (2):
HID: Rename some code identifiers from PowerBook specific to Apple generic
HID: Add support for Apple aluminum USB keyboards.

Michel Lespinasse (1):
V4L/DVB (6685): ir-keymaps.c: extra keys on winfast Y04G0033 remote

Michel Ludwig (6):
V4L/DVB (6424): Improve tuner-xc2028 script
V4L/DVB (6425): Add experimental DVB frontend tuner interface to xc2028/3028
V4L/DVB (6428): Make the naming of the DTV firmware files more consistent
V4L/DVB (6610): Fix a wrong typecast
V4L/DVB (6611): Change xc2028_attach method to make easier for DVB
V4L/DVB (6612): Allow RESET_CLK callback and avoids unneeded loading

Miguel Boton (2):
x86: reboot_{32|64}.c unification
[ALSA] fix compilation warning in GCC

Miguel Botón (5):
iwlwifi: remove redundant declaration of 'iwl3945_priv' and 'iwl4965_priv' structs
ssb: add 'ssb_pcihost_set_power_state' function
b44: power down PHY when interface down
iwlwifi: fix compilation warning in 'iwl-4965.c'
ACPI: remove duplicated warning message

Mike Christie (28):
[SCSI] add DID_REQUEUE string to scsi_show_result host table
[SCSI] libiscsi, iscsi_tcp: add device support
[SCSI] libiscsi: do not block session during logout
[SCSI] iscsi class: Use our own workq instead of common system one.
[SCSI] libiscsi: grab eh_mutex during host reset
[SCSI] libiscsi: fix shutdown
[SCSI] libiscsi: fix nop handling
[SCSI] libiscsi: Do not fail commands immediately during logout
[SCSI] libiscsi: clear conn->ctask when task is completed early
[SCSI] libiscsi: Drop host lock in queuecommand
[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: drop session when itt does not match any command
[SCSI] libiscsi, iscsi class: set tmf to a safe default and export in sysfs
[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: enable sg chaining
[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: hold lock during data rsp processing
[SCSI] iscsi_tcp: fix setting of r2t
[SCSI] iscsi class: bump version
[SCSI] iscsi class, libiscsi: add iscsi sysfs session state file
[SCSI] qla4xxx: directly call iscsi recovery functions
[SCSI] qla4xxx: use iscsi class session state check ready
[SCSI] iscsi class: add session scanning
[SCSI] qla4xxx: fix recovery timer and session unblock race
[SCSI] iscsi class: add async scan helper
[SCSI] qla4xxx: add async scan support
[SCSI] libiscsi: fix setting of nop timer
[SCSI] iscsi class: fix iscsi conn attr counter
[SCSI] iscsi: fix up iscsi printk prefix
[SCSI] libiscsi: fix session age rollover and remove cid encoding
[SCSI] iscsi: bump version to 2.0-868

Mike Day (1):
KVM: CodingStyle cleanup

Mike Frysinger (35):
[Blackfin] arch: scrub dead alive/idle LED code
[Blackfin] arch: add support for BF523/BF524/BF526
[Blackfin] arch: pull in linux/etherdevice.h for random_ether_addr() used in bfin_get_ether_addr()
[Blackfin] arch: update to latest anomaly sheets
[Blackfin] arch: use common flash driver to setup partitions rather than the bf5xx-flash driver
MAINTIANERS: just use Mike gmail e-mail for contact and pawn the serial driver off onto Sonic
kbuild: fixup genksyms usage/getopt
[Blackfin] arch: error out if ANOMALY_05000263 applies while enabling the MPU
[Blackfin] arch: add support for cmdline partitioning to the BF533-STAMP flash map driver and enable it as a module by default
[Blackfin] arch: add slightly better help text for CPLB_INFO
[Blackfin] arch: this is an ezkit, not a stamp, so fixup the init function name
[Blackfin] arch: fix typo in printk message
[Blackfin] arch: change the trace buffer control start/stop logic in the exception handlers
[Blackfin] arch: move the init sections to the end of memory
[Blackfin] arch: simpler header and update dates
[Blackfin] arch: fix building with mtd uclinux by putting the mtd_phys option into the function it actually gets used in
EMAC driver: use simpler comment headers and strip out information that is maintained in the scm's log
spi_bfin: headers are not for changelogs
Blackfin RTC driver: the frequency function is in units of Hz, not units of seconds, so lock our driver down to 1 Hz
Blackfin RTC driver: we pass in a (struct device*) to the irq handler, not a (struct platform_device*), so fix the irq handler
Blackfin RTC driver: cleanup proc handler (we dont need RTC reg dump now that we have MMR filesystem in sysfs)
Blackfin RTC driver: use dev_dbg() rather than pr_stamp()
Blackfin RTC driver: read_alarm() checks the enabled field, not the pending field.
Blackfin RTC driver: shave off another memcpy() by using assignment.
Blackfin RTC driver: convert sync wait to use the irq write complete notice
rtc: update documentation wrt irq_set_freq
rtc: cleanup example code
[Blackfin] arch: declare default INSTALL_PATH for Blackfin ports
asm-*/posix_types.h: scrub GLIBC
Remove __STRICT_ANSI__ from linux/types.h
drop linux/ufs_fs.h from userspace export and relocate it to fs/ufs/ufs_fs.h
use __u32 in linux/reiserfs_fs.h
[Blackfin] arch: fix build fails only include header files when enabled
[Blackfin] arch: import defines for BF547 -- it is just like the BF548, but no CAN
kbuild: silence CHK/UPD messages according to $(quiet)

Mike Galbraith (4):
sched: pull_rt_task() cleanup
x86: fix: s2ram + P4 + tsc = annoyance
write_inode_now(): avoid unnecessary synchronous write
udf: avoid unnecessary synchronous writes

Mike Isely (23):
V4L/DVB (6691): pvrusb2: Rework pipeline state control
V4L/DVB (6692): pvrusb2: Centralize device specific attributes into a single place
V4L/DVB (6693): pvrusb2: Add pvrusb2-devattr.o to driver build
V4L/DVB (6694): pvrusb2: Remove obsolete global hardware type enumeration
V4L/DVB (6695): pvrusb2: Implement functions to pass descriptive hardware info
V4L/DVB (6696): pvrusb2: Miscellaneous tweaks for controlling tuner type and video standard
V4L/DVB (6697): pvrusb2: Existence of Hauppauge ROM is a device-specific attribute
V4L/DVB (6698): pvrusb2: Implement signal routing schemes
V4L/DVB (6699): pvrusb2: Use of virtual IR chip is a device-specific attribute
V4L/DVB (6700): pvrusb2: Soften the crashed encoder warning message
V4L/DVB (6701): pvrusb2: Enable support for "GOTVIEW USB2.0 DVD2" hardware
V4L/DVB (6705): pvrusb2: Implement default standard selection based on device type
V4L/DVB (6706): pvrusb2: Remove use of volatile in command sequencer
V4L/DVB (6707): pvrusb2: Remove use of volatile in pipeline control state machine
V4L/DVB (6708): pvrusb2: Expand comment in device attributes description
V4L/DVB (6709): pvrusb2: minor rework for default video standard handling
V4L/DVB (6710): pvrusb2: Recognize ATSC video standard bit values
V4L/DVB (6768): pvrusb2: Mark Gotview hardware as having a cx2584x part
V4L/DVB (6769): pvrusb2: Implement experimental support for OnAir Creator and USB2 devices
V4L/DVB (6770): pvrusb2: Device CONFIG flags for OnAir device support
V4L/DVB (6771): pvrusb2: Remove old obsolete CONFIG flags for pvrusb2 driver
V4L/DVB (6772): pvrusb2: Remove obsolete (and misleading) comment
V4L/DVB (6773): pvrusb2: rework device descriptor layout

Mike Rapoport (3):
i2c: Support i2c_transfer in atomic contexts
i2c-pxa: Add polling transfer
[ALSA] soc - Add 'Mono Playback Switch' to WM9712 codec driver

Mike Travis (5):
x86: prevent dereferencing non-allocated per_cpu variables
x86: reduce memory and intra-node effects
x86: fix early NUMA-id access
x86: fix early cpu_to_node panic from nr_free_zone_pages
x86/non-x86: percpu, node ids, apic ids x86.git fixup

Mikko Herranen (2):
[CRYPTO] tcrypt: Add aead support
[CRYPTO] gcm: New algorithm

Miklos Szeredi (27):
mount options: fix jfs
ext4: Add stripe= option to /proc/mounts
USB: mount options: fix usbfs
fuse: fix attribute caching after create
fuse: save space in struct fuse_req
fuse: limit queued background requests
mount options: add documentation
mount options: add generic_show_options()
mount options: fix adfs
mount options: fix affs
mount options: fix afs
mount options: fix autofs4
mount options: fix autofs
mount options: fix befs
mount options: fix capifs
mount options: fix devpts
mount options: fix ext2
mount options: fix fat
mount options: fix fuse
mount options: fix hostfs
mount options: fix hpfs
mount options: fix hugetlbfs
mount options: fix isofs
mount options: fix ncpfs
mount options: fix reiserfs
mount options: fix spufs
mount options: fix udf

Milan Broz (23):
dm: add missing memory barrier to dm_suspend
dm ioctl: move compat code
dm: tidy alloc_dev labels
dm: refactor deferred bio_list processing
dm: tidy dm_suspend
dm: split dm_suspend io_lock hold into two
dm: refactor dm_suspend completion wait
dm crypt: move convert_context inside dm_crypt_io
dm crypt: remove unnecessary crypt_context write parm
dm crypt: move error setting outside crypt_dec_pending
dm crypt: tidy crypt_endio
dm crypt: adjust io processing functions
dm crypt: store sector mapping in dm_crypt_io
dm crypt: abstract crypt_write_done
dm crypt: introduce crypt_write_io_loop
dm crypt: tidy io ref counting
dm crypt: extract scatterlist processing
dm crypt: add async request mempool
dm crypt: add completion for async
dm crypt: prepare async callback fn
dm crypt: use async crypto
dm: move deferred bio flushing to workqueue
dm snapshot: combine consecutive exceptions in memory

Milan plzik (1):
[ALSA] soc - Fix power switching support for DAPM_SWITCH widgets

Milton Miller (6):
[POWERPC] Push down or eliminate smp_processor_id calls in xics code
[POWERPC] init_decrementer_clockevent can be static init
get_cpu_var in time.c
[POWERPC] Timer interrupt: use a struct for two per_cpu varables
[POWERPC] Depend on ->initialized in calc_steal_time
[POWERPC] Optimize account_system_vtime

Min Zhang (1):
arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mcheck/p4.c: cleanups

Mingming Cao (5):
jbd2: add lockdep support
jbd2: Mark jbd2 slabs as SLAB_TEMPORARY
jbd2: Use round-jiffies() function for the "5 second" ext4/jbd2 wakeup
jbd2: sparse pointer use of zero as null
jbd2: Add error check to journal_wait_on_commit_record to avoid oops

Minoru Usui (1):
x86: fix NUMA emulation on 64-bit

Mitch Williams (1):
e1000e: add new wakeup cababilities

Mohamed Abbas (4):
iwl4965: fix cannot find a suitable rate issue
iwlwifi: enhance WPA authenication stability
iwlwifi: fix ucode assertion for RX queue overrun
iwlwifi: avoid firmware command sending if rfkill is enabled

Márton Németh (4):
drm: cleanup DRM_DEBUG() parameters
leds: Add clevo notebook LED driver
leds: Add support for hardware accelerated LED flashing
leds: hw acceleration for Clevo mail LED driver

Nate Carlson (1):
USB: Variant of the Dell Wireless 5520 driver

Nate Case (2):
PHYLIB: Add BCM5482 PHY support
PHYLIB: Locking fixes for PHY I/O potentially sleeping

Nathan Fontenot (4):
[POWERPC] Update irq descriptor affinity
[POWERPC] Split xics_teardown_cpu()
[POWERPC] Remove redundant of_get_cpu_node routine
[POWERPC] Update default irq servers when boot cpu is removed

Nathan Lynch (3):
[POWERPC] Remove prod_processor()
[POWERPC] lparcfg: Remove useless buffer allocation
[SCSI] sym53c8xx: fix bad memset argument in sym_set_cam_result_error

Nathaniel Filardo (1):
tun: impossible to deassert IFF_ONE_QUEUE or IFF_NO_PI

Neil Brown (2):
knfsd: change mailing list for nfsd in MAINTAINERS
ext3 can fail badly when device stops accepting BIO_RW_BARRIER requests

Neil Horman (2):
x86, kexec: force x86 arches to boot kdump kernels on boot cpu
x86: clean up arch/x86/kernel/early-quirks.c

NeilBrown (14):
md: Update md bitmap during resync.
md: support 'external' metadata for md arrays
md: give userspace control over removing failed devices when external metdata in use
md: allow a maximum extent to be set for resyncing
md: set and test the ->persistent flag for md devices more consistently
md: allow devices to be shared between md arrays
md: lock address when changing attributes of component devices
md: allow an md array to appear with 0 drives if it has external metadata
md: fix use-after-free bug when dropping an rdev from an md array
md: change a few 'int' to 'size_t' in md
md: change INTERATE_MDDEV to for_each_mddev
md: change ITERATE_RDEV to rdev_for_each
md: change ITERATE_RDEV_GENERIC to rdev_for_each_list, and remove ITERATE_RDEV_PENDING.
md: fix an occasional deadlock in raid5

Nicholas Beck (1):
sh: Add support for SDK7780 board.

Nick Cheng (1):
[SCSI] arcmsr: updates (

Nick Piggin (29):
JFS is missing a memory barrier
sched: print backtrace of running tasks too
V4L/DVB (6748): Subject: v4l: nopage
IB/ipath: Convert from .nopage to .fault
spinlock: lockbreak cleanup
x86: FIFO ticket spinlocks
x86: reduce CONFIG_X86_PPRO_FENCE bloat
x86: big ticket locks
ieee1394: nopage
[ALSA] alsa: nopage
[ALSA] alsa: usx2y nopage
USB: mon nopage
fix writev regression: pan hanging unkillable and un-straceable
vm audit: add VM_DONTEXPAND to mmap for drivers that need it
radix-tree: avoid atomic allocations for preloaded insertions
mm: fix PageUptodate data race
agp: alpha nopage
vt: bitlock fix
inotify: fix race
inotify: remove debug code
relay: nopage
uio: nopage
ext2: xip check fix
fb: defio nopage
Use non atomic unlock
Convert SG from nopage to fault.
rewrite rd
rd: support XIP
mm: special mapping nopage

Nick Warne (1):
ik8: add Dell UK 6400 Inspiron model (MM061)

Nickolay V. Shmyrev (8):
V4L/DVB (6408): Cleanup: Removed obsoleted code from bttv-cards
V4L/DVB (6409): Cleanup: removed i2c_vidiocschan
V4L/DVB (6410): Partial conversion from V4L1 to V4L2
V4L/DVB (6413): Forward VIDIOCGAUDIO and VIDIOCSAUDIO through v4l1-compat
V4L/DVB (6414): Remove bass, treble and balance from audio hook since they are unused
V4L/DVB (6415): Restructurize volume hook and drop unused mute hook
V4L/DVB (6416): Split hooks on volume and audio mode and rework their handling
V4L/DVB (6417): Report detected sound carrier into rxsubchans

Nicolas Kaiser (3):
[ALSA] sound/pci: remove line duplications in defines
[ALSA] sound/pci: remove duplicated defines
hwmon: (w83793) remove duplicated defines

Nicolas Mailhot (1):
HID: Blacklist the Gretag-Macbeth Huey display colorimeter

Nicolas Pitre (9):
[ARM] 4689/1: small comment wrap fix
[ARM] add ARMv5TEJ aware cache flush method to compressed/head.S
[ARM] add Feroceon support to compressed/head.S
ARM kprobes: add the kprobes hook to the page fault handler
ARM kprobes: don't let a single-stepped stmdb corrupt the exception stack
ARM kprobes: prevent some functions involved with kprobes from being probed
ARM kprobes: special hook for the kprobes breakpoint handler
ARM kprobes: let's enable it
[ARM] Orion: update defconfig

Nikanth Karthikesan (2):
io_context sharing - cfq changes
x86: change x86 machine check handler to use unlocked_ioctl instead

Nishanth Aravamudan (1):
hugetlb: add locking for overcommit sysctl

Nitin A Kamble (2):
KVM: x86 emulator: Implement emulation of instruction: inc & dec
KVM: x86 emulator: cmc, clc, cli, sti

Niv Sardi (1):
[XFS] Remove bogus assert

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (1):
sh: Fix compile error of arch/sh/mm/pmb.c

Ohad Ben-Cohen (1):
fs/binfmt_elf.c: spello fix

Olaf Hering (3):
[POWERPC] Revert chrp_pci_fixup_vt8231_ata devinit to fix libata on pegasos
[POWERPC] Autodetect serial console on pegasos2
jbd.h: hide kernel only code







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