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Adam Litke (1):
hugetlb: close a difficult to trigger reservation race

Adrian Bunk (18):
net/phy/mdio_bus.c: fix a check-after-use
make atapi_dmadir static
RDMA/nes: Fix off-by-one
x86: don't make swapper_pg_pmd global
RDMA/nes: Fix a memory leak in schedule_nes_timer()
RDMA/nes: Fix a check-after-use in nes_probe()
[2.6 patch] fs/ocfs2/: possible cleanups
[2.6 patch] make ocfs2_downconvert_thread() static
[2.6 patch] ocfs2: make dlm_do_assert_master() static
block/blk-tag.c should #include "blk.h"
proper prototype for blk_dev_init()
block/genhd.c: cleanups
unexport blk_{get,put}_queue
unexport blk_rq_map_user_iov
block/genhd.c: proper externs
make cdrom.c:check_for_audio_disc() static
[IA64] move defconfig to arch/ia64/configs/
[IA64] fix ia64 kprobes compilation

Adrian McMenamin (2):
maple: remove unused variable
maple: fix device detection

Ahmed S. Darwish (1):
x86/lguest: fix pgdir pmd index calculation

Akinobu Mita (1):
ext4: add missing ext4_journal_stop()

Alan Stern (4):
PM: fix new mutex-locking bug in the PM core
USB: update Kconfig entry for USB_SUSPEND
USB: spruce up the device blacklist
usb-storage: update earlier scatter-gather bug fix

Alex Chiang (1):
[IA64] workaround tiger ia64_sal_get_physical_id_info hang

Alex Riesen (1):
Fix "Malformed early option 'loglevel'"

Alexandre Rusev (1):
[ARM] 4839/1: fixes kernel Oops in /dev/mem device driver for memory map with PHYS_OFF

Alexey Zaytsev (2):
Use a separate config option for the b43 pci to ssb bridge.
Don't build bcm43xx if SSB is static and b43 PCI-SSB bridge is enabled.

Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli (2):
Kprobes: indicate kretprobe support in Kconfig
Kprobes: move kprobe examples to samples/

Anantha Subramanyam (1):
sata_svw: Add support for HT1100 SATA controller

Andi Kleen (1):
Remove incorrect BKL comments in ext4

Andre Detsch (1):
[POWERPC] spufs: fix use time accounting on SPE-overcommit

Andreas Schwab (1):
ide-cd: fix CD/DVD burning

Andrew Morton (3):
[CIFS] fix warning in cifs_spnego.c
add noinline_for_stack
ndelay(): switch to C function to avoid 64-bit division

Andrew Paprocki (1):
[ALSA] hda_intel - Add model quirk for Albatron KI690-AM2 motherboard

Andy Gospodarek (1):
igb: fix legacy mode irq issue

Andy Whitcroft (1):
update to version 0.15

Aneesh Kumar K.V (8):
ext4: Fix locking hierarchy violation in ext4_fallocate()
ext4: Don't leave behind a half-created inode if ext4_mkdir() fails
ext4: Fix memory and buffer head leak in callers to ext4_ext_find_extent()
ext4: Get journal write access before modifying the extent tree
ext4: Don't claim block from group which has corrupt bitmap
ext4: Don't mark filesystem error if fallocate fails
ext4: set EXT4_EXTENTS_FL only for directory and regular files
ext4: ext4_find_next_zero_bit needs an aligned address on some arch

Anti Sullin (1):
USB: isp116x: fix enumeration on boot

Anton Vorontsov (2):
ds1wm: should check for IS_ERR(clk) instead of NULL
ds1wm: report bus reset error

Arnd Bergmann (3):
[POWERPC] spufs: synchronize IRQ when disabling
[POWERPC] spufs: invalidate SLB translation before adding a new entry
[POWERPC] spufs: serialize SLB invalidation against SLB loading

Atsushi Nemoto (1):
macb: Fix speed setting

Auke Kok (4):
ixgb: add RNBC counter - no buffer count - to ethtool stats
e1000e: 82573 can use eerd method to read eeprom
e1000e: fix spelling errors in comments
e1000e: remove unused read value in ASPM disable code.

Aurelien Jarno (1):
SSB PCI core driver: use new SPROM data structure

Avi Kivity (5):
KVM: Make the supported cpuid list a host property rather than a vm property
KVM: Avoid infinite-frequency local apic timer
KVM: Route irq 0 to vcpu 0 exclusively
KVM: MMU: Fix race when instantiating a shadow pte
KVM: VMX: Avoid rearranging switched guest msrs while they are loaded

Balbir Singh (3):
sched: remove duplicate code from sched_fair.c
Memory Resource Controller use strstrip while parsing arguments
Memory controller: rename to Memory Resource Controller

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (9):
ide: remove redundant comment from ide_unregister()
ide: skip probing port if "hdx=noprobe" was used for both devices on it
qd65xx: fix setup of QD6580 Control register
ide-cd: fix 'ireason' handling for REQ_TYPE_ATA_PC requests
ide: fix sparse warning about shadowing 'flags' symbol
ide-disk: add missing printk() KERN_* levels
qd65xx: remove commented out code
ide: remove ide-tape documentation from Documentation/ide.txt
ide: remove stale comments from ide-dma.c (take 2)

Becky Bruce (1):
gianfar: don't pass NULL dev ptr to DMA ops

Benjamin Thery (1):
[IPV6]: Add missing initializations of the new nl_info.nl_net field

Bill Hayes (1):
igb: Fix panic with NICs with 1000BASE-SX PHY

Bjorn Helgaas (3):
PCI: use dev_printk in quirk messages
PCI: consolidate duplicated MSI enable functions
serial: add PNP ID GVC0303 for Archtek 3334BRV ISA modem

Bjorn Mork (1):
[IPV4]: Reset scope when changing address

Bob Nelson (1):
[POWERPC] OProfile: enable callgraph support for Cell

Borislav Petkov (2):
ide-cd: Enable audio play quirk for Optiarc DVD RW AD-5200A drive
ide-tape: schedule driver for removal after 6 months

Bryan Rosenburg (1):
RDMA/cxgb3: Fix shift calc in build_phys_page_list() for 1-entry page lists

Bryan Wu (2):
[MAINTAINERS] use new email for kernel development.
[Blackfin] arch: kill section mismatch warnings

Byron Bradley (1):
rtc: add support for the S-35390A RTC chip

Chien Tung (1):
RDMA/nes: Resurrect error path dead code

Chris Dearman (1):
.gitignore: ignore emacs backup and temporary files.

Christian Borntraeger (1):
virtio_net: Fix oops on early interrupts - introduced by virtio reset code

Christoph Hellwig (2):
[CIFS] factoring out common code in get_inode_info functions
[CIFS] consolidate duplicate code in posix/unix inode handling

Christoph Lameter (14):
Merge branch 'master' of git://
Merge branch 'master' of git://
Merge branch 'master' of git://
Merge branch 'master' of git://
Merge branch 'master' of git://
Revert "unique end pointer" patch
slub: rename slab_objects to show_slab_objects
slub: Remove objsize check in kmem_cache_flags()
slub: Remove useless checks in alloc_debug_processing
slub: Use the objsize from the kmem_cache_cpu structure
slub: Remove BUG_ON() from ksize and omit checks for !SLUB_DEBUG
slub: Rearrange #ifdef CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG in calculate_sizes()
slub: Fix up comments
slub: Add kmalloc_large_node() to support kmalloc_node fallback

Clemens Ladisch (3):
[ALSA] usb-audio: add workaround for broken E-Mu frequency feedback
[ALSA] sb8: fix SB 1.0 capture DMA programming
[ALSA] oxygen: add owner field

Cornelia Huck (1):
Driver core: Fix cleanup when failing device_add().

Cyrill Gorcunov (1):
slub: fix possible NULL pointer dereference

Dale Farnsworth (1):
Subject: lockdep: include all lock classes in all_lock_classes

Dan Williams (3):
fsldma: do not cleanup descriptors in hardirq context
dmaengine: fix sparse warning
ioat: fix 'ack' handling, driver must ensure that 'ack' is zero

Daniel Kozák (1):
USB: Add support for AXESSTEL MV110H CDMA modem

Dave Anderson (1):
x86 ptrace: fix ptrace_bts_config structure declaration

Dave Young (1):
[BLUETOOTH]: l2cap info_timer delete fix in hci_conn_del

David Brownell (1):
gpio: <linux/gpio.h> and "no GPIO support here" stubs

David Howells (1):
Fix hpet_(un)register_irq_handler() for emulation

David Ludlow (1):
usb: Add support for the mos7820/7840-based B&B USB/RS485 converter to mos7840.c

David S. Miller (14):
Merge branch 'master' of ../linux-2.6/
Merge branch 'upstream-davem' of
[SPARC]: Fix build in arch/sparc/kernel/led.c
[SPARC64]: Loosen checks in exception table handling.
[AF_KEY]: Fix oops by converting to proc_net_*().
Merge branch 'master' of
Merge branch 'pending' of
[SPARC64]: Adjust kernel PC validation test in fault handler.
[SPARC]: Mark linux_sparc_{fpu,chips} static.
[SPARC]: Add reboot_command[] extern decl to asm/system.h
[SPARC]: Fix link errors with gcc-4.3
[NETPOLL]: Revert two bogus cleanups that broke netconsole.
[TCP]: Improve ipv4 established hash function.
Merge branch 'master' of

David Sterba (1):
ipwireless: fix potential tty == NULL dereference

David Woodhouse (1):
libertas: fix sanity check on sequence number in command response

Dmitry Adamushko (1):
softlockup: fix task state setting

Dmitry Baryshkov (1):
USB: pxa2xx_udc: fix misuse of clock enable/disable calls

Doug Chapman (1):
[IA64] move gcc_intrin.h from header-y to unifdef-y

Eliezer Tamir (12):
[BNX2X]: Spelling fixes
[BNX2X]: Correct init_one()
[BNX2X]: Correct Link management
[BNX2X]: Correct RX filtering and MC configuration
[BNX2X]: correct statistics
[BNX2X]: fix MSI-X/INT#A errata
[BNX2X]: fix HW attentions and error handling
[BNX2X]: fix slowpath races and locking
[BNX2X]: Prevent PCI queue overflow
[BNX2X]: Fix Xmit bugs
[BNX2X]: update version, remove CVS strings
[BNX2X]: add bnx2x to MAINTAINERS

Eric Dujardin (1):
[POWERPC] Add export for mpc52xx_set_psc_clkdiv

Eric Dumazet (1):
alloc_percpu() fails to allocate percpu data

Eric Paris (1):
[RFC] AUDIT: do not panic when printk loses messages

Eric Sandeen (1):
include falloc.h in header-y

FUJITA Tomonori (8):
block: restore the meaning of rq->data_len to the true data length
alpha: convert IOMMU to use ALIGN()
alpha: IOMMU had better access to the free space bitmap at only one place
alpha: make IOMMU respect the segment boundary limits
alpha: remove unused DEBUG_FORCEDAC define in IOMMU
iommu: export iommu_is_span_boundary helper function
iommu: parisc: pass struct device to iommu_alloc_range
iommu: parisc: make the IOMMUs respect the segment boundary limits

Faisal Latif (2):
RDMA/nes: Fix use-after-free in mini_cm_dec_refcnt_listen()
RDMA/nes: Fix CRC endianness for RDMA connection establishment on big-endian

Francois Romieu (1):
sis190: read the mac address from the eeprom first

Frank Blaschka (1):
[NET]: Fix race in generic address resolution.

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
m68k{,nommu}: Wire up new timerfd syscalls

Glauber Costa (1):
x86: make have a static address.

Glenn Streiff (1):
RDMA/nes: Fix use-after-free in nes_create_cq()

Grant Grundler (2):
uli526x partially recognizing interface

Grant Likely (1):
powerpc: mpc5200: fix build error on mpc52xx_psc_spi device driver

Greg Kroah-Hartman (3):
driver core: fix up Kconfig text for CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED
kobject: properly initialize ksets
PCI: fix up error messages for pci_bus registering

Greg Ungerer (4):
m68knommu: update defconfig
m68knommu: remove duplicate hw_tick() code
m68knommu: declare do_IRQ()
m68knommu: fix fec driver interrupt races

H. Peter Anvin (5):
x86: do not promote TM3x00/TM5x00 to i686-class
x86: require family >= 6 if we are using P6 NOPs
x86: don't use P6_NOPs if compiling with CONFIG_X86_GENERIC
x86: add comments for NOPs
x86: handle BIOSes which terminate e820 with CF=1 and no SMAP

Haavard Skinnemoen (5):
avr32: Fix broken pte dump code in do_page_fault()
avr32: Use correct config symbol in atstk1004 board code
avr32: Call tick_nohz_{stop,restart}_sched_tick() in idle loop
avr32: Fix OCD refcounting bug

Hans Rosenfeld (1):
x86: fix pmd_bad and pud_bad to support huge pages

Harvey Harrison (12):
tlan: add static to function definitions
tipc: fix integer as NULL pointer sparse warnings in tipc
sched: fix signedness warnings in sched.c
sched: add declaration of sched_tail to sched.h
lguest: include function prototypes
[ALSA] sound: ice1712: unused structs
sparc: replace remaining FUNCTION occurances
sparc64: replace remaining FUNCTION occurances
block: remove extern on function definition
block: fix shadowed variable warning in blk-map.c
debugfs: fix sparse warnings
specialix.c: fix possible double-unlock

Heiko Carstens (1):
iucv: fix build error on !SMP

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (1):
ACPI: thinkpad-acpi: fix hotkey_get_tablet_mode

Herbert Xu (2):
[IPCOMP]: Disable BH on output when using shared tfm
[ESP]: Add select on AUTHENC

Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (1):
[ALSA] hda-codec - Adapt eeepc p701 mixer for virtual master control

Hideo Saito (1):
sh: Fix up HAS_SR_RB typo in entry-macros.

Hirokazu Takahashi (1):
memcg: simplify force_empty and move_lists

Hiroshi Shimamoto (3):
latencytop: fix kernel panic while reading latency proc file
latencytop: fix memory leak on latency proc file
latencytop: change /proc task_struct access method

Hugh Dickins (15):
x86: a P4 is a P6 not an i486
memcg: mm_match_cgroup not vm_match_cgroup
memcg: move_lists on page not page_cgroup
memcg: page_cache_release not __free_page
memcg: when do_swap's do_wp_page fails
memcg: fix VM_BUG_ON from page migration
memcg: bad page if page_cgroup when free
memcg: mem_cgroup_charge never NULL
memcg: remove mem_cgroup_uncharge
memcg: memcontrol whitespace cleanups
memcg: memcontrol uninlined and static
memcg: remove clear_page_cgroup and atomics
memcg: css_put after remove_list
memcg: fix mem_cgroup_move_lists locking
memcg: fix oops on NULL lru list

Ian Campbell (1):
x86/xen: fix DomU boot problem

Igor Mammedov (2):
[CIFS] Fix mixed case name in structure dfs_info3_param
[CIFS] Only convert / when server does not support posix paths

Ilpo Järvinen (1):
[TCP]: Must count fack_count also when skipping

Ingo Molnar (11):
sched: make early bootup sched_clock() use safer
sched: clean up __pick_last_entity() a bit
x86: make DEBUG_PAGEALLOC and CPA more robust
x86: fix spontaneous reboot with allyesconfig bzImage
x86: fix execve with -fstack-protect
x86: fix leak un ioremap_page_range() failure
x86: delay the export removal of init_mm
x86: disable BTS ptrace extensions for now
x86: revert "x86: fix pmd_bad and pud_bad to support huge pages"

Ivo van Doorn (4):
rt2x00: Fix antenna diversity
rt2x00: Add link tuner safe RX toggle states
rt2x00: Don't switch to antenna with low rssi
rt2x00: Fix rt2x00lib_reset_link_tuner()

Izik Eidus (1):
KVM: remove the usage of the mmap_sem for the protection of the memory slots.

Jan Engelhardt (2):
[NETFILTER]: xt_conntrack: fix missing boolean clamping
[NETFILTER]: xt_conntrack: fix IPv4 address comparison

Jan Kara (1):
vfs: fix NULL pointer dereference in fsync_buffers_list()

Jarek Poplawski (2):
Subject: [PPPOL2TP] add missing sock_put() in pppol2tp_recv_dequeue()
[PPPOL2TP]: Add missing sock_put() in pppol2tp_tunnel_closeall()

Jarkko Nikula (3):
[ALSA] ASoC: Fix TLV320AIC3X PLL divider table for 64 kHz rate
[ALSA] ASoC: Fix DAPM widget function types in pxa machine drivers
[ALSA] ASoC: Fix WM9712 mixer_event DAPM widget function type

Jeff Garzik (2):
Revert "power_state: get rid of write-only variable in SATA"
[libata] wrap kmap_atomic(KM_IRQ0) with local_irq_save/restore()

Jens Axboe (3):
splice: only return -EAGAIN if there's hope of more data
block: fix blkdev_issue_flush() not detecting and passing EOPNOTSUPP back
scsi: missing add of padded bytes to io completion byte count

Jens Osterkamp (2):
[POWERPC] move celleb DABRX definitions
[POWERPC] enable hardware watchpoints on cell blades

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (1):
xen: mask out SEP from CPUID

Jeremy Kerr (3):
[POWERPC] spufs: fix context destruction during psmap fault
[POWERPC] spufs: fix invalid scheduling of forgotten contexts
[POWERPC] spufs: fix order of sputrace thread IDs

Jes Sorensen (1):
[IA64] CONFIG_SGI_SN2 - auto select NUMA and ACPI_NUMA

Jesper Juhl (1):
markers: don't risk NULL deref in marker

Jesper Nilsson (4):
CRIS v10: Include mm.h instead of vmstat.h in kernel/time.c
CRIS: Import string.c (memcpy) from newlib: fixes compile error with gcc 4
cris: correct usage of __user for copy to and from user space in lib/usercopy and uaccess.h
cris: correct syscall numbers in unistd.h for timerfd_settime and timerfd_gettime

Jesse Brandeburg (3):
e1000e: fix link up message to show ethX:
e1000e: fix flow control when using ethtool overrides
e1000e: fix flow control denial of service possibility

Joerg Roedel (5):
x86: don't print a warning when MTRR are blank and running in KVM
KVM: SVM: Fix lazy FPU switching
KVM: SVM: set NM intercept when enabling CR0.TS in the guest
KVM: emulate access to MSR_IA32_MCG_CTL
KVM: SVM: fix Windows XP 64 bit installation crash







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