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kernel 2.6.25-rc6 の考察(20080317更新)


List: linux-kernel
Subject: Linux 2.6.25-rc6
From: Linus Torvalds <torvalds () linux-foundation ! org>
Date: 2008-03-17 0:01:55

Ok, I lost a day-and-a-half this week due to a disk that decided to get
read errors due to an unfortunate power outage, and had to spend too much
time regenerating my normal setup, but I don't think I lost any emails,
and things seemed to have calmed down a bit, so here's to hoping that -rc6
is starting to look better.

The dirstat shows the usual pattern of most changes being in drivers and
architecture updates, although this time it's a bit skewed by the parisc
and powerpc updates (hopefully closing the parisc compile regression among
other things), which means that arch is about half, and drivers are just
under a third of the patch (it seems to be usually the other way around).

Documentation updates bring most of the rest:

5.4% Documentation/laptops/
2.7% Documentation/power/
17.0% Documentation/
3.8% arch/arm/
9.1% arch/mips/
8.1% arch/parisc/configs/
16.8% arch/parisc/
13.7% arch/powerpc/configs/
15.6% arch/powerpc/
46.4% arch/
2.3% drivers/ata/
8.7% drivers/memstick/host/
9.5% drivers/memstick/
4.2% drivers/video/
27.4% drivers/
2.2% fs/
2.3% include/

but the above is hiding the fact that there's a lot of small updates all
over that just aren't big enough to show up in the percentage counts, but
hopefully help drive down the regression list. More still pending, though.

Shortlog appended, patches and git trees in all the usual places once they
have mirrored out.








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