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Adrian Bunk:
The ps2esdi driver was marked as BROKEN more than two years ago due to being
make selinux_parse_opts_str() static
V4L/DVB (7251): VIDEO_VIVI must depend on VIDEO_DEV
V4L/DVB (7328): usb/opera1.c: fix a memory leak

Ahmed S. Darwish:
smack: do not dereference NULL ipc object
smackfs: remove redundant lock, fix open(,O_RDWR)

Akinobu Mita:
[SCSI] a100u2w: fix bitmap lookup routine

Al Viro:
r6040 endianness fixes
wan/farsync: copy_from_user() to iomem is wrong
fore2000 - fix misannotations
more misannotations: ne2k-pci
ipg fix
epic100 endianness annotations and fixes
hfs_bnode_find() can fail, resulting in hfs_bnode_split() breakage
restore export of do_kern_mount()
[NET] endianness noise: INADDR_ANY
[PKT_SCHED]: annotate cls_u32
[SCTP]: fix misannotated __sctp_rcv_asconf_lookup()
[SUNRPC]: net/* NULL noise
[IPV4]: ipv4_is_lbcast() misannotations
xfrm: ->eth_proto is __be16
[8021Q]: vlan_dev misannotations
[IPV4]: esp_output() misannotations
sanitize hppfs
double dput() on failure exit in tiny-shmem
double iput() on failure exit in hugetlb
get stack footprint of pathname resolution back to relative sanity
drivers/char/rocket portability fixes

Alan Cox:
3c501: Further coding style fixes

Alan Stern:
USB: new quirk flag to avoid Set-Interface

Alessandro Zummo:
rtc: fix kconfig help

Alex Deucher:
drm/radeon: fixup RV550 chip family

Alex Dubov:
memstick: automatically retrieve "INT" value from command response
memstick: add support for 8-bit parallel mode
memstick: optimize setup of JMicron host parameters

Alexey Starikovskiy:
ACPI: battery: Don't return -EFAIL on broken packages.
Revert "ACPI: EC: Handle IRQ storm on Acer laptops"

Amit Shah:
virtio: Enable netpoll interface for netconsole logging

Anand Gadiyar:
ARM: OMAP: Fix chain_a_transfer return value

Anatolij Gustschin:
[POWERPC] Fix Oops with TQM5200 on TQM5200

Andre Noll:
[NET]: Fix permissions of /proc/net

Andrew Burton:
HID: BADPAD entry for NATSU Playstation USB adapter

Andrew Morton:
Input: ads7846 - fix uninitialized var warning
[RT2X00] drivers/net/wireless/rt2x00/rt2x00dev.c: remove dead code, fix warning
memstick: drivers/memstick/host/jmb38x_ms.c needs dma-mapping.h
memstick: drivers/memstick/host/jmb38x_ms.c: suppress uninitialized var warning
drivers/md/raid5.c: fix printk warnings
fs/ufs/balloc.c: fix sparc64 printk warning
revert "clocksource: make clocksource watchdog cycle through online CPUs"
V4L/DVB (7291): em28xx: correct use of and fix
revert "kswapd should only wait on IO if there is IO"
driver core: debug for bad dev_attr_show() return value.
PCI: revert "pcie: utilize pcie transaction pending bit"

Andrew Victor:
[ARM] 4861/1: AT91: Update maintainer email address (again)
[ARM] 4863/1: AT91: CAP9 USART definitions for early debug

Anthony Liguori:
virtio: Use spin_lock_irqsave/restore for virtio-pci

Anton Blanchard:
[POWERPC] Fix PMU + soft interrupt disable bug

Arnaud Patard:
[ARM] 4864/1: Enable write buffer coalescing on IOP

Avi Kivity:
KVM: VMX: Restore tss even on x86_64
KVM: MMU: Fix is_rmap_pte() with io ptes
KVM: MMU: Fix memory leak on guest demand faults

Ayaz Abdulla:
forcedeth: limit tx to 16

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
ide: remove commented out entries from ide_pio_blacklist[]
ide: mark special "ide0=" kernel parameters as obsoleted
ide: Documentation/ide/ide.txt fixes
ide: mark "hdx=[driver_name]" and "hdx=scsi" kernel parameters as obsoleted
ide: mark "hdx=remap" and "hdx=remap63" kernel parameters as obsoleted
Revert "ide-tape: schedule driver for removal after 6 months"

Bjorn Helgaas:
ISAPNP: fix limits of logical device register set
ACPI: fix Medion _PRT quirk (use "ISA_", not "ISA")

Boaz Harrosh:
[SCSI] isd200: Allocate sense_buffer for hacked up scsi_cmnd
USB: isd200: fix memory leak in isd200_get_inquiry_data

Bryan Wu:
i2c-bfin-twi: Disable BF54x support for now

Chien Tung:
RDMA/nes: Fix MSS calculation on RDMA path

Christian Borntraeger:
virtio: fix race in enable_cb

Christoph Hellwig:
check for null vfsmount in dentry_open()

Christoph Lameter:
slub page alloc fallback: Enable interrupts for GFP_WAIT.

Chuck Lever:
x86: fix {clear,copy}_user_page() declarations in page.h

Coleman Kane:
x86: add the DFF (Desktop Form Factor) Dell Optiplex 745 to the reboot errata list

Constantin Baranov:
USB: add support for Motorola ROKR Z6 cellphone in mass storage mode

Cyrill Gorcunov:
V4L/DVB (7330): V4L1 - fix v4l_compat_translate_ioctl possible NULL deref

Dan Williams:
async_tx: avoid the async xor_zero_sum path when src_cnt > device->max_xor

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson:
[NETFILTER]: ipt_recent: sanity check hit count

Darren Salt:
PNP: increase the number of PnP memory resources from 12 to 24

Darrick J. Wong:
ibmpex: correct power use multipliers for QS2x blade
ibmpex: update Kconfig to list more supported models
ibmpex: report temperatures in mC, not C

Dave Airlie:
drm/ati_pcigart: fix the PCIGART to use drm_pci to allocate GART table.

Dave Hansen:
hppfs pass vfsmount to dentry_open()
fix up new filp allocators

Dave Young:
zisofs: fix readpage() outside i_size

David Brownell:
rtc-at91sam9 fixes
hw_random doc updates

David Howells:
ROMFS: Fix up an error in iget removal

David S. Miller:
Merge branch 'master' of git://
Merge branch 'master' of git://
[SPARC64]: Fix atomic backoff limit.
[TG3]: Fix build warning on sparc32.
[SCTP]: Fix build warnings with IPV6 disabled.
[SPARC64]: Remove most limitations to kernel image size.
[SUNGEM]: Fix NAPI assertion failure.

Davide Rizzo:
[ARM] 4872/1: Replaces buggy macro in S3C2410 irq include

Divy Le Ray:
cxgb3: Fix transmit queue stop mechanism

Dmitry Torokhov:
Input: ALPS - put secondary device in proper place in sysfs

Duane Griffin:
jbd: correctly unescape journal data blocks
jbd2: correctly unescape journal data blocks

Eliezer Tamir:
BNX2X: prevent ethtool from setting port type

Eric Paris:
export sessionid alongside the loginuid in procfs

Evgeniy Polyakov:
connector: convert to single-threaded workqueue

Fabio Checconi:
bridge: use time_before() in br_fdb_cleanup()

Franck Bui-Huu:
sh: Use relative paths for mach/cpu symlinks.

Fred Isaman:
nfs: don't ignore return value from nfs_pageio_add_request

Gadiyar, Anand:
ARM: OMAP: Fix DMA CLINK mask, clear spurious interrupt

Gordon Farquharson:
[ARM] 4865/1: Register the F75375 device in the GLAN Tank platform code

Grant Grundler:
2.6.25-rc4 de_stop_rxtx polling wrong

Grant Likely:
[POWERPC] mpc5200-fec: Fix possible NULL dereference in mdio driver
[POWERPC] mpc5200: Fix null dereference if bestcomm fails to initialize
[POWERPC] mpc5200: Fix incorrect compatible string for the mdio node

Hans Rosenfeld:
Change pagemap output format to allow for future reporting of huge pages

Harvey Harrison:
[CIFS] cifs: replace remaining FUNCTION occurrences
b43: phy.c fix typo in register write
ioc3.c: replace remaining FUNCTION occurrences
V4L/DVB (7236): bttv: struct member initialized twice

Heiko Carstens:
[S390] futex: let futex_atomic_cmpxchg_pt survive early functional tests.
sched: add exported arch_reinit_sched_domains() to header file.
sched: add arch_update_cpu_topology hook.

Heinz-Ado Arnolds:
x86: fix reboot problem with Dell Optiplex 745, 0KW626 board

Herbert Xu:
[TCP]: Let skbs grow over a page on fast peers

Holger Macht:
ACPI: Set flag DOCK_UNDOCKING when triggered via sysfs

Ian Armstrong:
V4L/DVB (7242): ivtv: fix for yuv filter table check
V4L/DVB (7279): ivtv: Add missing sg_init_table()

Igor Mammedov:
[CIFS] DFS patch that connects inode with dfs handling ops

Ingo Molnar:
sched: clean up wakeup balancing, move wake_affine()
sched: clean up wakeup balancing, rename variables
sched: clean up wakeup balancing, code flow
sched, net: socket wakeups are sync
sched: improve affine wakeups
sched: wakeup-buddy tasks are cache-hot
sched: retune wake granularity
sched: tune multi-core idle balancing

Ingo van Lil:
mtd: memory corruption in block2mtd.c

Ivo van Doorn:
rt2x00: Add suspend/resume handlers to rt2x00rfkill

James Bottomley:
[SCSI] Fix dependency problems in SCSI drivers

Jan Kara:
quota: add possibly missing iput() when quotaon and quotaoff races

Jan Slupski:
prism54: support for 124a:4025 - another version of IOGear GWU513 802.11g

[ARM] 4870/1: fix signal return code when enable CONFIG_OABI_COMPAT

Jarek Poplawski:
netpoll: zap_completion_queue: adjust skb->users counter
[NET] ifb: set separate lockdep classes for queue locks

Jaya Kumar:
fbdev: defio and Metronomefb

Jean Delvare:
ASoC/TLV320AIC3X: Stop I2C driver ID abuse

Jean-Christophe Dubois:
rndis_host: fix transfer size negotiation

Jean-Samuel Chenard:
UIO: add pgprot_noncached() to UIO mmap code

Jeff Garzik:
[libata] ahci: SB600 workaround is suspect... play it safe for now

Jeff Mahoney:
reiserfs: eliminate private use of struct file in xattr

Jens Axboe:
relay: fix subbuf_splice_actor() adding too many pages
Revert "unexport bio_{,un}map_user"

Jeremy Katz:
virtio: Fix sysfs bits to have proper block symlink

Jiri Kosina:
Input: i8042 - add Lenovo 3000 N100 to nomux blacklist
Input: document i8042.noloop
HID: fix comment in hid_input_report()

Jiri Slaby:
x86: fix fault_msg nul termination

Joakim Tjernlund:
ucc_geth: use correct thread number for 10/100Mbps link

Jose Alberto Reguero:
ahci: Add Marvell 6121 SATA support

Josef Bacik:
ext3: fix wrong gfp type under transaction

Julia Lawall:
drivers/net/ipg.c: remove unused variable
drivers/net/atl1/atl1_main.c: remove unused variable
asus_acpi: remove misleading mask
V4L/DVB (7285): em28xx: Correct use of ! and &
[IPV6] net/ipv6/ndisc.c: remove unused variable
[9P] net/9p/trans_fd.c: remove unused variable







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